TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

American Idol tonite

I still dont like John Peter Lewis...but i think he did well tonite. John Stevens (the crooner) He has good types of songs...but he definitely will not face up to upbeat songs

LaToya Was superb! I love the song, she performed it well
Amy was good...could have been better...but good enough to get to next week
Matthew Made a come back from his week...I thought he was bad durin his he performed amazing...chose the right song
Camile...what else to say...she was fantastic...even with her being nervous
John Peter Lewis...good performance...still hasnt changed my opinion that he has to go though
Fantasia...she was good this week..but i still see her as a younger Macy Gray with her voice
George could definitely have done better....this was a bad week for him...Wrong song and did not perform it well
Jennifer...fantastic...glad that shes still around...A++ effort on her part
John Stevens...bad performance...i still dont like the whole crooner thing and it will bite him in the ass
Leah...Good performance...could have done better...i hope she isnt booted this week
Jasmine was great...I think they found alot of talent in Hawaii this year
Diana was good...not good enough to secure herself in safety...but in my opinion good enough to send her to next week

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