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Carters 2.3

We start the update with a family shot just for quinctia, because i know she likes them :p

We actually start off with Brian wishing for peace of mind

Brian: i can't take the screaming kids anymore, i need my sanity back.

Then he starts to teach Nick to talk...Nick is just adorable!

So Landon is giving more noogies to Ian, while Valerie is still chatting to Antoinette.

And the gypsy comes by again...either she loves to give me lamps or i forgot to put the fix in. i'll go with the latter cuz i'm an airhead.

And before i forget, here are Ian's stats.

Me: um chick, thats not gonna happen, so stop dreaming of him

Rosalyn: say baba.
Veronica: *where the fuck is dad?*

Valerie goes out scouting for more people to screw, and comes across her mom's old backup spouse. Ya Val, not gonna happen hun.

I totally don't remember why i took this picture, but i can use it for Ian spam :p

And here's our heir, Landon, just lounging on the couch.
Landon: *i hope to god i'm not pregnant*

Woohoo, took me shorter than Brian, but we find out Ian loves cuisine!

Awww Landon snuggles little Veronica...he's gonna make a good dad :)

Valerie decides to be a good big sister and change Nick while Landon gets his flirt on with the boytoy.

Landon hasn't gotten morning sickness, but this is a sign we got ourselves a teenage parent.

And we all know little Valerie won't be.
Valerie: Get the brat to shut the fuck up please!!!!

Whoops, spoke to soon...there goes the morning sickness, then gets shocked that the boyfriend is naked in the shower. Landon, you have seen him naked. HELLO PREGNANT!!!

HAHA Valerie comes in to fix the toilet, Ian is gonna pass out, and Landon just looks. Wow it's a triple threat.

Ian is trying to woo Landon to the bedroom, and it would succeed

If Landon didn't decide to pop there in the bathroom, seriously...couldn't wait like 5 seconds for you to get out of the bathroom!!!

Landon: Paul, want some help with your homework.
Paul: Awesome!
Valerie: He's my bestest friend!
Me: Shouldn't you go call Brooklyn or something??


Rosalyn is still trying to show me she is made of win. I decided to tell her that she fails as a role model cuz her kid is pregnant!

Rosalyn: you mean i'm going to be a grandmother. I can't be a grandmother.
Me: maybe you shoulda told them about the birds and the bees back then

Toddler skilling time. They all get to play with their Say & Speaks til i tell them to stop. Yup, im a slavedriver!

Oh YAY. More Free Time chance cards. /sarcasm

Ian is made of as much win as Landon so far. I'll take that 225 bucks, thank you!

And Valerie brought home some Romance sim bait! He's cute at least.

Rosalyn: Oh HAI thur Tim Broke!! Glad you could come by.
Tim: Ya, i heard there was a dumb as bricks sim in the neighborhood, so i came by to see for myself.

Cameron: OMG you are so hott!! I hate that you are hotter than me!
Valerie: Thanks for the compliment ++

And apparently complimenting her makes her easy.

So i sent them out on a date!

Brian has a reason to celebrate...he raked in yet another promotion, but he must not like Tim...look at that face.

Ian: Hi there Green woman!!
Helena: The name is Helena you dumb fatass, show me some smart people!

and back inside, we have Valerie macking it out with Cameron. Go the whore!


Veronica grew up while those 2 were going at it...she's cute, and very unique!

Random chick came walking in and started swooning over Landon. Hello female population of Pleasantview...HE IS GAY & PREGNANT!

Brian: Now Landon, i won't have any babies coming out until you are married, so you two better get hitched fast.
Landon: I have to marry him now?!
Brian: Yes, you have to marry him now!

I guess it's a good thing that Ian said yes.

And the kiss to end the ceremony...They were married within 2 hours. *giggle*

Veronica was a little late for the ceremony...apparently sandcastles are more important than her brother's wedding.

Val's date with Cameron encompasses the ceremony too. I guess sleeping with him was a good idea :p

I put it as daylight just for this picture...Awww Ian rubbing the belly.

Umm Chick, who the fuck are you and why the fuck you in the house?!

Oh YAY...more lamps...and i didn't even call for her this time o.0

Me: Ummm Ian, Brian is making food for you guys to eat. Plus if you were that hungry...fridge is right there.

Ian: *passes out*
Landon: *sits to eat*

Landon: Its so great that you were turned on by creativity. Would we have been together if you didn't like me.
Ian: *snore*

Ian: wow i just had a dream i was married to Landon and we were both pregnant
Landon: Nope, not a dream.

Ian: Ya, I totally love creativity. haven't you seen your paintings I can sell them and make tons of money They're beautiful.

Landon: Did you just pass out on me?!
Ian: *snore*

Pierre: Dad I thought you said it would be snowing in Hawaii before i could stay up til 3AM
Brian: Shut up and eat your eggs.

And i sent my little Heir to do the heir portraits...fittingly enough, i started with his picture. :p

Awww Brian is bonding with his son in law, its Boys hang out time.

I don't even wanna know what happened, but i went outside and saw Valerie fighting with this chick.

Val: Dumb bitch, i said GTFO!
BT: Stop picking on me!!

Me: Oh cuz the kitchen is on fire.

My guess, Rosalyn started it.

Another victim of the great eye deletion. Its creepy

Landon: 'Cuse me, i got a rumbly in my tumbly.

Pop #2...Generation 3 is almost here.

Wow apparently the fireman is gay and wants Brian. Well he kinda dies now cuz of his eyes.

Then, after i had closed the game for a while (this starts a new game play), i had gone in and fixed the eyes of everyone. So i went to resurrect the firemen...but they weren't around...they are just unusable files :\

Brian: I wanna resurrect the chick that died in front of our house.
Genie: Ok but i'm gone after this.

And Joyce is back, though i released her to towniehood again.

But she was such a good maid when she came back to life.

Joey: You're my best friend.
Rosalyn: Creep! you threw up on me.

Whos that we see behind, Rosalyn being a good mother.

Why it's shoefleesims's Ficus Flora. *whistles*

Who's attracted to someone not even on the lot. We will fix that though. You also can't see him, but Rhys Laroux is behind the mailman.

Good girl, don't cook unless you desperately have to.

She was resurrected at 11, she had no chance to make the bus...that would be very mean of the guidance counselor!

Joyce and Ficus got along great, probably talking about purses or something...Rosalyn, well she wants Rhys. Its a shame Rhys is otherwise entertained in my game...I'm sim!God. If i want him, i get him :p

YAY more RD calling...this guy never gives up...Calvin hasn't called in a few days though :(

LOL i get zoomed here...and what a hott picture of Ficus...he'd probably use this for a facebook picture or something.

and Pop 2 for the other half of Generation 3.

Ficus: OMG! she's naked.
Me: Duh! You walked in on her in the bathroom. Are you sure you aren't gay?!

Landon rubbing Ian's belly, *cues the awwww*

OH HAI Mila. I know you're are eternally stuck with zits, and i don't have a bar in this house yet.

NeoJohn Mole walks one greets him. Oh well.

Landon does his homework. Yes i know there's alot of him in the update, but i love him.

The heir portrait is coming out beautifully...*loves Decorgal's hack*

Nick is just drawing everyone to him though, look at the crowd playing with him. Joey is sooo going to get an inferiority complex.

No! you will not be getting into Ficus's pants. You haven't even gotten into your husband's pants since you popped.

But here's a lesbian townie swooning for Val. I bet she's thrilled.

Again, Rhys is GAY! He's sleeping with your sim!God (well in game anyway). You will not get him.

This is alot of sims for me :p j/k I just saw the abundance within the small vicinity. Looks like a NYC subway car.

Mila: Hi Mr Carter!
Brian: Who is this bitch and why is she playing with my fridge?!

One heir portrait done, one to go.

Landon: God, my back is killing me!

Landon: but i can't wait for you to come out little one.
Me: me too...i wanna see the cute.

Paul: I have big balls, you should totally go out with me.
Mila: Call me in about 4 yrs when you can actually USE those balls.

Hey i guess it could be worse...they could be stalking him, like they did with simrenity's Christopher Warwick

Time to potty train Joey and Nick...they age up know after Generation 3 is born.

Rosalyn is trying to get Brian to agree to another kid, but i doubt it...they have like 8 days til elder. Also, founder portrait in the back.

Iris was smart when she stopped coming by, it turns out, she was one of the deleted eye that she new eyes, her ass comes by at 3am...i woulda kicked her if it were me.

Unmade Bed
Brian flirting with Rosalyn

You two better not be pregnant so close to elderhood.

Before he gets on the bus,
Landon: Excuse me! something's wrong!!! *water breaks*

Landon: OMG! I'm in labor!! *screams*

No im not shocked...i think i should stop picking Random on the dumb box. I havent seen triplets or quads yet though!

Landon: OMG! I'm a parent
Me: a damn good looking one though!

We have a girl, Jamie. She has Brian's blonde hair and Ian's grey eyes.

and we have Rollins, Ian's eyes, Landon's hair.

And instead of playing with his own kids, he plays with his little brother.

So i had him teach Joey the nursery rhyme. The nanny is trying to get to Rollins, but can't LOL

Chance Card!!

God You suck Rosalyn, how do you get tangled in your lines?!

She came home all emo, and full of FAIL!

I had her look for a new job, but nothing interesting.

And then she emos some more about getting fired. GO PLAY WITH YOUR GRANDKID!!

Ian: ummm my water broke..hello!!!

Yup, more twins for the house *rolls eyes* They wanna drive me absolutely nuts with the babies. Its basically like having quads!

Here we have Amanda...same coloring as Rollins in girl form.

Landon: Hey mom, wanna meet your new granddaughter?!

And here's Nicky. Landon's blue eyes, Brian's blonde hair. so 2 boys and 2 girls, Awesome!

Brady Piper decided to come by and see if one of them wants to take over the world. I told him come back in 13 yrs, when the kids are teens.

Lets see, baby on the grass, teen swooning over none other than Landon, and Rosalyn standing there?! Can we say this picture is made of FAIL!

Then a fight breaks out, so what does Rosalyn do...

Let's put the baby on the floor and walk away.

Apparently Mila attacked the Landon swooner.
Landon: Are those my babies on the ground over there?!
Me: Yup, were you expecting it to be someone elses?

Everyone on the lot gathers for Nick's growing up, again, they neglect poor Joey.

But *squees* the heir portraits are done :)

And Val knows, she's gotta pitch in and help out with the kids!

100+ pictures I didn't expect it to be sooo long LOL
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