TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Beckham Legacy 2.0

So at about 7am, the aliens decided to return him...geez could it have run any later...

Brookyln: i got probed *cries*
Me: well its your own damn fault!

So you get probed, then decide to go inside and mop?! o.0 Def a legacy founder weirdness LOL.

Brooklyn: *pops out of shower* Waaaah probing isn't fun!
Me: GOD you better not be emo forever or im boolproping your ass and starting a new legacy!

*posts a shirtless working out picture of him just cuz i can* :p

Brooklyn: *answers phone* Hello?
Mike the paper boy: you got probed! You got probed!
Brooklyn: damn paper boy!
Me: dude, hes a friend of yours...SUCK IT UP

Hey Iris, still stalking i see.

First signs of pregnancy: horrible motives

I sent Brooklyn to call up his future should know who it is by now :)

Brooklyn: This bitch brought a friend?! WHAT THE FUCK?
Me: Doesn't matter, you're marrying her

Yup, i picked Marcia (ya ive been spelling it wrong the whole time LOL) just partial to her...Sorry Lena

Brooklyn: Marcia, will you marry me?

I take that as a yes then?

She didn't come with much money...

but came with some good crap too! Woohoo hot tub!

Then this stud called and invited her downtown for an outing but i said no, she needs clothes

And off to H&M Sim City to get them, where we also run into Krystal

and a future heir spouse... hi hottie

Marcia: I sooo need new clothes.
Me: why do you think we're here? *headdesk*

Marcia: hey, you'd look good in my pants
Me: NO! Bad Marcia! not for you to play with!

Me: you can play with those.

Well damn, dont take anytime to think about it, ho!

Making out in line..

Making out on a bench...

DUDE! put on some clothes!!

And now you 2 fall in love *headdesk* what is it with sims to woohoo to fall in love, wonder if he knows she's engaged.

*cackles* me smells foreshadowing (she actually smelled food and rubbed her stomach like that LOL)

Me: GOD!'re fiancee is sleeping on the other side of the wall.
Marcia: well probably isnt sleeping anymore, right hun!
Boytoy: You're right doll!

o.0 was he really woken up by them?!

*giggles* someone has morning sickness, green babies are coming!!

Brooklyn: Her rack looks smaller.
Me: you're getting fatter
Brooklyn: Am not!

Me: Are Too!

While he calls for a maid, i got this pop up. Has it been a good week for you Brooklyn? With the abduction and the engagement to the town bike?

Marcia: He likes me! Look at the love letter!
Me: Bitch you better put that away before your fiancee sees it!

Awww like any good man, he does the dishes...

before he bangs the town drum for the umteenth time. They seriously go at it alot, i cancel it half the times LOL

Brooklyn: I'm the greatest
Marcia: When will he get up so we can do that again
Me: *backs away slowly*

Great, its another gift we don't need *sells for cash*

So Brooklyn changed into his 'maternity wear' which just means an outfit that has a pregnancy morph.

As Marcia makes him some pancakes to eat. Everyone say it with me 'Awwwww.'

Brooklyn: I'm glad you have a good job, i want lots of money!
Marcia: Wonder if he knows i screw random guys for a living?

Marcia: God, I hope i'm not pregnant. i don't know who the dad would be.

So she passes out, and Brooklyn laughs at her. WTF Brooklyn, shes you're fiancee!

He goes to the bathroom on a filthy toilet...

mop up the mess it makes (as the repairman shows up to fix it)...

then autonomously cleans the shower...WTF clean the festering toilet dude. it's been like that for like 2 days!

make that between 2 and 3 days as you second pop. Alien baby soon!!!
Me: LOL a pregnant man is everything in working order REPAIRMAN! you gotta lay off the crack dude!

Remember this dude, well he's one of the random guys Marcia 'met' to play with

LOL, he dreams of how awesome he is, and she dreams of...snow?! Ya she's missing the MENSA meeting isnt she?

Peter: Dude, you know she's cheating on you.
Brooklyn: She is not, GTFO of my house!

To drown his sorrow, he stuffs his face (or cuz he was like starving to death)

Bitch slept through her carpool. WTF, how are you gonna get moneyz now?!

But awww the hell does he get that close with his huge stomach?!

When they both get up to eat at like 4AM, this is the conversation

Marcia: That show was so great, how could you not like it
Brooklyn: *passes out in food to shut her up*

She invited the boytoy over again, and he brought this ugly ass guy!, i was gonna boolprop his ass til.

Marcia: *invisi-pop*

YAY she's done knocked up, but i wanna know who DAMN IT! Fucking risky Woohoo!!

So i make her change and this is how she greets the fugly dude?! she is only best friends with him...someone done need to explain this to me!!!

then does the same to the is fugly not slapping her silly!!!

Marcia: Pregnancy is great, feel my belly.

Marcia: but the backache is gonna kill me!

She gets the bills and pays them before REPOMAN! shows up and steals their lackluster furniture!

While Brooklyn defies the laws of physics and pees on the floor 5 feet behind him?!

Brooklyn: I didn't do it!

Brooklyn: I swear i didn't do it *cries*
Me: Remember, Emo Brooklyn = boolproped Brooklyn!!!

Then he passes out in front of the hott pizza girl

Brooklyn: Wha??

He goes to bed, to wake up 5 minutes later with:

Marcia: OH SHIT!

Brooklyn: WTF is that above my head?

Me: Its your daughter, Venus, you dingbat!

Marcia: Woohoo! practice baby for mine
Brooklyn: what the fuck is she on
Me: I think you need to ask Heather Piper

Brooklyn: Its ok hunny, she won't hurt you, i hope.

Ya i really have no idea who the baby daddy is? i haven't played ahead at all. I do have trip & Quad hack though...but if she spits out 4 im beating her to death! The other alien parent is the blond PT...which gets me do 2 blonde's made a black hair baby??

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