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Dude, That's not for you! Actually i think that is FROM YOU.

Remember how much Rosalyn loves the bike, well this one has the telescope. It woulda been great, if his hobby was science.

I think he wants the aliens to take him away from his wife.

Would you really blame him for wanting to be kidnapped fromt he woman who eats rotten food??

Rosalyn: I don't need your torpedo, my husband's is huge!!

That call must have been a really dirty one, she jumped in the shower like right after it ended. o.0

YAY more signs of generation 2!!

R:"Hey pretty townie (named Olive), I'm a slob. you wanna go clean my house?"

Meanwhile, Rosalyn and other townie Elsa play catch. Thats a good way to up your enthusiasm Rosalyn!!!

*picks Tell Boss from chance card*

FUCK! I never seem to get them right when i need to.

Rosalyn bitches about being hungry instead of being a knowledge sim and going inside to get food.

And Brian emos about his demotion...OH LORD HELP ME!!!

R: Hey Elsa, wanna go make me some food?
E: Sure.

Brian's bitching about someone...

and Elsa is hogging the instant meals...o.0

Brian: hey pretty, would you take me away from this nuthouse.

B: the eye in the sky thinks i'm crazy enough to stay here.
Me: HEY! Dont make me boolprop you!!

Brian decides to be useful and serves up some grilled cheese. I think I love him!!!

Wait a minute *scratches that* he passed out after serving food
E: *worry worry*
O: This bitch is whack.

And the pop comes out!!! Generation 2 is on the way!!

And he's such a good dad, he also rolls to learn parenting, unlike the pregnant one.

o.0 Then they run outside and play football. well i guess he wants to keep her happy with her sports.

I sent him to find a better job, and she goes back to her first true love, the exercise bike.

Yup, we want that job! Golden bookcase FTW!!!

I had him call up someone, hey, they need the friends!!!

So she stinks, and she complains. Rosalyn's brain: 0 on the common sense part.

She goes to make mac 'n' cheese...

and burns it! YOU FAIL AT LIFE ROSALYN!!!

B: yep, she failed again! Burned Mac 'n'cheese
R: *inhales food*

As she invispops for time #2, i wonder why the hell none of the clothes have pregnancy morphs. DAMN YOU EAXIS!

So i sent her "shopping" for more maternal clothes.

*points* HAHA your hubby stole your ONE TRU LOVE fatty!!! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO NOW???

o.0 clean? O Really!!!

and stare out at the ZOMG! Rain!! Do something more entertaining!

That works for me, and ooo he's off the bike!!! How evil would i be if i sold it!

Go Boogy down with your bad self!!! show that pregnant ladies have moves too!!!

Back to the bike AGAIN!!! WTF chick...seriously if it wasn't for you wanting the body points, i would sell the damn thing!

Well that makes me happy!!! 1/7 of LTW done!!

I sent her to the paper for a different job, i was hoping for oceanographer but no luck.

Then i sent her for #2 of the 7...creativity...figuring that would help her bank more money too, but the bitch would paint for a second, complain, and the cycle went for like 5 minutes before i gave up and let her go on free will.

Random dude calls AGAIN! i figure she now said she wasn't fit cuz shes like 8 months pregnant!!

And while Brian is stalking his TRU LOVE, the telescope...

Rosalyn is going into labor.

GREAT! They barely have room for themselves, now they got twins!!!

Brian is holding little Landon,

while Rosalyn holds Valerie. Both have black hair and blue eyes from mom.

Awww good parents. they get a star, babies don't belong on the floor!!

BUT WOOHOOing in the same room is a problem too!!!! *takes back gold star*

I had Brian cook them some food, And now they are arguing about HATS!!! WTF?!

SO this update kinda lacked, i know....i was looking at the pictures while doing the update going WOW this skips alot! hopefully next chapter will be better.
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