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lots of stuff this week
First of all, American Idol this week...can we say shocker...i seriously screamed WTF at the TV.

Work we had a corporate visit this week, so i busted my ass working super hard the past week and a half to get the damn store in tip top shape. I went this week from doing 30 hours to working 47

LJ is super bitchy...i went to layout my journal and the old coding i have doesnt work...i contacted customer support and they were just nasty pieces of work.

downloaded Haley songs and just love her..shes great!!

now all i need to do is actually stay playing a sim family long enough to get creative to write a story :)

Thats all for now...back to screwing myself for not being able to text while busting my ass

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huh, I just went to answer you and it says I'm forbidden!!! Did I do something!!?

no you didnt, i marked it to screen and LJ is just being a jackass

hat are we doing tomorrow?!!?!

*I'm* seeing Rod Stewart tonight with my sister's friends, sans sister. SHE is camping with her girl scouts. lol

NEXT Friday...POTC,

ooo you may see Katie...shes going too

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