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Founder challenge

So you have probably seen her all over but this is simrenity's founder for the challenge at legacy_writers

Here is our lovely legacy shack. I can't build to save my life so the nice cheap BV house works for me.

And the star of the story, Rosalyn Carter. She seeks a life of knowledge with her sagittarius ass. she wants a hott blonde guy who better not stink. HEr LTW: max all skills!

Rosalyn: Ooo a bluejay!
Me: No hunny, thats a telescope.
(i think she may be special needs)

So she meets the paperboy.
Rosalyn: is he for me?
Me: Nope, i promised him to Marcia and Brooklyn, sorry hunny.

So she ignores him in favor to go look for a job.
Me: hey Mr Skunk, GTFO!

She found a job in the adventerer career, and she's happy.
Rosalyn: why wouldn't i be happy, i could be a pirate!!
Me: But i wanted the bookcase of the gods!!!

She went inside to paint, while we wait for sperm donors the welcome wagon is coming around.

The welcome wagon consists of Brooklyn, Pamela something, and Enrique.
Me: Go talk to Enrique
Rosalyn: but he's a red-head
Me: I need a last resort baby daddy.

On her first day of work, K-Fed drives her there. If i could control him, he'd have a good shot.

Me: Hey Allison, wanna marry an heir in one of my legacys!!!
Allison: *ignores*

Me: Oh Hey Iris...still stalking legacies?? Ya Rosalyn is straight, she aint marrying you!
Iris:Awww but i wanna be in one!! *emos*

Sperm donor #2: Aaron, Marcia's 'friend'!!

So i bought her a exercise bike, cuz she needs body points.

She absolutely loves it...she hops on it autonomously!!!

Rosalyn: Hey Enrique, you wanna invite me downtown? I'd love to go!

And K-Fed drives her. Match made in heaven!!

The Downtown crew consists of these 3: random teen townie whos been stalking the Beckham house, Marcia (whos now showing o.0), and Enrique.

Rosalyn: So how about i move my stuff into your house?
Random dude: Um no!
Tommie: Tommie wants a piece of that!
Me: Tommie, GTFO!

Rosalyn: How hott do you think i am?!

RD: You'd be hotter if you were fit.

Rosalyn: Felix is hott.
Me: Um no! *finds matchmaker* Go get a blind date...and maybe some new eyes!

Rosalyn: Ive been sent for a blind date! here's half of my money
MM: Bitch, more money for a better match!

MM: Here's fuggo! Have fun!
Me: D:

Fuggo: I wanna give you a pearl necklace!
Me: Ewww Oh HELL NO! *ends date*

*ships her ass off to the sports park*
Rosalyn: Ugh! i dont wanna talk to that fug!
Me: I thought there would be more men here :\

At least I found out she loves sports! Now if only Brooklyn was a townie!!

I sent her home, and started creating a new batch of townies!! Look who does a walkby! *purrs*

Me: Whore! Go put some clothes on!
Rosalyn: But he's sooo sexy!!

Rosalyn: Do you think I'm hott!
Brian: Oh Yeah!! Break me off a piece of that!!

Rosalyn: I have him under my spell!!
Me: Chick, you creeping me out!! First you are dumber than bricks, then you're a slut, now you're a witch?!

Woohoo 3 Bolt!! Its a done deal!!!

Rosalyn: *whispers sweet nothings in his ear*
Brian: I love this chick! +500

I swear this whole date, i only directed them 2 times, the rest they did themselves. I love ACR and 3 bolters!!

Direction #1: Slow Dance
Me: Hey Brian, that want ain't gonna happen!!!

Auto-make-out!! *giggles like a little school girl*

OK date's over and you have no energy left
*directs her to say goodbye*

Wow a brunette Dagmar and a decent looking TSS teen. I think i'm in heaven!

For those of you wondering, Goopy and Orlando Centowski's love child has decided to grace my hood...and he's not half bad looking!

OK, you will get in a legacy of mine!! Hell if you were real, i'd want you!

Rosalyn: I got something with my belly, i gotta be pregnant!!
Me: You haven't even woohoo'ed yet, you cant be pregnant!

Me: you just got fit, back to the stupid again!!

So she now has a small mirror, cuz she needs to practice charisma...and she gazes at her hottness!!

I love the Knowledge sim LTA rewards, though i have no idea what that message means!!!

And she gains the last skill point for a promotion!!! Now to get back to wooing Brian!

She calls Brian, and gets his voicemail, so i have her chat up Enrique...hey friends are needed too!!!

Then RD calls, and apparently he has heard she's fit now...he invited her out downtown...i declined! SUX to be you RD!!

And back on the bike
Me: can't you do SOMETHING else??
Rosalyn: MUST! STAY! FIT!

*calls Brian again, gets voicemail again!*

Me: Why is buy/build disabled when you are making a TV dinner?!

Me: OH! Cuz you wanna start a fire...GREAT START!

Me:I kinda see the ploy, but it only works when you are desperate!! You have a BF!! and Kristi is a woman!
Rosalyn: huh? what?
Me: you will learn to cook before you cook again!!

FINALLY!! We want another home date! I'm not a big fan of community lots.

Me: Well don;t look too excited that he's coming over
Rosalyn: I fail! i can't even cook a tv dinner!
Me: I know hunny, but at least you're pretty!

Awww he kisses to start the date, no need for him to wait outside or anything.

Brian: Hey baby, whats say we take this to your bed old bed.
Rosalyn: Ummm i don't have one of those.

So she goes to practice her charisma, and he stood patiently waiting...not even an action in queue.

When she gets the point, she's back onto him (i only did it to give the date rating a boost)

Me: Awww you guys are cuddling.. Are you in your underwear?!
Rosalyn: We wanna woohoo!

Me: so you are doing *whistles and looks away* But lets get a close up on that face...

Me: WOW you win scary face award!

A businessman who isnt good at anything yet...we can work with that...just one more question to answer


Me: *ding ding* we have money!!! You just sealed the deal!

Rosalyn: I get to keep him. HES MINE!!!!

And so i have this weird ass thing in my game or something, but every townie now comes with like random money...not 9000 not 1000 but like 2813 or as we see here 5215. It's kinda kool!!

Rosalyn: yup thats my tv dinner tray, i was lazy and tired then you showed up...
Brian: i live with a slob?!
Me: aren't you happy you woohooed her!?!

Me: NO WAY! you only woohooed once. you better have indigestion!!!

Me: Well i hope it was a great time, i dont think shes lousy in couch!

Its LUV!!!

and engagement...ok...

and marriage! OK thats a bit fast but meh, no bastard children to come around!!
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