March 28th, 2009


spam post of sukmywillie for non spam members


It has come to my attention that I am being called an evil whore in a [info]sim_rants for allegedly deleting someone's post. How nice! I love waking up and being called an evil whore. XD I was not even messaged about this and I know absolutely nothing about it. If there was a problem with something in this community, why was I not messaged? I would have been happy to see what was going on!

FYI, I have not deleted a post in here in...hell, MONTHS, I think. The only posts I delete are ones that are blatant "just asking for Sims 2 game help" posts, and then I will leave a comment stating why it was deleted. I think I have even let a few of those go through. You all know that I am not particularly anal about the posts in this community.

I just wanted to make clear that I am not sitting here arbitrarily deleting posts. Unfortunately, I don't have any explanation for why it happened, I haven't deleted ANY posts, and I don't appreciate being called an evil whore for absolutely no reason.

In case you haven't noticed, [info]kingmike1224, I haven't even been hardly been around/active in the Sims 2 community. If you have a problem with something in this community, it'd be nice if you, y'know, ASKED me about it.


The only thing I can assume happened is either a) someone else deleted it or b) it was never posted here in the first place.

But the evil whore shit? Someone needs to grow the fuck up.

Well, I am the only one here who has the right to delete posts (except for the original poster). So...I dunno.

How much you wanna bet he deleted it himself and forgot? Or miss-posted?

Eh, its okay. Supposedly I'm a hypocritical bitch too, LMAO!! We should form a club :P

Well, I don't want to accuse anybody of anything because I honestly DON'T KNOW what happened.

Here, share my icon!!

YAY!! New icon!!

And I hope he comments here [but I have a feeling he'll bitch at rants LMAO]

A user in this community made it for me a long time ago, when I was getting secreted a lot. I love that "secreted" is like a verb now, ha ha!

I don't particularly care whether he comments here or in rants or whatever, I just wish he would have MESSAGED me about it rather than calling me names somewhere else where he had to have known that I would hear about it, member or not. :/

The reason I made this post is because I really don't want people to think that I run this community that way because I don't.

Oh, I know! Those who actually aren't drama-queens know that. Some people just seem to want to stir the pot.


You lying evil whore!

Joking, of course. Having posts deleted is annoying, but hardly something to go calling people names about. Especially if you don't have proof that the person deleted it. Look at kingmike1224 (fail number name)now. Enjoying the egg on your face, Mike?

Yes, how having a post deleted translates to me having sex with men for money, I'm not quite sure.

Anyway, I don't even know what post he is talking about, nor did I delete anything. WHY would I? Especially in a spam community, FFS. The only thing I tried to keep out of here was the "What is wrong with my game???" posts. The rest I don't care about, unless it was like child porn or something.


even if you had deleted it, that was a complete overreaction for something pretty trivial. and this situation could have been avoided if he'd messaged you about it before posting in sim rants. sheesh.

Unless there's another sims related spam comm I'm not aware of!

Seriously. Especially since (1) I didn't delete anything and (2) I ALWAYS message when I delete a post, giving the reason why.