February 7th, 2009



ive recently come across some things around LJ and instead of posting to them, its to everyone on my friends list.

As a new year resloution, i vowed only 1 thing...I was going to be happy this year for myself. That means everything from exercising and toning my body to my job, and to my friends. I am not going to settle for anything. There are people who do have a problem with me, there are people who have problems with some of my friends...i understand that if you wanna rant about them in your journal, its your perogative, as long as you are steadfast with it. I hate LOATHE two-faced backstabbing people...they are a big deal to me, cuz you never know anything about them, or who they tell your secrets to. I especially hate when you sit there and act one way to someone, and then trash them elsewhere. Its horrible, and im not going to put up with it EVER AGAIN!!!

If you feel you belong in this catergory...please GET THE FUCK OFF MY FRIENDS LIST!!! I DONT WANT OR NEED YOU IN MY LIFE!!!
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