August 5th, 2011


The Pimlico VDS Legacy 1.5

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-LOL well I had this for a while but lemme just say that my past month has been utter crap...I had a mini vacation which was nice then came back to chaos at work cuz the senior VP of the company was coming. But he's been and gone and now I should get back to simming like normal. I have an IDK update for tomorrow...

-Simpsons are basically done...there was nothing really to make an update before I sent Iago and Igor to Uni...where the big hood switch will happen...They are actually already created in my new hood...and I have been going nuts downloading and townifying sims. but its been an interesting project. Theres like 3 more Pimlico updates, 3 more hunter updates and I dunno how many more IDK...I hope by september to have the hood started...I also am going to be adding to the list of challenges (ya I suck already so this will make it worse) but there are a few other challenges I want to try.