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LJ clean up

So i seriously just went through my whole LJ (going back like 400 entries anyway) and deleted alot of crap, most of which i still can;t belive i actually put up here and subjected you all to read :p

I also cut some people from my FL, people i just didnt do anything with anymore so it didnt hurt or wont affect anything.

Thats all, im heading back to bed :P

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(Deleted comment)
kingmike1224 June 29th, 2008
of course you did Barbra...though we should definitely stay in better contact these days...i miss you :(

feenie June 29th, 2008
Why did you delete stuff????

kingmike1224 June 29th, 2008
it was the whiny stuff bout the douchebags i have dated....i felt that i really didnt need it around anymore

yep_i_am_dennis June 29th, 2008
I made the cut!

kingmike1224 June 29th, 2008
of course you did

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