TomMike (kingmike1224) wrote,

Name Survey thing

If you call me Tom, you're most people I know.
If you call me TomMike, then you just know me from one of my many many forums.
If you call me Mikey, You are Crissi.
If you call me Thomas, you're my Mom and I'm in trouble.
If you call me Brat, you're my sister Christine.
If you call me Turkey, you're my sister Joyce.
If you call me Branigan, I went to High School with you.
If you call me Bennigan, you're My physics teacher or Mike Allocca.
If you call me KingMike, you're a new forummer.
If you call me Tommy, you're one of my aunts or uncles.
If you call me anything mean, you will suffer a horrible death! LOL

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