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last nites post

Well, lets decript it

I was working both eckerd and CVS...did training with eckerd and found it to be a whole bunch of nit picks that they can fire you for...but i told the manager i was still gonna do the job but i wouldnt be in 9am he calls my house, then calls my sisters boss who recced me for the like i told him i wasnt gonna be in today blah blah..and i didnt like the bastard anyway (mr God complex) so i called and quit yesterday (hell, i worked there like 3 need to do anything formal) and my family is like it was cloiser to home and he was gonna fast track you and its more money...but i wasnt happy..and mom new it, so she was supportive

now my dad is ignoring me and everyone is treating me so much differently..its unnerving

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