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I has a twilight layout!!! now for a twilight mood theme :p

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I remember some girl on my flist had a Twilight mood theme, it wasn't very good, but it was a mood theme nonetheless..



lol thats a biiiig theme...i dont think i would ever be able to use it....ill probably find a better one AFTER the movie comes out LMAO

You're thoroughly hooked!

definitely...i am lovin the books and anticipating the movie

No! You've been sucked in! Have you started New Moon yet?

ive read the first chapter and a half right now...im trying to playmy sims and update before i start reading too much

Understandable. What have been your favorite parts from the first one?

i loved when she found out where she was going at the end...i could picture the reation perfectly...but i kinda pictured Alice differently than the way they have her portrayed in the movie

Yeah, I pictured everyone differently than what they've been cast in the movie. Especially Edward, Rosalie and Jasper. I think they were kinda spot on when they cast Emmett and Bella though.

Emmett looks exactly like i pictured him, like to the most minute detail

Bella looks very close to what i pictured

Have you read the books yet?

i finished the first one on Monday, ive started reading book 2 :)

Tell how they are...not sure if they were for me

i loved it, though it really doesnt say much

but watch the movie trailer LOL


you finished all four!?!?

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