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Carter Legacy 4.2

We start this update off with a visit from Aidan's simgod leenyland. She just wandered over to see how Aidan was holding up in my game.

Then apparently ACR kicks in and everyone heads for the bed.

15% chance of pregnancy, i like the chances. Odds are in my favor...no more babies for Landon.

I second roll Aidan for his secondary aspiration, he winds up being the perfect match for Nicky...he also rolls Romance and these are the wants he rolls. o.0

YAY! another adorable baby for Nicky and Aidan. I love their kids.

GAH! at 15% he still gets pregnant?! are you fucking kidding me?!

Family shot #1. Poor Channing got cut off!!

These 2 are all over each other. (Yes i am in love with pixelated people)

Duke: Hey, Mr. Paperboy. Would you like to come back in a few days and deflower me?!
Paperboy: Sure.
Conrad: Thats going to be my nephew?!

He then ran off the lot never to return again!!

Conrad just couldn't take the though of marrying into the family, he bolted at the altar.

Nicky's glad the ceremony ended fast, so he can go hurl in the toilet and break it

Conrad got hit by a piece of Mir, and was crushed to death. Its dangerous living in Bluewater Village.

Jaime: HAHA! You died!
Ian: how come he got to escape life in this house? *sighs

Jaime: How could you leave your son?! What did he ever do to you?!

Aidan, void of the happenings of outside, looks to see if he can find a job in the entertainment field. No luck today!

And we have a problem. Not only does Landon have 3 bolts for Aidan, Ian has 2 bolts as well...this could get very amusing.

And Jamie resorts to her back up husband, one of the llama mascots, Justin Matthews. Welcome to your hell, Justin.

Landon is the sweetest grandfather, but only to the toddler. The kids he could hardly care for.

*grumbles incoherent death threats against Landon*

Aidan is continuing his job search, and actually succeeds. I love the costumes in this field.

While her 2 dads screw AGAIN, Jamie shows her 'honeymoon' was a success.

Justin tries to start a conversation with his nephew, while he looks for a job. I got him a job in the Law field.

And Nicky pops. *squees with excitment*

And Aidan rubs as mandatory. I love it.

Guy Bonding Time, most of the guys actually come out to hang out too.

Ok, playing catch outside is fine. Playing catch outside while pregnant is even ok. But playing catch outside in your underwear while you're pregnant is kinda pushing the limit for me.

Landon: Hi little grandbaby. Im your grandpa, and ill spoil you rotten.

Nicky: Hi little sibling. You're definitely a shock to us!
Me: *wants to murder Landon*

All Justin wants to do is play with Channing...I guess he's taking parenting for a test drive.

I have no clue why i took this picture of Ian, i think he was calling the pedomaster, but it wasnt pedomaster.

Justin: WOW! Landon is hott.
Channing: Pay attention to me!

Sweet Lobster gets me a 136, What i made last time got me a 4! Who cares, Duke, Juan and Nathan got in.

So i heard sunglasses at night was cool, but sunbathing at night...bit on the creepy side. Add to it that its all the pregnant ones, and its just weird!

And Jamie pops! Justin will be a daddy!

Nicky rubs his niece/nephew. I made him do that LOL.

See, Landon just looooves his grandkids that are small enough to be held.

BELLY RUB!!! Gen 3 BELLY RUB! (ok so thats for me, sue me.)

So thats what happens when your family slowly takes over a town, you just relish that your legacy has done in 3 generations, what most people take 10 to do.

And its more Channing holding. Its the new olympic sport.

Landon pops again, causing me to go insane.

Then immediately goes into labor o.0 Ummm where is the third trimester?! Ian isnt even phased anymore, hes seen too many births.

We have a little black haired, grey eyed baby girl named Abby,

And blue eyed, blonde Mina. If she had been born sooner, she may have been the heir.

Excuse me?! WTF is this shit?! you do not go into labor then pop to third trimester again?!

You bet your sorry ass I sent him into labor right away!

Clone of Abby, i named her Michelle. Through all of the kids, I still have maintained the naming scheme of Gen 3. (well Landon's kids got the naming scheme)

First chore, try to find architect job. Status: Fail.

Then we get pop #2.

Then he writes the fun story of being a Carter. All of the family additions,

And about Justin...or maybe they are the same thing? Hmmm.

Ummm Ian, WTF?! You are not allowed to fart hearts for your kid.

Family Shot #2 Got alot of Preggos.

Jamie popped again, closer to more babies.

And Nicky goes into labor while working on flowers, again, Ian not showing anything.

We have only 1 boy, pretty much an Aidan clone, i named him Mark

Nicky: So i wanna add more kids to our family...
Aidan: I have no problems with that

And Channing grows up, no party for him. though now he has blonde hair?! Now where did that come from!?

Oh Great job Justin!!! Go get yourself abducted...

When your wife goes into labor.

We have blonde hair, green eyes girl named Haley.

And a red haired green eyed girl named Brooke.

Family shot again. I take one everytime i leave the lot and enter it.

OMG its Aidan. I loooove it, it makes me giggle.

Nanny: Ma'am you look pretty
Rosalyn: WTF is she saying?
Jamie: I think I'm pregnant again.

Rosalyn is showing how spry she is for being 73 yrs old (shes gonna die soon :( )

Nicky: *pop* Ho Shit
Nathan: I got an A+ yes!
Trudy: Why is my brother keeping these people alive?!

LMAO, Aidan in a clown suit fawning over his husband, this is a giggle picture if i ever saw one.

Being sexy is too much for Aidan!

And its more birthday time. Here's Abby with Ian,

Mark with Aidan,

Michelle with Landon,

and Mina with Rosalyn. (and the kids are in alphabetical order)

Stop fucking trying for baby, Landon. 3% is still too high for you!

Aidan is just coddling Mark...its sooo adorable.

and this is the Nursery...7 cribs shoved into a room...thats kinda bad.

Justin: I think it's time i add a member to the family

Nicky: Hi baby, im gonna be your fun uncle.
Justin: thats nice, youre also very pregnant uncle.

More belly rubbing!!! YAY!

And Jamie pops...3 pops, this should be fun.

Jamie: Why is my husband pregnant? Why did i deserve this?

Job Search #2 for Nicky. Status:

Complete! Sweet!

Aidan is now a mime. Why is this outfit so adorable?!

Nicky comes home from work, and is ...

promoted, and so is Justin. They must love pregnant people.

These 2 are still over each other, as if you couldn't tell from all the babies they had.

Landon thinks his daughter's birthday is a great photo opportunity.

And since Buffy isn't heir, she applies for scholarships and gets the fuck out! Note the hair change. o.0

It's also the twin's birthdays. They get a cake so i can grow them up LOL


Here are Brooke and Haley...ya i can't tell the difference anymore.

Aidan takes some time to sunbathe...adding more to his tan?! I dunno.

But Nicky decided to join him.

Spam: i grew up Triton, Neptune and Laura, so the kids can be teens together.

Another Family shot.

And we start with playing catch in the cemetery. leenyland you infected my game!

Aidan has taken up Brian's old activity of watching the waves, he looks sooo hott!


And Justin goes into labor...Please, anything twins or under, ill be grateful!!

Just one, 'Dad' was PT Issey Embry. Baby is named Epsilon, with mostly everything from Justin, Issey's eyes.

Ian & Landon: We want our grandchild.
Nicky: WTF are they doing?!
Me: Not a clue!!

But Nicky does go into labor.

Please be twins, please be twins!!!

Here's Jared,

and Robin,

and Lucas...ok Triplets isn't that bad. I can deal!

WTF?! Again whats the deal...instead of popping though, he just went into labor?! God help my game!!!


Here's Melissa,

and Whitney...so it basically was Nicky had quints.

*has a nervous breakdown*

But Everyone's running to help out.

*dies from baby crushing* So there aren't individual pictures, but she had QUADS!!!

That is absolutely nuts!!! Jamie's quads are Hayden, Logan, Rachel and Duncan.


*kills self* how the fuck do i handle all of the kids?!

Oh YAY birthday party!!! at least it's some teens to help me out!!

And the incest begins...Duke and Triton are both bi Romance sims...3 bolts.

They share their first kiss,

then their first time. Duke has been deflowered!!

Duke: I love you like you were a member of my family!
Me: *no comment*

Triton: Baby, you sooo fine!! I just wanna make you mine!!

Warning: 130+ pictures, teen sex, baby explosion and incest (i dunno if it is or not)

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leenyland August 13th, 2008
ahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahha!! You were infected with Catch in the Graveyard™ Just wait for winter my friend it just gets better!

Aww, I visited Aidan. I love the hair you used for me!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

leenyland August 13th, 2008
I forgot to mention the clown picture but OMG! BEST PICTURE EVAH! That needs an icon at least!

kingmike1224 August 13th, 2008
lol please and thank you graphics whiz!!

leenyland August 13th, 2008
This is the best yet!

kingmike1224 August 13th, 2008
lol why does it get better in winter?

Yup i had made a sim of you and to release you into townieworld i moved you in to move you out.

LMAO its Landon

leenyland August 13th, 2008

My Sims hang out in the graveyard, I'm going to put a few beds out there and call it done. llol.

dothesmustle August 13th, 2008
Then apparently ACR kicks in and everyone heads for the bed.

ROTFLMAO! They all used the same bed. Those must be some dirty, dirty sheets. :x

OH LAWD. Landon got pregnant AGAIN??! Babies must just walk out of him.

Nicky: Hi little sibling. You're definitely a shock to us!
Me: *wants to murder Landon*

LOL. I love Nicky. HE IS SO CUTE OMG. Why are your sims so amazing. :]

LMAO, Aidan in a clown suit fawning over his husband, this is a giggle picture if i ever saw one.

Aidan is a sexy beast, but that picture STILL scares the crap out of me. GTFO CLOWNS.


Grrrrrrreat update! :]]]]]]]]

kingmike1224 August 13th, 2008
LOL no they dont use the same bed :p They just have the same sheets for some reason...ya i need to fix that.

Trust me, Landon is like looking to burst the house at the seams...i have nowhere to put the babies.

simsforaranya August 13th, 2008
HOLY CRAP MIKE. OVER 30. 11 BABIES. *dies* Your computer, it must be made of awesome. 0_0

simsforaranya August 13th, 2008
*over 30 sims. I have fail typing today. x_x

kingmike1224 August 13th, 2008
LOL nope, its 28..each row is 9 sims :p

but ya its laughable!!!

tanathir August 14th, 2008
How in the world do you manage to play that many Sims without 1. your computer dying, 2. the Sims all dying, and 3. you going completely insane??

kingmike1224 August 14th, 2008
Well lets see

1: I have 1 and a quarter gigs of ram and a very nice video card....so the computer handles it as long as nothing else hogs the memory

2: they actually do sustain themselves, i barely have to direct them to do anything but study

3: thats still up for debate but i think i was insane before the babies LMAO

yep_i_am_dennis August 15th, 2008
how the mother-eff do you keep your sanity? SO many sims!

kingmike1224 August 15th, 2008
now who said anything about me being sane? LMAO

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