TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Chicago recap

Thursday I left to the court....It was made a not obeying a sign..2 points on the license and 155 bucks....thats like double what i paid last time...then from there i headed home..and learned that my cars back tires can actually get up all in the air and everything...the car is fine and all that. I get home pack do stuff around the house. We get to the airport and hang around a bit..Flight goes well...we instead of calling my parents when we sisters tell me to I do. My cousin Rich is at the airport waiting for us..It was great to see him again. We head to the hotel to check in our bags...and Mom calls...she was like were you delayed..I say no we were gonna call you like now...we just got to the airport...she proceeds to scream and yell her head off. My cousin takes us on a walking trip around Chicago to go out was great weather and my sisters are pissing that its too cold...we get to bar #1..and they just had last we go back out to find another bar...when we get to this one...we chill and eat and drink...and the subject of my dad comes up...they talk about how he is such a prejudice person, yet he stood up for gay marriage. My sister was condemning it though...I wanted to bring up a debate about it and was told to drop my point of view is worthless. Agrivated me to no end.

Friday we decided to go shopping and sightseeing...My sister decided to get all hissy pissy cuz she wants to see Lincoln Park (where ER had a scene with George Clooney and Julianna whatever her name is) and she moaned and groaned and pissed and whined til she saw it...We hopped on a bus to take it up there and there happened to be two gay guys sitting across from us...she turns to me and stupidly you think they are gay?..not only was I embarassed as hell, but i wanted to hit her...anyway, she didnt wanna hear other's we missed Wrigley Field...made me very we finish our shopping and everything..and we go to the Sears Tower...what a great view of the top we had!! Then as we leave this Fat sad excuse for a Spanish woman darts through us, knocks into my sister. She makes a witty comment saying I thought I left New York...i loved it...
The charity event happened that nite...My cousin has a big SUV but not big enough to fit 6 in the someoen had to sit in the trunk...I said my sister Joyce should because she is small...but my sister Christine hops in. So we get to the event and bowl...i found out I was waaaaay outta practice when The highest i bowl was an cousin got into a fight with her mother, and her friend (whos like a cousin) just kept drinking,...they had started drinking at 8 in the morning. We then left to go back to the hotel..and i again suggested my sister Joyce hop into the trunk..and my sister Christine wasn't willing to do it again....they constantly were bickering at i got pissed at them and did it anyway cuz i really didnt wanna hear it anymore...went to bed cuz we had an early day sat

Saturday we get up super early cuz we were marching in the St. Patty's day parade in Chicago....we get up and walk there....and while we are waiting for it to cousin's friend has to use the bathroom and walks off by herself to find a hotel to use the bathroom...and she winds up missing the marching due to her stupidity. My aunt was soooo mad at her....then my sisters Christine and Joyce go find the FDNY firemen that were there...they talk and invite them to the bar we were supposed to go to. well we didnt head to the bar right away but did a bit more sightseeing...we went to Navy pier and hung around...did some shopping again..and had lunch. we ran late to meet our family who moved on to the by the time we were ready they moved to a different bar...but my damn sisters insisted on going to the first bar to meet the firemen that were actually still there...i was mad I mean i understood but didnt see why i had to we get tehre and they meet up blah blah blah...I decide to start walking to the other bar which was like 7 blocks away and my sisters start yelling at me....they have the cab stop and pick me up to go like 4 blocks to the bar *roll eyes*...and when we left the bar to go back to the hotel...we found out that my sisters and I had just been in that area earlier shopping. Then my sister..who i was already mad at...sits there and knows that I'm mad at her...calls me a fagbag...her term for a prick...i told her the comment was offensive and walked away...that pretty much ended that nite on a low note. We then all sat together and watched Gothika...what a BAAAAD movie

Sunday was a do nothing up late had breakfast went ot the airport..walked around a bit, flew home, ate dinner, found out that my sister decided to leave stuff in Chicago of mine (so we think) drove back to school. All in All it was a good trip...i probably could have had the same trip if i went by myself and I woulda seen Wrigley Field

I hope to post some pictures soon!


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