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So Iris decided to walk by while Brooklyn was at work, she proceeded to do this 6 times while he was at work. 6 times, and she stops smiles goofily. Me thinks she has some regret for not taking that date with him.

So Brooklyn came home, and once again wasn't promoted...then i realized why...he was missing skills *smacks head* But then again...he doesn't wanna do this shit anyway...were just using it for now...He calls up contact chick for a date.

She accepts. Iris: 0, Random chick whos name i forgot: 1.

So she shows up, and this is how he greets her.
Brooklyn: I'm playing it cool, she'll want me.
Me: You're playing it wrong, and we don't want her anyway!

Brooklyn: Baby, you must be tired, you've been running through my mind all day!
RCWNIF: *swoons*

Me: *headdesk*

Me: did she have a hard day at work?
Brooklyn: nah, i'm just trying to touch her boobs.
Me: *shakes head* have you no shame?
Brooklyn: have you seen my underwear?

And they go from backrubs to making out...Thank You ACR! And What a ho...she barely knows the guy and she wants to screw in someone's bed!

So Brooklyn obliges her...

RCWNIF: Baby you were amazing
Brooklyn: I know!

Me: *Cough* are we forgetting Krystal mister?
Brooklyn: Shut up, it's hot when a girl thinks they slept with a virgin?
Me: *shudders*

Well I hope it was amazing, i mean seriously, sleeping with him on a first date...even with ACR that makes you a ho!

After RCWNIF leaves, he gives Marsha a call for a date at his house...She takes it of course.

Then because hes a bastard (and my amusement), he crank calls Iris. Thank you 0 nice points!

A date starting with a kiss, well thats a step in the right direction!

Brooklyn: I love you! Let's be BFFs
Marsha: K

Me: Dude her face is up there *points*
Brooklyn: I love her rack.
Me: *headwall* damn obstinate sims!

So he decided to tell her as well. o.0 How would you even say that to a girl?!

Lena, I <3 you, you can keep bringing expensive shit!!

*pokes* WTF RCWNIF, where's you're gift? You know you're bottom rung on the ladder now!

Marsha: I think i love his balls.
Me: you two are soo made for each other, it's not funny

Marsha: Hmmm if i get with him, i'll be financially stable for the rest of my life
Me: *tries hard to contain laughter*

Thats more like it RCWNIF, That puts you above Krystal!

I left them alone, while i took that cap, and this is what i find them doing! Well at least I'm a fan of her!

Marsha: ZOMG! The dude i just slept with is naked!
Me: Well duh! I wasn't expecting him to bang you in a three piece suit.

Gotta excuse him from being a screw loose, she was actually in the way. I actually took this picture cuz it's a new animation i didn't see til now!!

Again with the making out, what next...gonna bang her again?!

Ya, i wasn't surprised either...they looooove each other
*please note, she wanted to woohoo him at least, not like RCWNIF*

The next day, he's back at work *giggles* fry suit!!

Random teen townie walkby. Dude its 10am, shouldn't you be in school?!

YAY! It's snow!! *yes i am just like my sims and point out the first whatever the fuck it is*

Hey, it's the thief who went through Meadow's closet! Give her back her ugly pink tights!!

And, this chick walked by again...why can't she walk by when he's actually home!!

Woohoo! I used his lifetime points to get the top perk for fortune sims, and this is the first time he actually gained money!

When he came home, Lena was calling asking for another date...after delivering the Kareoke machine, i didn't have the heart to say no.

They go to the Botanical dining place downtown, where ive never gone to before...this place sucks! But awww he was flirting with her...then again i had to force him. But aren't they cute.

Brooklyn: I must say, your bust looks amazing!
Great, so i made a boob man. Thats all he ever wants to do is boobs boobs boobs!!

Unlike Marsha, i don't think she likes people who talk bout her boobs!
Brooklyn: why did i have to say that to her?
Me: cuz you're a dumbass?

He then went home, and RCWNIF called for another date. I kinda turned it down for the night, as he had very little energy bar left.

I did have him get the mail and pay bills before REPOMAN! shows up, cuz ZOMG if he comes, im gonna go nuts!! But awww love letter!! (ya no clue, never checked who its from *shurgs*

And FTW! he gets his chosen career track!!

I woke him up when Lena came back later, in case it was a real visit and not just a drop off, but it was a drop off.
Me: so what expensive shit did you bring Lena? another Kareoke machine, a fountain? DJ booth?

Oh, a dinky radio he already has...ummm thanks

And moron decided instead of going to bed or sitting waiting for me to tell him to do something, he wants to stargaze...well he got more than he bargained for!! And thats where i left off!!

I hope the pictures are better quality, i tried Irfanview

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