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(no subject)

I finally switched to verizon and got a blackberry curve, I love it

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quinctia August 9th, 2008
Is that a smartphone? And do you have to pay for the extra blackberry data plan? (I know the PDA types often require that--which always turned me off anything with the blackberry name.)

I do like having a smartphone, though...just last week, I used the document function to type in a recipe that I needed to take with me to the grocery store AND someone else's kitchen. XD

kingmike1224 August 9th, 2008
Ya its another 30 a month, but verizon gives 20 percent off cuz I work for cvs.

feenie August 9th, 2008

Is that why I couldn't get in touch with you all day1?!?!?!

kingmike1224 August 9th, 2008
Well I had left my cell at work on thurs so I was out of touch for a while

feenie August 10th, 2008
silly. I did that too this week

minotaurus August 10th, 2008
I need a cell phoooooooooooooooooooooone

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