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im alive

yup awake and moving...just very super busy lately

with mom's upcoming surgery, my promotion and just normal errand and the such, im just too busy to hop on here and update too much...i at least try to check my friends page though, so dont think i have neglected you all.

hopefully ill be a bit more active now

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there_was_a_boy August 17th, 2007
Hey Thomas, what's your mom having surgery for? I hope she'll be ok. ((hugs))

mariaemmanuelle August 18th, 2007
Nice to see you alive dearie. Teehee. :)
Will pray for your mom.

feenie August 18th, 2007
Ah,...thought she had it already.

Keep me informed!!

bartinigirl03 August 18th, 2007
I am glad to hear from you. I almost texted you the other day, but it had been so long since I had I wasn't sure if your number would be the same.

yep_i_am_dennis September 21st, 2007
miiissssssssss yooouuuu

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