August 28th, 2011


The IDK Legacy 5.8

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SO next update sadly will be them in the merge. I tried to play the next update just before posting this but the game crashed a few I think there may be a debunked character file or something...I will try to get into the hood to get pictures of the kids and get them extracted for you guys...then I will post generation 4 and 5 for you to download. I really have no idea why I have been sitting on 4 for so long. I'm also going to update the family tree with generation 4...and don't worry Hermes's baby with IMHO will be born and put in the tree too. :)

If you were wondering, I'm still debating on my favorite for her...with the Simpsons doing a double heir I don't wanna overjam only one of them is going to be heir.
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