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jury duty day

so ya, i called friday cuz im a telephone person, so they say they want me to report today...lol not only is this my first time reporting for federal jury duty, its my first jury duty LOL

im hoping today doesnt go as slow as anything

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feenie November 26th, 2007

Federal I liked MUCH better than city or state. PLUS, it has a longer time period in between....or it used to.

Call me if you get bored. lol

simplyn2deep November 26th, 2007
last year I was called in for Federal Jury Duty, but I was on call for the whole month of October! Of course on Oct 31st I was told to report to the courthouse in downtown los angeles (scary) and got on a case, but had to be excused because of mid-terms (and work).

this year I got another summons for the courthouse in my city and was to report on October 22nd, but that was my first day/week of classes and couldn't miss that, so I had it postponed until Dec 24th. I'm a sneaky one! LOL

But I would like to serve on a case. Not too long of a case though. Maybe like 7-10 days. They pay uber good! For the one day I did in October of last year, I got a $80 something check!

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