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Carters 2.4

Last time, Landon got pregnant as a teen, had a shotgun wedding, and he and Ian gave birth to 2 sets of twins

So now that he's given birth, Landon decides to get himself a tan. Can't lose his man nor his tan. :p

And Valerie takes up the slack of being a least Ian has an excuse, hes at work.

And Rosalyn takes a shine to Mila, apparently a drunk teenager is her new BFF.

And Landon tucks in his new baby, Nicky...Nicky is spoiled to have a crib, the rest sleep on baby blankets...

then goes and paints in his swimsuit. So i'm stalking him :p sue me.

Brian, well he's practicing some charisma to smooth talk the ladies at work...gotta get in that promotion.

Rosalyn is bonding with Mila, who she hopes will get in her family.


I dont even remember who is fighting here, but notice how unphased they are by this.

HAHA! So Val swoons over Landon, and Veronica swoons over Ian....this should make for some fun.

Veronica is trying to get some tips of how Nick gets people to notice him, she pretty much is getting the shaft attention wise.

Landon: My husband like to put his luxury liner in my little canal...
Mila: Really what do you do when he does that?

Landon: I wriggle my body around, it really turns him on.
Me: WOW thats a bit too much information!

Brian is thinking what another baby would bring to the house, the only thing i can think is Chaos!

While everyone thinks Nick is the popular one, Landon is the one getting all the attention.

I'm guessing the engagement ring Ian got wasn't big enough for him. Landon just wants to know when they are sexing it up.

Again for rikkulidea, another family shot. This house is just swelling up with sims.

Thought i lied when i said they get blankets, and heres to show that they cant even use those right LOL.

Brian attempts yet again to get a journalism job, but he can never seem to find one :\

Rosalyn: GOD! I hope im not pregnant with another kid like Joey!
Me: I hope you aren't pregnant at ALL!

Rosalyn: I'm pregnant
Me: FUCK! *bangs head into keyboard*
Brian: DO! NOT! WANT!

Awww 3 generations in the same room, its sooo cute. Don't mind her back there...shes kinda pointless anymore...

except to find out that the laws of physics dont apply to her at all..I mean seriously!!

Brian: Being creative can be very profitable. Anyone will pay for a good painting

Me: Ian! Youre outside for 2 minutes and get struck by lightning...are you trying to be like the failure next to you!

The nanny just loves taking care of the next generation...look how happy she is playing..


LOL I get Rhys! Take that Rosalyn!! /pic!spam

Val: I will bless this child with an ancient voodoo spell.
Landon: She's done and lost it hasn't she?!
Me: Yup!

I took this for the awww factor...they were in sync with each other, with one of the twins sets.

and more of me and Rhys...ya we're in the update alot.

All the kids, well they get homework help....everyone will know how to do their homework!!!

Veronica: Hey Darlene! i goota run, gotta film the Sim!God having sex...i'll make a bundle with the sales.

Veronica: Seriously, listen for yourself!
Landon: ooo i can use some of those tricks in bed tonite.
Rhys: I think we've been spotted.

And it's birthday time...and no i didnt get pictures of the cakes....there was 6 sims growing up!!!

Here's Rollins and we can see Nicky is a little bitch..

Rollins is slowly stealing my heart though...isn't he adorable!!!

Grandma is holding little Amanda...

And newly teen Paul is holding Jamie (she grew up BALD!!) i had to give her hair.

Paul goes to potty train Jamie all by himself...i was sooo surprised by it LOL.

While Landon and Ian are studying parenting, Paul is actually doing the parenting...*headdesk*

I as Sim!God show my pregnancy by passing out in the food...i guess the no dormie protect has its effect on even me!

Pop # 2 for the demon spawn! SERIOUSLY they were soooo close to elder!!!

Playing catch in your underwear is just the best thing ever...parade your lacy undergarments.

I have no idea why she's bitching, but shes bitching bout something. Bi-polar much?!

Landon: Dad was right, this could be a very lucrative career

Brian was totally checking out his pregnant wife, while Valerie still checks our her mom. Very creepy!

Paul just adores little Rollins though. Always cuddling him and talking to him, tucking him in. Paul is Rollins stalker...and that is worse than swooning for your brother.

Ian is thinking how much he wants some more of that ass, while holding product of said ass getting. I guess he wants more kids *shrugs*

Ian: my husband is so hott *stares*
Pierre: Ian is sooo gorgeous *stares*
Me: No affairs within the family please!!

Paul is tucking in Nick, cuz god forbid they stalk Joey. In the back you can see Val trying to get it on with Clive Warwick.

Family skill time!! Gotta get up the charisma!

Tome for more labor, this WILL BE YOUR LAST!!!

She was soooo not having twins...only 1 freak whos younger than their nieces and nephews please!!

Its a girl, named Caliegh (yes i was watching CSI: Miami) She has Mom's hair and eyes.

Paul: Aren't I a good daddy? Look how i take care of my son!
Me: Ummm thats your nephew, you havent had a kid yet!
Paul: Oh! Well look how i take care of the kids

Nicky is just the cutest kid...he's front runner for Gen. 3 heir.

Toddler skill time, gotta teach the kids to walk and talk!!

LOL Landon doesn't even wait for Nicky to finish pottying before teaching him the nursery rhyme.

O HAI THUR Aurora, stalking your daughter's friend's houses??

Its teen brotherly bonding time! they go lay out back and try to get a tan...

In Paul's case, he wants to be a lobster...

and Landon just looks great...tally was 2 burnt, 1 bronze adonis.

With the pending birthdays for the kids, i grew up Nick & Joey...its Uni time for one and all!!

Stats for Paul, Pierre, Veronica (told you she was ignored), Joey and Nick.

Next time, the teens all enter Uni and we see more wacky Rosalyn!!!
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