TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Stolen from Dana, Steven, and Patricia

My name is: TomMike
I may seem: a bit goofy
But I'm really: a sweet guy
Sometimes I feel: depressed
In the morning I: sleep, class or watch TV
I like to sleep: alot
If I could be doing anything right now I would be: finding an interesting person to hangout with/date
Money is: good, love is better
One thing I wish I had is: a relationship (I agree Steven)
One thing I have that I wish I didn't is: family issues...i would rather live somewhere away from it and never deal with it again...too much fighting
All I need is: right now....a therapist :\
If I had one wish it would be: to have a happy healthy life with someone who loves me for me...and to eventually have kids running around :)
Love is: the most perfect emotion to express

First best friend: Kenny P.
First car: 93 Mercury Tracer
First date: Never had one *cries*
First real kiss: I never had a real kiss....i wish i had one
First break-up: Not applicable
First screen name: I still got it...Tomibran
First self purchased album: Clueless soundtrack/Alanis Morrissette "Jagged Little Pill"
First funeral: That i can remember going to...Maternal grandfather...and it was because I was one yr old
First pets: Collie named Lassie, 3 cats Hobo, Tuffy and Mischief
First piercing/tattoo: I haven't had one....yet ;)
First credit card: AT&T Universal card
First true love: None yet....Really!!!
First enemy: If they are my enemy...why on earth would i remember them
First musician you remember hearing in your house: New Kids On the Block...happens when you have 3 sisters

Last cigarette: Ewwwww!!! Smoking is evil!
Last car ride: Last night...drove back to Albany from school
Last kiss: *whimpers* just my family kissing me goodbye
Last good cry: I cry when i really think and listen to My immortal.
Last library book checked out: I sooo seriously do not remember....been too long...since i rented from the library
Last movie seen: Gothika...WOW what a horrible movie
Last beverage drank: Diet Vanilla Pepsi
Last food consumed: A bagel from Pepperidge farm...mmmmm bagels
Last crush: Celebrity: Eric Yoder from American Idol...Wow what a hottie!!! As for reality...MY last crush still hasn't passed (and no its not Mr. EPrfect from a previous LJ post) This Crush knows who he is!
Last phone call: friend John called
Last time showered: This morning....if anyone answerred with no time of today in this...they are Ewwwww
Last shoes worn: My same old sneakers...why wear something else if im not gonna do anything
Last cd played: A cd i burned...good CD
Last item bought: Well Last clothing was a denim jacket, last item was the men's catalog Cargo....i loved a bunch of stuff in it
Last annoyance: My family fighting...what else is new
Last disappointment: Not going to see Wrigley field when i was in Chicago
Last time wanting to die: I get this feeling every so often when i get very depressed....i just feel like is my life really worth living
Last time scolded: ooo i get bitched at alot by the scolded today by my dad...last nite by 3 quarters of my family
Last shirt worn: i royal blue shirt...with a Gap sweatshirt
Last website visited: duh....i stole this from my friends
Last word you said: Bye...i dont know :\
Last song you sang: My Immortal

What is in your cd player?: CD i burned
What color socks are you wearing?: No socks bein worn right now
What Color of underwear are you wearing?: blue and grey plaid boxers
What's under your bed?: Nothing is under this bed
What time did you wake up today?: 7.00am...was supposed to go to class

Where do you want to go?: I haven't really decided where i wanna go after college...somewhere far away though!
What is your career going to be?: I wanna be a teacher...I like working with kids!!
Where are you going to live?: Dunno yet...make me an offer
How many kids do you want?: I want a big childhood was nice having a big family
What kind of car(s): Depends on when we are talking....pre-marriage...a jeep marriage a Jeep Liberty

Current mood: kinda down...kinda bored...kinda lonely
Current music: Superstar - Jamelia
Current taste: Soda
Current hair: too long for my taste...i need a haircut
Current clothes: Sweatpants, boxers, Royal blue t shirt and Green gap sweatshirt
Current annoyance(s): being lonely :\ someone come and help me outta the funk Im in
Current longing: To find someoen to just be love, to be with, to enjoy their company
Current desktop picture: Will Young.....He is looking hott...but i think i Need a new one
Current favorite artist: What kind of artist are we talking about?...Painter is def like Picasso or DaVinci
Current book(s): I haven't read anything in a bit...Different Seasons by Stephen King was the last one
Current color of toenails: au natural...i dont paint my nails
Current time-wasting wish: a movie with someone who loves me
Current hate: Those fucking conservatives who are making such a fuss over gay marriage in America at the moment...Family arguments at home, bein in Albany NY when i was enjoying Chicago 2 days ago :|


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