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The Beckham Legacy

Meet Brooklyn Beckham. He seeks to be financially secure, and wants to be a Presitigitator reach the top of the magic career. But don't let his charming good looks fool you, he's a bitch when he's mad

His first chore of business, he has to get a job, and start making friends, so he starts talking to the paper boy

Brooklyn: This one time when i was in the Alps..

Apparently, the paperboy doesn't like Brooklyn talking about his upbringing. he soon ran off the lot, and avoids Brooklyn for the duration of his moving in process.

So its job search time, theres no magic career track, but he does get his foot into show biz...yup, he wears the fry suit to work.

While we wait for perspective wombs the welcome wagon, Brooklyn starts to paint a masterpiece

kingmike1224: Uh hun, that aint no masterpiece
Brooklyn: You lack taste, this is art!!
kingmike1224: Hun, if you wanna see bad taste, i could redecorate

Soon thereafter, the welcome wagon arrives with this charmer. He will be a sperm donor one day, trust me!

This trampy jailbait, and possible womb (inteen has public beta *cackles*)

And this chick, Lucia Glover, who Brooklyn has 2 bolts for.

then Marsha Duncan walked by soon thereafter and i had Brooklyn go out and meet up with her...i left them alone for 5 minutes and i came back to them playing catch..his hobby = sports (this made me LOL)

This dumbass came by and was a waste, all he did was eat and leave. Freeloader will DIE!!!

Brooklyn: your boobs are real! OMGZ!!
kingmike1224: *headdesk*

During this time, some other chick and this kiddo showed up (how i dont have a picture of her arriving is beyond me!)

Brooklyn: Dude, they are all hott!!
Me: well you only get to marry one of them

Then the Michael Jackson impersonator called and invited our hero downtown, which he took. But seriously, WTF with the Michael Jackson impersonator?!

Downtown has blessed me (for once!!)

I had him work as the DJ, he was really really bad, but at least he got himself a groupie!

I had him talk to each girl before he left (leaving MJ wannabe there not knowing his address)

I sent him home to start getting someone, and Iris Schwartz rebuffed him for a date. What a BITCH!

Marsha accepts though, leaving him with a dream date, and roses!!
Marsha = Romance

He didn't even make it through dinner. Hows that bologna sandwich as a pillow hun?!

It was about this point that i realized that ACR was just on medium, so i turned it to high autonomy. Gotta Love what happens.

Lena Tyler, whom he met downtown also accepts, and has a good date with him, why not a great one you ask. Our dear loser slept through the end of it *hits him upside the head*
Lena = Fortune Sim

This charmer came by right before he left for work, so he kinda skipped work that day to hang out with. Hi Krystal Andrews!!
Krystal = Knowledge

WOW what a slutty knowledge sim! Are you perhaps related to Natalia Venturi?

After slutty Krystal left, Brooklyn called up Wilma Small, another downtown meetie, for a date. Another Dream another bouquet and...

an expensive radio. Woohoo!! more cash for the house and future babies!!

The following day, Brooklyn goes to work like a good boy should, and Iris and the freeloader, Leslie Leonard (wtf?!) stalk the house...each walked past 3 times o.0

She also walked past the house...i kinda pouted cuz i would want her in the house!!

Sorry bout the crappiness of the pics, i did have some through printscreenpro, but they have big old unregistered version on it, and i kinda suck with outside game programs.
Its alos my first posted legacy try, so sorry if it isn't great

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dothesmustle March 18th, 2008
Is he named after David Beckham and Posh Spice's son?

Brooklyn: Dude, they are all hott!!

Haha! He has no standards! I love him!

ALSO, Brooklyn makes the best faces. Ever.

Then the Michael Jackson impersonator called and invited our hero downtown, which he took. But seriously, WTF with the Michael Jackson impersonator?!
What...his jawline, why is it so...long?

I recommend Irfanview, it gives me really good screenshots! It is a little confusing when you first start it, but after awhile you get used to it.

kingmike1224 March 18th, 2008
LOL ya i was staring at a picture of David Beckham right before i made him...its very very weird but i think it suits him.

Ya he gets along with everyone, he has 1 bolt with at least every chick hes met, its grating

and i think i may have to try irfanview (do i need to register it first??)

Thanks for Beta-ing it :)

dothesmustle March 18th, 2008
When I first saw him, I was thinking, "He looks like David Beckham! *swoons over a bunch of pixels*"

Nope, not that I remember, I just downloaded it and it starting to work. It is really easy to use, except you have to resize/crop it in photoshop/psp.

kingmike1224 March 18th, 2008
i know, no one can resist the Becks *drools*

simtales04 March 18th, 2008
ahhhhhhh he's so hairy!

I won't lie I was drawn in by the shower teaser :DD

kingmike1224 March 18th, 2008
LOL the hairy skin is my default...i edited some of SimCribbings skins for my own game...i like my men to have hair :p

fitchlegacy March 18th, 2008
^ haha same!
i was like, heyyyy he looks kinda hot!
and you did a good job for your first legacy! (:

kingmike1224 March 18th, 2008
Thanks, it means alot considering its my first...but i always wanted to do one, so why not right?

My only thought is who am i gonna marry him off to?

scarred_id March 18th, 2008
How you doin', lovely Mr Bechham? Bet he causes a lot of accidents running outside his house in his tiny underpants like that.

Great start to a legacy!

kingmike1224 March 18th, 2008
haha he definitely has to...i saw one townie almost run into the mailbox...but that might be cuz i put it in her path :p

Thanks for reading :)

quinctia March 18th, 2008
Hmm...it's not that he's hairy, it's quite a lot for a blond dude!

I use MGrab to take my screenies. It's a fairly small program, and has a decent amount of options. And it's freeware, yays.

kingmike1224 March 18th, 2008
I know its alot, but i couldnt make it lighter or blonder without making it a custom skin and i just kinda wanted it for the default

Now to get up 1.2 tomorrow

quinctia March 19th, 2008
Oh I get that. It's one of the reasons why I've never sought out skintones with hair on them--what if they don't match the hair color? (Though then I was pleasantly surprised with the skin Dominick Deline had on him, with a little bit of dark body hair. Oh wells.)

Don't burn yourself out. :P

katu March 19th, 2008
<3333 He's so cute! :D I love his fuzzy legs. No, seriously, I do.

Also, you're gonna hate me for asking, but where is this hair from?

kingmike1224 March 20th, 2008
Thats a Teen Style Stuff hair, though i think they have it converted at MTS2

katu March 20th, 2008
Really? I'll have a look for it, thanks!

mikisnotlegacy March 20th, 2008
Yo! This was awesome! You probably already have some answer to your question by now but, I used to use Irfanview but recently switched to Gadwin PrintScreen. I like it a smidge better if only because I can always keep it open without too many resources used and I can rename things easily. So, yes. XD

kingmike1224 March 20th, 2008
Thanks for reading...and i know its fun to do this now :p

I gave up on printscreenpro...the big old red letters made me mad

lil_d728 March 21st, 2008
Oh my he is hot good luck deciding on his future wife. Great start to your legacy.

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