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Carter Legacy 4.1

We start this off the way all carter updates go, a birth!! This time, Antoinette is going into labor. I don't know why i don't have a picture, but its a girl named Laura.

Ada discovers kinky foreplay for pregnant people, rubbing their belly before hopping in the sack...Paul totally loves this.

And Ada goes into labor... Paul is pissed that Ada woke him up LOL.

She gives birth to a green skinned blonde hair boy named Triton.

And birth gives Nicky a hankering for some woohoo, so he calls up the hubby.

Nicky: *wolf whistles* baby you is looking fine tonite.
Aidan: OMG what's that shiny thing in the corner?!

Nicky didnt marry for intelligence people!

Nicky: So baby, gonna crack my safe again tonite?
Aidan: when wouldnt I?

And they proceed to get it on! They never need any encouragement, lemme tell you.

And apparently does a good job, cuz within an hour, this is Nicky's thoughts LOL

Paul just loves being a father though, he picks up the baby, changes diapers, and feeds autonomously...which is nice cuz..

His water breaks as he's going to class. Imagine that excuse to your professor. I was on my way to class but i gave birth instead.

His name is Neptune, has alien skin, white eyes and what appears to be red hair?! (where the hell did that come from?!)

I don't remember why i took this picture, but heres a spam of them

And the little angels will grow up tomorrow...but ill hold off and make them all the same age :p

Pop goes the Nicky...he looks excited!

Family shot for rikkulidea...Ahh how a frat should look y/n?

See, Paul just dotes on the kiddies...and its also 6pm which means toddlers

Here's Juan, looking just adorable with Aunt Jamie (no idea why she got to do the birthdays)

Nathan, he looks pretty good shockingly!

And Duke, I'm in love!!!

Nicky calls up Darby and tells of Uncle Paul's abduction!

Birfday time for the other 3..

Neptune, who apparently is a brunette, wtf is with the eyebrows?!

Here's Triton, absolutely adorable!!!

And Laura...She needs her hair did, but shes sooo cute!

Nicky dotes on his nephew more than his own kinda shocked at that.

Ada: So hunny, i want another kid.
Paul: Happy to help that out

Pop goes the Nicky #2...sooo close to another kid YAY!!!

And it will only be 1 kid, right Nicky?!

Paul starts teaching Neptune the essentials, and not because they both wanted it.

Aidan: My pregnant husband is smoking hott!

LOL i sooo need to learn to post when i take pictures, cuz i know there was a good reason for this picture.

Nicky goes into labor after Ada gets herself abducted...good job on Ada.

Its a boy named Channing.

Paul: Hunny, where are you, theres a baby you need to meet?

Better look at Channing...Nicky's skin, Aidan's hair and eyes.

And Ada goes pop again!

While Jamie tries and fails to get preg again. Sometime during the last 2 pictures, Paul also got abducted LOL.

And the follow-up to sex, pillow fight?! I thought that was foreplay in other people's games?!

And Antoinette pops...Hell kill me now!!

Nicky woohooed the Alien dude (its actually a cow mascot), and Paul with Joyce...the adulterers unite!!

and more with the baby skills....i got notified 2 days til grow up :p

And Paul goes pop...different alien this time.

And Ada went pop again...shoudl be interesting, by this time Paul and Antoinette have moved out, and our frat holders moved in.

Senior Year, and Ada moving out!! Cant you smell the excitement?!

I think the purpose of this shot was to show the cow wanting to sweet talk the toddlers, i was scared.

And though i was rushing college, the toddlers still grew up before i got them out. Here's Juan and Nathan.

And my cutie, Duke...i think he may be heir already.

And Channing, whos...ummm Well hes got a whole bunch of time to grow into his features...i mean hes not ugly but hes unique.

Juan shows Channing slash...please..i dont need more gay sims LOL

And my frat holder Skeeter Henson Amanda, shows how wonderful she is by getting knocked up.

And the kids just rule...i stuck them to a bookcase, they maxed like 3 skills already and havent even left the Uni yet.

No Party for Nicky though, the kids missed the bus, so i had to get them out before i got the bad grades messages.

Nicky: Hey Dad, Me and Jamie are coming home now...weve had a long fun time at college though.

And a fun shot of our holder playing SSX3. Gotta love her.

So that finishes Uni for gen pleased to announce that i am caught up 100% to my game, though i played Paul's house to age the kids....All 6 kids born in Uni will go to Uni together. And if anyone can I need a nice looking Nicky icon *begs*
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