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Carters 3.1

LOL SO Landon has moved his dropped out ass back home with hubby, and decided to re-pop on the front lawn, classy guy.

Meanwhile, Brian heads for LJ to vent about how his son's ex-fiancee is a tool and should burn in hell.

Landon wants to make a wish (OMG hide my surprise!!1!), so there's someone to happens to be one of the firemen i killed o.0

Glad to see you aren't into him Landon...not that i was planning on having you and him get it on. You are pregnant with your hubby's kid after all.

So i sent him to study with mom!! Awww isn't he such a cutie!!!

Brian: Hi people, im the only one not made of fail, and im heading out to work. Gonna go get me a promotion and top of the chain!!!

Ian, however, with his intelligence career, seems to like ransacking Daniel Pleasant's closet. WHAT THE FUCK?!

More of family study time, i have both Landon and Rosalyn unemployed for now. Landon wants to be Captain Hero! so we have to wait for Law Enforcement career to come up anyway.

Landon: Excuse me, i got a rumbly in my tumbly!!

Landon: Oh the baby kicked.
Me: OUCH! That has to hurt!

Bam! Brian gets top of a career, though he actually wants to top the Journalism track. So i shall have to have him hunt down for Jon Stewart's job!

Ian gets a promotion too, and brings home Neo John Mole. I may have to rope him into this family eventually.

The Quads © grew up, and gotta say they are very very cute!!!

Landon: So when i lost my virginity, i used alot of lube.
John: Thats a bit too much info there buddy!

This happens to be my 2nd favorite action in the game, so i will spam it when i can :p

OK, being attracted to a bunch of pixels is nuts, but DAMN i love him!!!

*alarm goes off* WOW a three bolt couple in this house that isn't married will no happen. Time for ressurected fireman to GTFO!

If you aren't aware, my little hottie Landon is painting rikkulidea's Ivan Laurince. Most of the paintings you will see them paint that aren't heir paintings will probably be pictures from some of my friend's legacies.

Let's see, you need to pee...the correct answer is not to try to get to the computer to browse for arts & crafts, then bitching at me that you aren't in the mood. The correct answer is turn around and walk the 10 feet to the bathroom and pee!

Jamie is being a nerd girl, running for the bus as soon as it pulls up.

o.0 PLEASE NOTHING MORE THAN TWINS!!! i still have your baby sister Caleigh in the house!

Awww, he was making eggs. This pregnancy sucked...he almost died like 5 times. Its a big reason why Rosalyn didnt get a job yet.

And Brian, my I feel so bad for him. He literally came home with the promotion, i saw the time he started. I immediately sent his ass to the car and sent him back to work.

and of course as Brian leaves, Landon goes into labor. *headdesk*

Rosalyn: OMG more grandchildren *sigh*
Nanny: Oh My, he's so hott when he's in labor!
Maid: FUCK! more kids to clean up after!!

Oh joy twins!!

I love the cutscene where they cuddle the baby...its soooo cute!

FUCK YOU LANDON!! Seriously, the first set wasn't enough, you had to go and FUCKING HAVE MORE QUADS!!!
*names are Strkier, Ray, Ryan and Samantha*

OH FUCK IT! You have had 8 already, why not add 2 more and make me go insane.

Landon: I feel so fufilled!
Me: STFU! I hate you and hope you get tormented in hell!

This girl is special...wanna know why? Well she's the Quads © cousin, Emma. Pierre's kid with the professor. Isn't she adorable?!

It's Rosalyn's birthday, so what does she get? a job before she transitions and a party with all of her kids around her!

Such the hottie at 65, though she definitely needs a new outfit.

And Landon gets himself a goatee, gotta say that he is by far one of the hottest sims i've ever seen!!!

And a finished Ivan painting gets sold. Why is it sold you ask? Cuz Landon has 'Sell a masterpiece' in his fucking panel now! Thanks a FUCKING LOT IAN!!!

At least Ian appriciates the change for Landon, and i let them try for i said, why not, im screwed over as it is now!

But the facial hair seems to give Landon the confidence to flirt more now, this was right after the woohoo!

Brian is outside preping for another promotion, and Rosalyn is actually paying attention to her toddler.

Rollins, who i have no idea why he's up at 4am, goes to greet the lady whos ringing the doorbell at 4am. 2 guesses what dumb blonde chick that was.

Landon: OMG! i think im pregnant!
Me: well it didnt take you that long to fuck me over, now did it?!

Landon scopes out how his new painting is coming along. (painting: simnels's Marcus)

WOW look at all the messages, and LOL at Rosalyn saying Booyah as a 65 yr old! Landon is also on the phone with someone he briefly met at Uni!

Oh YAY birthday-palooza! This should make for an interesting day!

Rollins like to go hug Ian when he comes home. Suck up!

And Landon pops by the exercise bike. Well he was gonna need body points for the police job anyway!

Rollins makes up for his brown-nosing by playing with his Aunt Caleigh. Thats too cute though its kinda creepy!

Landon maxes yet another skill. I guess it helped that he's seen a bunch of falls to help boost the learning.

More win of Brian and Rosayln...promotions for both. And How does Rosalyn get to wear that to work!?

Amanda meets this charming guy outside, and tries to get into early heirdom by hooking up

Amanda: Maybe when im legal, you'll put your balls in my hoop.

Val comes over early to help set up for the big party. doesn;t help that both of them are in their 2nd trimesters. She's probably thinking how he's pregnant again.

So i kinda forgot to skill Caleigh for her birthday, so it was kinda speed skilling for her, but at least she grew up platinum.

Lets see, you have Elderly Brian, Landon popping and Val making out with her boyfriend. How much more could be going on you ask?? Well Caleigh is growing up somewhere. (the cakes were kinda bugged and no one could take her to a cake or anything).

And we leave off with Landon rubbing his belly. Hoping he has 2 babies in there.

So next time, there will probably be an heir poll, as im gonna need help picking the ones to go into the family frat (cuz i am not sending 10 in there). And all of Generation 3 does have a naming theme. If you look close at them, and at daddy, you may be able to figure it out. if you do, you get a cookie!!
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