May 18th, 2006



So...where to begin

I landed in London at like 915..and then i had to get on the customs line and let me tell you, this line woulda made disneyland jealous. but they opened a bunch more counters so i got through the line fast. when i get to the counter, this nosy ass bitch was like where you staying...i was like with my friend and she was like..your girlfriend? *shakes head* Stupid Bint!!

trudyblue was waiting after baggage claim and she was smiling as promised...and we had a great time...came to her place and then wound up playing super mario world til like 8am yesterday morning..

yesterday i went with her to get the paper and stuff, another do nothing day :) we sat around and watched red eye (well she did, i passed out) then played mario cart for a bit, ate dinner, and then we watched all her westlife concert dvds so we can prepare for tonite