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Beckham Legacy 2.1

Apparently pregnancy is taking its toll on our romance sim. She has the less decay hygiene and still stinks.

Brooklyn is taking to be a good dad, always holding the baby...

Me: Bitch, you better not be calling for a baby, your fiancee is expecting remember!!
Brooklyn: But i want another baby now. :(

Me: You want another baby, but you can't even use the toilet in the next room when you need to go?
Brooklyn: But the baby needs me to hold it and feed it..

Brooklyn apparently finds that having a baby isn't comfortable.

Me: Are you going to shower Marcia?
Marcia: Nope, baby needs to be fed.
Me: *headwall*

Me: You will NOT eat the bad pizza! I need someone in this family to have a brain cell.
Marcia: Fine!

Me: Caeser Salad! A+ Marcia!

Me: Whats wrong Marcia?
Marcia: I think the aliens want Brooklyn again.
Me: *laughs* Ya that wont be happening for a while...i don't know how your kids are gonna look yet!

Marcia is actually a good mother to the 'practice baby'. She doesn't totally harass the poor baby.

Brooklyn: SIMGOD! Having a baby is entirely no fun!!
Me: Well maybe not for you! But im having a blast!!

Marcia: *pop*
Brooklyn: I guess that means no woohoo for me. :(

Me: So you smustle?! And she's eagerly awaiting woohoo.

So i decided to finally get them hitched, especially with the baby almost here.

Marcia: Oh Hell No!
Brooklyn: But why not *emos*

Me: You won't marry him, but you'll woohoo him?! Damn slut!

Marcia: Hey baby, sorry i rejected you before. *cues smooth talk*
Brooklyn *swoons in delight*

So i have them get a quickie re-engagement..

and wedding. She didnt say no this time. LOL

While she's studying for a promotion at work (which takes forever cuz she's dumb as bricks)

He schmoozes to the mirror.

Me: hey Mr Maid, if you lay off the crack a bit, you may join the legacy...unless thats why you did the crack o.0

So Kimono man came back by, so i had Brooklyn rush out to greet him (at least he could go for Marcia's LTW)

And she goes and pees on the floor...foreshadowing much??

Marcia: Hey baby, wanna go do some woohoo??
KM: Aren;t you married, and pregnant too?? Don't you have morals woman? You should be ashamed!
Me: Geez dude, give her a break, no reason to get all high and mighty on her, Mr i wear a kimono in winter outside of Asia!!

Brooklyn came home and got promoted to a Lounge Singer, he was a Mime before (i love that outfit)

Brooklyn: WTF woman, i just worked all damn day, why are you yelling?!
Me: i dunno, cuz shes having a baby?!
Me: *runs away*

Welcome to the world, Chicago Beckham. Blonde just like his father and mother, and brown eyes just like mom.

Now, i could give a fuck what the baby did, you don't lecture the baby bitch!!!

Me: o.0 You just gave birth, and you're going at it again?! Brave souls..

Brooklyn: Hi, I'd like a competent nanny that won't set my house on fire
Me: Good Luck with that one!!

Here's a better view of little Chicago.

Brooklyn loves to play with his new baby boy...

but i have to force him to snuggle the baby *shakes head*

The nanny was actually a competent one and didnt even cook one Marcia gave her $100.

Nanny: Why the fuck do i have to stay for the birthday?!
Me: i didn't tell you to stay so GTFO!

Venus transitions into black hair, which i still dont get considering both of her parents are blonde.

So i gave her a makeover...she's ummm...unique looking *prays to god she grows up looking better*

OK i know aliens are supposed to be pretty smart Brooklyn, but she aint getting a scholarship to Uni til shes a teen.

Marcia: OMG! My husband is naked!
Me: You are too, dim bulb, you wanna woohoo him remember!

They go from the bed to the couch to give Venus the birds and bees demonstration.
Babies scarred for life by seeing parents woohoo: 1

Brooklyn: You know hunny, if you grow up ugly, im gonna send you to live with your other daddy in space
Me: Brooklyn! Thats sooo mean!
Brooklyn: You're the one who gave me 0 nice points!!

Brooklyn: MIKE! OMG! I haven't seen you since yesterday. Where have you been??
Me: Brooklyn, you're becoming one of the annoying neighbors.
Mike: Ummm get the weirdo away from me please!!

Brooklyn is a good dad to Venus though...He played with her autonomously on his own.

Marcia: OMG! Did my husband get me pregnant?

Me: i take that as a yes!

Me: OMG! you cleaned the toilet on your own. I love you!!!
Marcia: I know!

Marcia: Should i tell him i'm pregnant?
Me: Nah let him find out on his own.

Marcia: Holy Shit! I just had a bad dream...i dreamt i was pregnant again!
Me: Hunny you haven't even been asleep yet.

Brooklyn: I got promoted today! Score!
Me: To vantriliquist i see, are you the dummy?
Brooklyn: You SON OF A B___
Me: Wow someone has their panties in a twist.

Marcia: Is the house clean...i need a clean house

(she finished scrubbing the counter and i caught her mid turn...its a great shot y/n?)

Me: Whats up with the scowl?
Brooklyn: Spending money on the baby that i don't need to.
Me: Party or be boolproped!

Me: Good choice!

Here's little Chicago with his daddy! He's cuter than Venus, thats for sure!

And here's where we leave off...Marcia puking up her guts and Brooklyn playing with Chicago!

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