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Carters 2.1

So I was jealous Brian wanted to move to a beach lot, so when they got evicted, they paid the cost...their net was 16000 o.0

So after they put the babies in the crib (which im sooo happy they listened to me LOL), i sent them to work

Since they lost the money, i had them dig til they found me crap to sell

This is where she shocked me, she isnt made out of as much fail as i thought...she found all 3 maps, im sooo shocked!!!

She also is giving me pregnancy inklings...first by starving within an hour and a half of digging

Then throwing it up...ya shes preggers.

and dumb apparently...toilet's behind you hun, dont water the grass

And the new welcome wagon consists of...Calvin Broke....and thats it! *feels jipped*

Oooo Chance card *picks the dude*

Grrr dumb chance card!

Yup, cleaning points and filling in a water main...A + Rosalyn

And Rosalyn goes POP...what is with the evil look Rosalyn?!

And Olive called...apparently she still wants in Brian's pants...even though she wont walk by LOL

And Brian goes back to work digging...i want a treasure chest DAMNIT!

Then he stops to drink an instant meal, i think hes trying to make me hate him :p

And would you blame him....look at the craphole they live in...they don't even have a bed LOL

but Brian doesn't get to sleep...i threw his ass in an energizer. like i said bitch, I WANT A TREASURE CHEST!

Urn sculpture, think that brought in alot? Nope, they got about 200 bucks...

The big money maker is the bones....55 bucks a pop!!

Through this whole time, the twins were as annoying as anything, so no wants got filled, but guess who lost points for changing a diaper!

LOL such a helping hubby, he digs, she answers phone calls from random people. Damn Calvin Broke keeps calling!

After Brian heads off to get me a golden bookcase, Rosalyn pops again and decides to sunbathe...classy Rosalyn, push it all out and look like trailer trash.

and then have some cereal, get fatter why dont you!

Oh HI Calvin, its been what? 5 hours since we talked. Ya nothing has changed since you called last.

except Brian coming home with a promotion...another step closer to the bookcase

She stalks him into the bathroom to flirt with him...guys, time for you to grow up your kids, and hope they are cute or we bringing Calvin into this situation!

So we blow out the candles and get...

2 cute twins, here is Valerie...i kinda forgot to take a picture of Landon though, so you will get to see him next update

Or you can see him now eating sand <3 i love him

Rosalyn wants me to remember what a failure she is, by telling me she can't find the toilet when its right behind her.

And then they both pass out in the kitchen...if child services could see you now.

Wow, you woulda thought this would be the other way around considering, but no...he's a brat!


BDHFSA&T$^@^&@R. i hate you. she has 2 boys, Paul & Pierre (ya i was listening to simple plan)

No! Selling babies is bad!! they may wind up being heir, though i seriously doubt it


Cuz we sold that one to put some nice walls and floors in the house, and here he is skilling to get promoted

YAY back to square one again!!! please don't suck anymore (or give me chance cards)

i celebrate by giving them a living room, they celebrate by gaining skills.

The house is still coming along, but im happy cuz at least i made this one myself!

And for once, it isn't Calvin on the phone, its the Random guy who keeps calling her...the one with the sunglasses!! Also, this is the first time i got the Eureka from him!!

See, Calvin calls after she got off the phone with that dude

Brian thinks Rosalyn's hott making omlettes, i guess i would too considering she can now cook omlettes without burning down the house!

Awww little Landon wants to join Mom and Dad in the tent...not gonna happen buddy!

Ok, Brian has gone to work, the carpool for her is coming in an hour and i have 3 stinky babies...we know what that means

that she can't deal with it.

We hire a maid and a nanny *shudders* poor kids!

Just as carpool shows up, Landon asked for a diaper change...i dont think i have seen a sim run faster for the carpool in their life.

She was rather attentive though, she actually went and changed all the kids and fed them and everything.

Apparently Brian shares his wife's stupidity about the toilet

Awww my first toddler fighting for the bottle...whos the winner?

Valerie is of course, and Landon whined til Rosalyn gave him another bottle

Next day, maid and nanny come by...the house has 6 bucks to its name....and the maid is pissed...if you wait like an hour, Brian will be home with money...but no, she took a chair instead. Bitch!

And this is where the nanny suckage begins, she left Landon on the beach. We also see that Landon will like sports one can barely see the bottle thats like 3 feet behind him....he threw it LOL

Ooo the chance card again!!! *picks the Gypsy*

Um i got it wrong again, she got demoted again, but to cure her sadness, she builds sandcastles...

Then cries her eyes out...wonder which reason...all the birthdays, her demotion, or living in this hell of a story? only time will tell LOL!!
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