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The Carter Legacy 2.5: The College Years.

So here we start Uni with the oldest of the bunch. Dont they just look adorable. Also, the dorm is no longer for 15, its for 30.

Landon: So i've been thinking since we left the kids home
Ian: Wanna do it?

And the commence with it, No joke first action in the dorm.

And we interrupt our sex session to bring you, Lesbian dormies!

Ok so i think i need to turn down ACR...they haven't done anything but kiss/makeout/sex.

Meet Landon, meet Landon clone named Sam...need i say any more.

Val here starts to chat up the professor, seeing if he was interested...but as we see...

Pierre: OMG! My professor is soo hott!!
So apparently Pierre, my pleasure sim, is bi.

Paul, meanwhile spots this cutie. He doesnt care that shes green too. YAY alien genetics.

And back to the bed they go.

Pierre...You're doing it WRONG!!!

So Paul wanted to join a Frat, and i figured that a family frat would be great to they got their own place and went greek.

Pierre called up Mr. Hottie Professor...and apparently the date is going very well.

And Paul chats up his cute future spouse/baby momma.

These 2...ya still ACR-ing it up...i mean WOW, thats all they do.

Antionette, is being very very creepy...i gave her one of her wants to fall for Val...but now all she does is stalk Val...meanwhile when i first loaded the house, she wanted in Paul's pants. o.0 she wants to keep it in the family.

Landon: Ewww my brother is getting it on with a professor.
Me: cuz you never did anything in front of him, right?!

They move inside, and they shoo Paul out. Poor Paul.

Paul gets it on with his cutie too...Val also got it on with a random dormie, but i apparently didnt get a picture of it.

Study time in the frat house...i know that doesnt seem to coincide, but they need to pass.

I will not have pregnant collegiates in college at Gen 2. so you better not be pregnant!!

Pierre's in your bedroom watching you woohoo....Perv!

And we got a double pop...well this means 2 people wont be college graduates.

Landon: awww Pierre, i bet the baby will be adorable.

Pierre: The Streaker!

Oh Yay, Generation 2 seems to be dropping like flies. You may have noticed that Nick, Joey and Veronica are kinda absent...welll ya they are.

The Streaker has alien eyes...and totally seems to want Pierre...Its too cute. I also want to breed some Alien eyes in this legacy!

Paul: So who did this, ill go knock em silly
Val: Hi,I'm like 6 months pregnant. I'd like to drop out of university please.

Landon's morning sickness this time around was 10 times worse than his last time. He threw up like a good 20 times.

Til he popped that is. More babies mean more dropping out.

Here we try to get to Level 6 frat before i kick Landon out of college.

WOOHOO! Level 6 Frat!!! Time to get a booting.

I sent Landon and Ian back home...leaving Paul and Antionette as Frat sitters...

Until they got it on. o.0 OMG!

That ends Uni for generation 2...this is a quick post as my internet is getting weird, and i wanted to post before the internet dies. Someone is fixing it tomorrow though so YAY!
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