April 3rd, 2006


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Stolen from many ...

1. How old were you when you knew you were gay?
in 8th grade i had a feeling, didnt fully know until like soph year

2. Have you ever had sex with the opposite sex?
nope, i havent

3. Who was the first person you came out to?
Dana sparklediamant.

4. Are you out to your parents?
Mom, dad would probably have a coronary.

5. Do you want children?
eventually i would like some

6. Do you have more gay friends or straight friends
Straight girls LOL.

7. Were you out in school?
people said i was but i was pretty neutral in school.

8. Is your best friend the same sex as you?
Nope, all my close friends are female.

9. If your best friend is the same sex, have you ever had sex with them?
No ewww

10. Have you ever done crystal meth?
repeats the ewww.

11. Have you ever been in a sling?
cant say i have

12. Have you ever done a 3-way?
nope, and adds never will happen

13. Have you ever dressed in drag?
for halloween one year i was Britney

13a. Would you date a drag queen?
*shrugs* i wont rule out the possibility

14. Are you a top/bottom or truly versatile?
Mostly bottom, but have no experience topping

15. Have you seen an uncircumsized penis?
seen one, yes the guy though is a diff story

16. Have you had sex with someone of a different ethnicity?
*scratches head* i dont know.

17. Have you ever barebacked?
nope, no one close to try with.

18. How many cher CDs do you own?
i have the new one...thats all

19. Name of your first love
no love yet sorry

20. Do you still talk to them?

21. Does size matter?
not to me

22. Biggest turn on?
body...and the butt

23. Biggest turn off?
snotty losers.

24. Ever been harrased due to you orientation?
was harassed all through school.

25. Worst gay sterotype that applies to you
SHOPPING! but its not a bad stereotype

26. Ever been to a pride rally?
nope, may go to it this year.

27. Would you marry if you could?

28. Would you rather be rich and smart or young and beautiful?
I think I'm smart enough, just gimme the wealth.

29. Do you sculpt your eyebrows?
Nope, they are 2 bushes, i will not however have a unibrow *shudders*

30. Do you trim your body hair?

31. Ever had sex with more than one person in a day?

32. Ever been to an orgy?

33. Have you dated your best friends ex?

34. Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if she ran for president?
Why not, i wanted her for senator of new york.

35. Do you want monogamy in your relationships?

36. Do you believe in true love?

37. Do you have any tattoos?
Nope, maybe i will get one one day.

38. Do you have any piercings?
Nope, again, not out of the realm of possibilities

39. Would you date a smoker?
as long as he doesnt force anything on me, i dont really have a care.

40. Do you get HIV tests every 6 months?
nope, should though

41. Do you know anyone who has died from H.I.V.?
Not yet.

42. Do you know what Stonewall was?
Yep, surprisingly

43. Wonder Woman, Xena or The Halliwell Sisters?
none of the above, Buffy.

44. Strangest place you have had sex?
i havent had any unique places yet.

45. Strangest place you've woken up?
the doorway of my friends room.

46. Are your best years behind or in front of you?
both ways.

47. Favorite porn movie?
I have only seen 1 porn movie.

48. Are you in love now?
nope, wish i was though

49. Ever been in love with a straight guy/girl?
not love, but crushes.

50. Did you ever have sex with them?

51. Have you ever been to a nude beach?

52. Have you ever been to a bath house?
No. Ewwwww.

53. Ever had sex in public?
nope sorry not gonna happen
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Well i uploaded 2 new icons, and one shall be my official OTH icon :p

where to start...

-I dyed my hair bleach blonde...shocked the hell out of everyone so far..and im gonna toy around with people tomorrow at work :p

- went out with ladydragonair, diggybear and feenie on Saturday...we had some veggie restaurant food, which was actually good to my surprise, and then we went to see Inside man...now this movie was supposed to be something actiony...it was hysterical...but the dumb movie came at a price...trailer for flight 93 movie...i swear i will not see it...ill probably sit in the theater crying my eyes out

- i should get the keys to the registers tomorrow...and my sister said i should also be getting a raise which is definitely great news

- plane ticket to london is booked YAY!!! May 16th to the 30th

- i got back at the schmucky asshole at work today...i went into the back and pulled out the totes he left in the aisle to be put out..he came upto me and asked what they were i was like oh thats the totes you left in the aisle on thursday that need to be packed out...he was like that wasnt my aisle...and i said, you were there, it shoulda been done when you left...he went to my manager and told him everything, and the manager said well go pack it out *grins*

- johnny...still being weird man
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