August 29th, 2008


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1. I was attracted to one of my coworkers a few years ago, when he was 17...his nickname from me is jailbait. ^.^
2. I flew to Miami to meet up with my friend from England, and had agreed to meet with them and stay with them after talking like 2 weeks.
3. I can recite the movie Clueless from memory...i was saying it along with the movie last nite.
4. I have only dated guys that i have met from online.
5. I'm still addicted to cartoons, just like an 8 yr old.
6. My favorite piece of clothing i have is a pair of boxers a guy i dated loaned me, i still have them.
7. I have defiled Legally Blonde...lets just say that i was a head of the game :p.
8. I suck at memes, and this one isnt any different. ;p

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