August 13th, 2006


Random Floityness

Floit (12:24:32 AM): Band member Dan Corsi was also famous for dating Kerry Katona,
Floit (12:24:40 AM): well damn, kerry's just the town bike isn't she
ShReD1224 (12:25:03 AM): LOL
ShReD1224 (12:25:20 AM): everyone wants a ride on her ass

[quoting a review of a music video on youtube]
Floit (12:20:09 AM): boy bands are faggots, thats alll there is too it. a-ha is great. a1 are faggots that like it up the ass.
Floit (12:20:19 AM): good god what is with this group and attracting the idiots
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