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Wow what a busy week I had this week...helpin Mom at Block was a good thing to do...but it was very very long work. I checked out Stony Brook on tuesday...WOW what a nice campus...and the people seemed very nice. Then i came home, helped out at Block and had my sister, her laziness herself, tell me that i should see a theapist...then Wednesday came around and helped mom again...but now her office is officially closed YAY!! today...well i relaxed today...did absolutely nutin but think about life...i need a new social life. Tomorrow i get to apartment sit for Joyce (O joy!!) But i will be damn sure to take the comp with me...need to update the group. I soooo dont wanna go back to school, maybe Stony Brook will help to get me in the school spirit. I really think that my life would be better if i hadnt gone to Molloy...but thats a whole other story...Sunday is Easter, and i seriously do wanna spend time with my extended family...but my cousin wil prolly skip out early or even ignore me like she usually does. Plus on top of all of this, i have a test on tuesday, and a philosophy test to take home on thursday..and Next sunday is Brendan's christening.

on the good side, I spoke to Doug today...and i told him i wuld stop by on Monday night...Dougis my old roommate...but that doesnt help my whole relationship dilemma...I mean i have to seriously be the only 20 yr old to not have had a relationship in his life... and the whole thing occurs to me 5 weeks before the end of my junior yr...I still need to sign up for a dorm, register for classes at Albany...Just in case i dont get into Stony Brook...but i should increase my GPA. I mean almost every girl i talk to must think i am either ugly or annoying or have a voice that drives them nuts...not one girl i have gone to school with has even flirted with me, let alone seemed interested in me

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