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Carters 3.2

So we left off, Landon was hoping he was pregnant with twins. I don't know why i let him do it!!

And back to the easel he goes, painting this time courtesy of simrenity.

Excellent! Skill time for the family...again! Basically they have no life til i get skills :p

And Nicky goes and maxes another skill! Knowledge sim in the making folks!

LOL Poor Emma, i would be traumatized seeing my uncle do that in his underwear. LOL he has his back up dancers too.

Then goes into labor in the bathroom, ahh the joys of bathroom labor.

Says hes gonna pass it to the radio but he doesnt.

he walks all the way around the house to hand the baby to his dad, passing mom and hubby in the mean time. Hott apparently means dumb too. Kelly and Allison are the names!

Ummm ok so he has 10 kids, why on earth is he even getting THAT want now??

Landon: So if you see pedobear around, you run away.
Ray: What the FUCK is pedobear!?


Toddler skilling, with Quads Take II © everyone gets a toddler to train!

Potty training fun, Landon seems sooo excited!

Rosalyn maxes another skill, while Ryan wants her attention. Rosalyn is actually 6/7 of her LTW done.


Ian: Where's Michael, I wanna kiss him!
Striker: He was sooo hawt!
Me: o.0

Landon: Can you say daddy?
Ryan: Baby Factory ©
Me: I love you Ryan!!!

Landon: Its that time again.

Landon's belly: POP!

He sure is a Family sim, loving his hubby to death!

Rosalyn 'Mega-Fail' actually finishes her LTW of maxing 7 skills. Sweet!

*laughs* Oh Hell No! That one won't happen.

More Quads © birthdays!!

And Ian brings one of the girls to the cake (they were sucky babies)

I don't even remember why i took this picture. :p

Family shot #1 (i think there are 2 or 3)

FUCK! i was hoping to clear some sims out of the house for a few hours too!

o.0 Um if my kids had a snow day, why didnt yours since you are 2 houses down?

Oh! YAY! More babies! *headdesk*

I will get a gold badge in sewing...i wanna customoutfit thing!!!

Such a pretty shot of Mega-Fail, and YAY we got a promotion!

YAY! First Quads © are actually gonna be teens!! I can't wait to see them!!

I also sent Samantha to paint as her OTH is Arts & Crafts! Hello Dom!! (pic by rikkulidea)

No Party, damn lot would sooo lag! But TEEN QUADS ©!!! There's no real decent shot of Nicky and Rollins right now, but you'll see em! Rollins rolled Fortune and wants to top Architecture, Nicky rolled Knowledge and wants to be a City Planner too.

Belly rubbing. Awww and Grrr all in one!!

Amanda. She kinda reminds me of Skeeter Henson by rikkulidea. She rolled Popularity and wants to be Media Magnate.

And here's Jamie. She's a Pleasure sim and wants 50 dream dates.

Self Rubbing. I LOVE THIS ACTION!!!

Rollins and Amanda decide to play catch, as we see, Rollins is a dumbfuck!

Nicky starts to work on his new car, and Brian helps out!

Rollins goes in the zone! Thats one of the 4!

Landon is still making potholders. FUCK! I want new shit now!!!

So we go from raiding Daniel Pleasant's wardrobe to raiding Neo John Mole's. Downgrade!!!

More labor pictures, more randomosity.

*begs* Please let it only be twins, please let it only be twins!!! (and it was, Darby and Eli)

Interesting, this could definitely be useful!

Nicky: OMG! you would look so hott in pink pumps.
Pedomaster: Wanna come back to my house and i can show you?

Nicky: So i was thinking, if i got into your school, i could definitely give you perks.
Pedomaster: That would be hott!

Umm Excuse me, WTF do you think your doing?!

Nicky: So you have VIP passes to see Britney Spears!!
Pedomaster: Yup and i want you to go with me!
Landon: I don't like pedomaster!

Ummmm, i got over a 90, everyone has good memories, WTF is with you saying theyve been rejected?!

You is Pregnant bitch?! GTFO! I have enough sims in the house!! *sends Jamie to college*

Landon actually tucked in the baby?! And here i am not knowing which one it is, LOL.


The nanny doesnt like Ian, while Landon is painting again!

What the fuck is with pedomaster? he wants Nicky, then he doesnt, then he does?! I give up!

And the nanny died of old age. (she basically would just stand around anymore, or annoy the shit out of Ian. Plus she was Landon's nanny so the continuallity is off.)

Ok now they are making out...what next?!

Pedomaster: I don't wanna be touched by 8 yr old boys.
Nicky: But im 16.

Family Shot #2

Go Nicky...just mastered his last skill!!! And you wonder why i think he's hott?!

And he goes back to work on his car, so he can get a treat!!

I sent him and Rollins to the tinkering hobby lot (Will's Garage) and this is the leader!

And Nicky is very smitten with him!

Nicky: So you are handsome, can you show me some hard tools!
Adrian: Oh i got a tool to show you.

Nicky: So you wanna show me that tool?
Adrian: Absolutely!!

Nicky: you smell sooo good
Adrian: I could just stand like this forever!

A lil romance...

Leads to a whole bunch of woohoo!

Rollins also find someone he can marry. Then i decided that no one else was coming to the tinkering lot...so we packed up and left for the sports one

Where the club leader apparently loves that Nicky is a mechanical whiz.

And starts to get pedo, and picks him up!

Club leaders banged by Nicky: 2

At least this guy says that he's loaded...not that Nicky has to worry about money anymore.

Then to the fitness lot. Nicky picks up club leader number 3. He's like chocolate...everyone wants him.

At least we find out he is loaded...

before he woohoos Nicky 3 ways from sunday.

And hes the first to flirt after woohoo. he has a plus sign, though i am still open to options.

The Arts & Crafts lot is completely boring, the most notable thing here is Grandma Rosalyn.

OK Landon, stop getting pregnant, i'm aware you keep wanting a kid, and you know i wont abort a baby.

Brian goes ahead and is the third one to max all the skills. no free time til you master skills :p

Nicky seriously wanted to max enthusiasm in Tinkering, so i sold the first car and bought another to work on.

and poor Kelly learns about the birds and the bees graphically...daddies are going at it AGAIN. Damn ACR!

Mega-Fail brings home 45000 more simoleans...she is no longer Mega-Fail!

So birthday party for the little ones, Darby, Eli, Kelly and Allison grow up today!!! So does Caleigh, but thats not important as she's non-essential anymore.

Big turn-out y/y?

Caleigh rolls fortune, YAY more money :p

Rollins dotes on Eli though, which makes him sooo adorable.

And Landon pops...AGAIN! I wanna kill myself!

Awww cuddling, but its interrupted when...

Landon goes into labor...too much stress. Wonder why?

nicky done went and got himself abducted by aliens (and i was getting really sick of the pregnancys...generation 3 would never end. It was a solo birth...a girl named Buffy.

And Landon finally gets a job in law enforcement! It was here where the lot kept getting errors and i did a quick exit of game and restart...i shipped all the kids off to Uni besides Eli, Darby and Buffy.

And Eli finds a new place to potty, inside Ian (cue the EWWWWW)

And Nanny #2 pees on the floor, again...Ew!ww

Picture #100: Landon's first bear being cuddled by Buffy!! Awwww!

And Landon is sooo hott, we need 2 baloons to fawn over him.

Landon: Um Excuse me, I think i is preg again!
he was but he got bugged and wouldnt give birth. So no more baby!

And new nanny picks on Rosalyn...bad move nanny! Rosalyn fires her ass!

Brian decided to have an affair when i wasnt looking...and apparently his affair chick is knocked up! Wonderful!

*shows off Landon's awesomeness at maxing lifetime achievment at mid age*

Rosalyn and this chick decide to talk about how hott Ian is...ummm WTF?! Thats just wrong!

Buffy!! Isnt she adorable...but i dont understand the hair/eyebrow combo.

Landon and Ian both get their LTW, so here are their new ones!

And ian shows Nicky off to Uni...i totally thought it would be Landon!

Uni Pictures/stats for all possible heirs/and full heir Nicky

Generation 3 Heir
LTW: Become City Planner

Allison: Romance/Knowledge
LTW: have 20 lovers

Amanda: Popularity/Grilled Cheese
LTW: Become Media Magnate

Darby: Romance/Family
LTW: Become Celebrity Chef

Eli: Fortune/Romance
LTW: Become The Law

Jamie: Pleasure/Family
LTW: Have 50 Dream Dates

Kelly: Family/Popularity
LTW: become Captain Hero

Ray: Romance/Knowledge
LTW: Become Celebrity Chef

Rollins: Fortune/Knowledge
LTW: Become City Planner

Ryan: Knowledge/Grilled Cheese
LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Samantha: Fortune/Pleasure
LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer

Striker: Pleasure/Grilled Cheese
LTW: become Game Designer

Poll #1217938 second heir
This poll is closed.

Should there be a second heir?


If so, who should it be?


100+ pictures

And Heir Poll!! Don't Forget to Vote!!

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Your sims are actually successful, too! What is your secret?! :D

Landon: Can you say daddy?
Ryan: Baby Factory ©
Me: I love you Ryan!!!

This made me LOL!

Woo, Nicky is heir, if you do doule heirs, you will drive yourself crazy with all the babies. :P

lol like i said, they dont get to do anything until they get the skills they need

Thanks for reading juan!!!


youre telling me, i just have no heart to abort babies :p

(Deleted comment)
LOL i love pedobear, so i just had to incorporate it somehow :P

The kids and adults dont really bother me, its the lag that kills me...ive had a lot with 35 sims on it at once..playable...i was soooo slow

Thanks for reading

LOL, this was hilarious!

I try my best, thanks for reading :)

Holy cow, too many kiddies!

I <3 Jamie, she's super pretty.

i was kinda surprised, some of the kids are real stunners, while others look like they got the ugly stick to them


Haha..i know i was partial to Nicky from the beginning though..when i saw the blonde blue eyes, i knew he would be at least a good focus.

Mmmm blue-eyed blondes. :)

I officially think Landon is my favorite sim ever.

ive grown sooo attached to him, i love him...though if he gets pregnant again, i will not hesitate to put a satellite through his head!

Did you notice the Skeeter/Amanda resemblence and then give her the hair, or was it after the hair? XD

I like this family shot. Amanda is going "What the shit is this?" At all the family members going at it and having litters like rabbits.

If you pick a second heir, it's got to be someone who wasn't trying to get knocked up autonomously. XP For your own sanity.

surprisingly i didnt recognize the similarities until i put the hair on her. i was lik ei know her but i couldnt place til later i was like OMG!!

LOL i include the family shots just for you, i know how much you like em :)

if i pick a second heir... it will be a LOOOOOONG time before they get to woohoo!! Lemme tell you, the 13 kids of generation 3 was a problem :p

Now think, you were dreading doing a family tree for 10 kids...i have to do one with 13

amanda should def be second heir =D

LOL She apparently is loved

Thanks for reading

I think this is a really funny story. I would freak out if i had that many kids on my game. I had a question though, in the part where you were surprised that one of your sims were having an affair, and got the mistress pregnant, (with two babies)...is that from ACR? i have that hack but i was curious if those messages came from that?

Do you have a page where you put all of your resources down? Maybe i could see what hacks you use and probably use them in my game...if that's ok.

Yup that would be the work of ACR...i had Brian flirt with her (hes known her since like day 1), i think it also has something to do with my pregnancy for all hack too

I am typing up a resources list presently, so it should be up within the next day or 2

Thanks for reading :)

yeah i am slowly getting the swing of ACR...i haven't been playing in about a week. alot of stuff has been going on in Real life.

plus the fourth of july activities.

i am going to add you as a friend if that's ok.

I actually like Darby a lot. If you choose to do 2 heirs, which you probably will (haha) my vote is for Darby. =)

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