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Carter 2.2

So we start off with Rosalyn getting back to square one again at work. Shes been at this position FOREVER!

Brian complains about the mess, then tries to leave the room, so i locked the door til he actually cleaned it all only took him 4 hours of bitching first.

Just to snuggle up to baby Paul, Paul is freaking adorable.

The toddlers have finally cracked him


Then to be evil, i had them woohoo again...i wanted another girl baby in the house

Quiet time at the Carter house...DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT TOOK TO HAPPEN!!

but in the morning its over, and its a toddler race to mom and dad, Landon's winning!! :D

After all this FUCKING time, i learn Brian's hobby is tinkering!!

Brian: OH HAI SIM!God! What brings you here?!
Me: Oh you know, making sure your heirs dont get taken by the social worker

One good way to start, lets teach Landon how to pimp walk

And of course, Brian has to stare at her ass as he cleans...cuz 4 kids (soon to be more) aren't enough.

Brian: Mommy's bust looks awesome.
Pierre: *ignores and plays say and speak*

Brian: Landon, say daddy.
Landon: sex maniac Duh!

Rosalyn shows that even after having 4 kids, shes still flexible.

And I worry for the sake of Generation 2

Brian teaches Valerie to walk, and i stand there doing...absolutely nothing. Probably stalking Pierre.

Yup, i was stalking Pierre. But could you blame me, look at how cute he is!

And look how craptastic my sandcastle building is!

And a double dance means, double birthdays!! 2 less toddlers in the house

Valerie tried to plea her case to be heir with me, while Mom and Dad are getting it on. Landon, well he's scarred for life.

Then they go outside and play catch...Um can we go watch the kids please?!

Landon already tries to win me over by painting, though seriously that painting is very very ugly and annoying.

And little Paul is sleeping like a log *gushes with the cute*

I look kinda demonic here but Pierre is in heaven with me. I actually take care of the kid.

LOL I feed the kids, she's looking to feed her face. Some priorities this girl has, huh folks?

And this picture? Whose ass is Brian checking out exactly? Mine or his wife's? And why isn't anyone changing Paul?

Brian heads off to work, go get me the golden bookcase!

This charming little beauty walked by, but before i ever got to meet her, she walked off lot, never to return again! *pouts*

And Landon goes running for his first school bus. He doesn't wanna be late for school after all! Valerie, however, missed the bus.

So much win in a picture with Rosalyn. Thats a scary thought. would be scarier if it was her made of win.

Brian tried so hard to get to the tent to pass out, didn't quite make it though, but he did bring me something!!

Piss Off Landon! Do you know how much that bookcase is made of WIN! Do you want to be my heir?!

Playing with your little brother actually does make you look better to me...especially cuz Paul is cute too!

Ladies & Gentlemen, We have a POP!

Rosalyn: So now that they are old enough, they should learn the birds and the bees.
Brian: What crack are you smoking?
Me: She doesn't know Krystl Hooker

See how she fails, she wants her HUSBAND to call her. YOU SHARE A BED! FAIL!

Still calling RD! please do, keep that friendship alive!! At least you aren't Calvin.

LOL Back hurting you hunny, tough noogies, i want another girl DAMN it!!!

Family Time! Brian studies...something, Valerie paints, i think its the scary pink bitch. The twins are sleeping. Everyone with me: Awwww!

Mom and Landon are outside playing catch. She has someone to share her hobby, though its not his OTH.

Ahhh, Not the scary bitch, It's Simplicist's Aurora Hale

Brian: Do I have to go to work? I like skilling at home.
Me: If I have to work, you have to work! Get moving

Here's my man made of WIN! Too bad his wife is so much FAIL! completely overshadows him, and is slowly overtaking him!

Painting's done! Isn't that just something you would put on your wall!

Chace Crawford Chance Card. Fuck It! *chooses dress for spirit day*

SWEET!!! For this, He may have a chance with Sim!Me.

And home by noon to boot! I'll take that job!

Just in time to see his wife pee on Pierre. Can we say EWWWW?!

I would cry too, and i should be on the phone to Child Services. But that would take away my front running candidate for heir, Landon.

So the only relevance of this breakfast prep shot...

is to show POP 2! No more twins please!!


Oooo Landon brought this little cutie home from school, his name is Ian Dennis. Valerie brought home some Antoinette chick...but she never actually appeared on the lot o.0

More family time, Rosalyn tries to study parenting, Valerie plays with blocks, Landon does homework, Paul is keeping himself occupied. and the chick pedo in the corner is playing with Pierre.

Rosalyn: What smells in here
Brian: Potty Training the kid here *sigh*

Family Skill Time! Grab your toy and come on over.

Thanks Gypsy! But Ummm Excellence?! Are you sure you have the right family? Excellence is not found here!

I send preggo here out to rub the lamp...its my first non-cheaty genie.

Genie: *dumb schpel in the corner*
Rosalyn: don't care bitch, gimme money!

Oooo Big Ole Bag Of Money!! Sweet!

Hey Pedo! Ya he's home, he's also 2 and can't talk.

Little Bitch! Go pick the trash up, and throw your ass in there. You Po' White Trash!

Rosalyn: *fails*
Brian: ooo i know everything about mechanics

Rosalyn: *still fails 2 hours later*
Pierre: Ooo blocks!


And its a girl, named Veronica! Me thinks she looks alot like mom!


Rosalyn: Hi Mr. Wolf. Will you bite me and make me a werewolf?
Wolf: Hell No! You suck ass. Where's your hubby? I'll bite him


*pokes* Hun, it's right behind you. Seriously, just sit. FAIL!

Awwww 2 attentive parents!!! When the fuck did this happen?!

Ummm why is there sand coming out of you, Pierre?

Landon got an A+. Sweet, first sign that his dad is Brian!!!

Um Val hunny, theres no rain or snow coming in the house...why you staring at the ceiling?

Oh so after 5 babies, you only know now how to raise a kid! A+++ parenting there Rosalyn!

Rosalyn: Whats wrong with my baby?
Veronica: I need my diaper changed you dumbass!
Rosalyn: you must need a bottle!

So Landon wants to be friends with Ian, (ya i love Brian so he gets to be in the tub naked)

and we call Ian! They were on for like 5 seconds, then Landon had to pee.

I had Rosalyn wish for Beauty...we need to know more random people.

and the Genie stretchs while Landon is back on the phone with Ian!

And when i took this picture, these 2 were the only ones awake! Gotta love the toddler blanket!

So you woke up out of your sound sleep, rubbing your belly...hungry?

No its the inner desire to make a snowman. I didn't know everyone had that?

Family dinner, and Rosalyn shows all her kids how to fail at life!

Then Landon got fat from eating, LOL! Just don't become your mother!

I promptly sent him to work out...and had Valerie join him...doesn't hurt, does it?!

I HATE YOU! Damn fertile Rosalyn!!

Brian shows off his ninja skills, and takes out Rosalyn's demented friend!

and then goes out and makes snow angels!

Go you and freezing your ass off...Are we letting Rosalyn rub off too much on you?!

Another chance card *hopes he picks right*

Bonus! I'd rather a promotion, but ill take this!!

Still don't know how to use a toilet! Shame on you!

Ok I'm sorry. I take back the shame, just stop crying!!!

Hi weird girl not in winterwear in the snow? And where are your parents to get a visit from the social worker?

HAI Olive! who the fuck invited you in? I seriously know i didn't since you shocked the shit outta me sitting down!

Time for the second twins to grow up. Pierre gets to grow up and get scared for life!

I guess every legacy needs something to happen in the bathroom, why not mine. But i thought mine would come either later or was the peeing on Pierre.

And Veronica is the first baby to be dropped on the floor and ignored. Poor girl doesn't get spoiled. And Landon likes Music and Dance apparently. Wish i knew that when he was a toddler...woulda given his ass the nursery rhyme!

And Veronica grows up into a little bag of adorable!!

And then almost gets peed on. o.0 Brian, I'm shocked at you!

Well i guess you can woohoo NOW that you're knocked up AGAIN! *loathes Rosalyn*

Brian, one pedo for Pierre is enough, PLUS HE IS YOUR SON!

Brian enjoys a new past time of his now...just watching the waves. I guess it helps with stress!

Cuz the BITCH is in labor again!!!


Rosalyn: take this one, he has company!

So while Rosalyn holds little Joey...

Brian gets to hold little Nick.

After 7 kids, NOW you worry about them. DO NOT PISS ME OFF!

Valerie: How big are your balls?
Landon, Pierre and Brian: WHAT?!

Valerie, you have LOLs, but if you get everyone taken away by the social worker, i will kill you!

So i cheated! I got tired of the babies..and since these 2 have no shot of being heir, i grew them up! Here's little Joey.

And here's Nick. Ok he has a slight chance of being heir!

Paul likes to play with the wolf...seriously he just went outside and started playing fetch. charismatic i guess!!

Definitely isnt the face. Hell his mother probably wouldnt like that face!

Hey Fuggo...GTFO! No legacy marriage for you!

This is such a cute picture...Brian went sunbathing, and the kids just played on the beach. Of course the toddlers were completely ignored!

Ummm ok...i'll cook the burgers!

*shrugs* I hate these FreeTime chance cards...they kinda suck.

Landon: Hey Ian, Mom's throwing a birthday party for us, wanna come?
Ian: sure

They grew up...ya i suck and didn't get a picture of the cake. but yay.

So i wanted to see how Ian came out. Also the grave was a townie who had deleted CC. so she got eaten by flies. He likes artistic people...well thats good to know...Valerie has high creativity.

And i'm taking a guess with fortune sim.

And apparently Landon likes him...Wait WHAT?!! DAMN ACR randomizer on sexuality!

Meh. Landon gets what he wants...he wants to date Ian, he dates Ian....Scary pillow fight face for ya.

This is the first sim i have had who autonomously gives noogies...its getting annoying...he did it like 5 times in a row.

And getting made out with too. Oh the joys of ACR.

I just love slow dancing...its soooo cute *takes pictures* Also look at the painting *squees* BECKS!

It was a good party...and i didn't know that Ian would get a memory of it to me :)

I had them go steady...i mean who am i to mess with their love?!

OK so story: Landon had the whole "make a wish" want locked in his panel. so i have him wish for beauty cuz i dont need that much more money..and he still has a long way to go before he dies. He then started to think the GENIE was hott. o.0

I also had Valerie call the matchmaker, and apparently i have the bug simrenity and others have had where she just drops the lamp and goes away...well i could always use more lamps!

And before i's Landon's stats...

And here's Valerie's.

OK i love these 2...I think Landon will be my heir!!! or at least part of them.

But thats kinda creepy...close your eyes when you kiss please!! *fears for his life*

Ian thinks that his boyfriend is so hott, he gains points just by being near him.

And apparently an easy lay.

See. that wasn't very fast.

And he thinks Landon is hott in his underwear.

Apparently Ian is very neat, to give Landon a cleaning point. couldn't it have been something useful?!

Well you don't get Landon into bed without moving he did, bringing NO money!! At least he has a job!

And Landon & Ian get a bedroom and bathroom built just for them...well at least the bedroom will be for them.

Me: Stop staring at his ass Ian. Go do something productive?
Ian: But its soooo hott!!

Landon: I love you hunny, and i hope i'm not pregnant.
Ian: Shit i knew i forgot something!

So before school, they decide to go have a guys moment on the beach..the teens sunbathing, Brian staring at thee waves, Paul and a sandcastle. Then Rosalyn came over and ruined it all.

And then after everyone left for work, Look who happens to walk by...Brooklyn Beckham himself.

Rosalyn: if you weren;t married when i met you, i would be your wife right now
Brooklyn: I'm single now babe. Living the single life!

A picture to show what happens when you delete CC eyes from someone using them *shudders* I'd kill her but shes actually a good nanny.

Group hangout....The chick in pink has been there since before Brian went to work.

LOL the "friend" Ian brought home is the chick i aged up with know..the one who never appeared.

I don't care Brooklyn, you will not get your hands on Veronica...she will not be a conquest of yours!

Ian: Excuse me! can we get the bitch out of the way so i can sell that painting
Me: Dude, future sister-in-law...wait a few minutes.

I had Landon be a good oldest brother and get some smart milk for Veronica.

Can't help swoon for his BF while walking though...Just wait til you start popping out kids Landon *cackles maniacally*

Hey Val, whatcha doin?!

Staring at your brother's BF isnt good. Thinking you can woo him is even dumber.

Oh you wanted Brooklyn, well i guess a shameless flirt wouldnt hurt (BTW: she also has the beauty wish)

WHOA! You better not do what i think you're gonna do. *checks relationship* Ok thats fine i guess.

Val: Will you play me like a violin?
Brooklyn: Don't mind if I do

And Brooklyn deflowers yet another girl. DAMN!

Well these 2 are gonna start practicing child care now

Awww They do it in sync with each other.

Val: My brother's BF is soooo hott, i just wanna bang him senseless.

Antoinette: I know, just look at his ripped!

I also try to get Brian into Journalism...since his LTW is to be Media Magnate.

And just to show how well i did...LOOKIE THE HOUSE!!!!

The inside!! Im sooo happy..i built it from scratch!

Finally! she's promoted to the step above Dumb sim of stupid chance card. It only took her forever to get there.

Awwww, he's grown on me...i like that the kids can now grow up!!!

And this is the "party" i left off at...notice that Pierre is doing his homework and Val is in the same position talking to Antoinette. What will happen next time!

Lots of Pics: Beware please

Also my naming scheme is super weird:

Landon - Obviously from Walk to Remember
Valerie - just completely random and out of the blue.
Paul - named for my friend...random
Pierre - was listening to Simple Plan at the time
Veronica, Joey & Nick - they are co-workers, though Nick could also say is BSB
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