January 11th, 2010


update on mom

Thank you all for your well wishes to the last post. it was just unfathomable when i went to bed last nite and saw her.

When i saw going to bed last nite, she was on the toilet, just kinda there...she didnt look right to me, so i sat with her and was making sure everything was ok, she had very shallow breath to her and had the appearance of an alzheimers patient who didnt know where they were...i was scared, then i caught a glimpse of her foot, and it was blue...it was the only push i needed and the family was mobilized to get her to the hospital (even though she didnt wanna go)

at the hospital, she was diagnosed with double pneumonia, which is fluid in both lungs...they had her on a oxygen mask, but she wasnt even taking 100% of the oxygen through that, they had to intubate her, which she again was against...they actually had to sedate her and keep her sedated so they can get her blood oxygen levels back to normal.

All i have to say is thank god i caught that glimpse of her...the doctor in the ER said if she hadnt been brought in soon, she coulda died. they do expect her to recover, and i hope she takes this as a wake up call to quit smoking. we made the round of phone calls (her job, our bosses, her sisters and dads siblings). they expect her to be sedated until at least wednesday, with the earliest release date from the hospital of saturday.

i just am beside myself...my mind keeps racing, and the family itself has barely gotten sleep, though they are all asleep now but me.

if this is how 2010 is going to go, im gonna hibernate until 2011.