December 5th, 2010



Well this being a journal and everything i think its about time i write about me for once...yes i know be scared..

Ive actually just been getting more and more frustrated with my job to the point where i walked in on Wednesday and found them watching the video of the day before...the day i was there by myself...annoyed me to no end because i stayed an extra 4 hours to make sure all the work that i was given was done, but not even a thank you was given. So i decided its now time to take things into my own hands. I printed out the application to go back to school to finish up my degree, while i will lose alot of my credits, I now know what i want to do, it only took 5 yrs. I am also updating my resume so that I can start looking for other employment...and get the hell out of my store. It literally has been killing me to no end, with the closing one night and then getting like no sleep to open the following morning. I actually overslept on tuesday because my body just couldnt handle it. As for my personal life...well right now its exactly the way it has been since ive started this still single and hating it...but ive grown to accept it. I dont think i could have handled having someone this year with everything that has happened. 2011 is a new year and quite frankly if I am not opening on New Years (which lucky me i probably am) I am so goin out for once and enjoying the night the way its intended.

Sorry its been an anti-social year for me and that this is basically the only real post youve seen from me in forever but i kind have crawled into a shell this year for obvious reasons and quite frankly i have probably alienated myself from a lot of people. I think its time to open a new page in my life and get things back on track of whats good for me for once.
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