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The Simpson Legacy 1.0

Here's our 'founder' Daniel Roberts Simpson. He grew tired of his family's heritage in Leenyland Canyon, so he moved to Belladonna Cove to start a new life.

Daniel: Oooh! Canary!
Me: OMG! not another bird obsessed idiot!

So I set the hours back so he can get a welcome wagon...while im creating townies, he jump ropes!

Daniel: So paperboy, what is there to do around BellaDonna Cove?
Paperboy: Parks, museums, you know, the usual!

Rod Humble comes and drops off a computer...Daniel wants to use his new toilet first!

GL: Wow! He's good looking!

Daniel: OMG! You're soooo funny! You thought i was interested in you!!

Your thoughts say otherwise Daniel, so be nice!

GL (aka Lynette), i wouldnt provoke the guy with 1 nice point! It isn't very wise!

Daniel: Look bitch, DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME AGAIN!!
Lynette: That hurt

Daniel then goes to meet the welcome wagon, including Eli and Jamie (bandana man)

Daniel: I SAID DON'T TOUCH ME! *slaps Lynette*
Eli & Jamie: Sweet! Wrestling! *high fives*

Daniel: Oh! That Bitch is sooo gonna get it!
Jamie: Fucking Skank, why is she here?!

Me: Ummm Lynette, don't turn around.

LOL So you'd think Daniel attacked her, but Lynette actually attacked him!

And got her ass handed to her! Go Daniel!

So while the now growing sausage fest outside talks about some chick's curves, Daniel wants round 2 with Lynette to get started!

The matchmaker shows up just in time for Lynette!
Daniel: I need a hott date to show off to Lynette!
MM: It's gonna cost you buddy

Looks like Money well spent, she's pretty!! Her name is Delores!

Lynette: I hope Daniel likes these butterflies!!

Delores: LALALA! I'm not listening!
Lynette: Lucky Bitch! Im gonna gut her like a fish!
Me: Wow so much hatred!

So Lynette ruins the date by attacking Daniel! The date plummeted faster than the Mir Spacestation!

Daniel cries about his lousy date, while she just rubs in the fact it was a lousy date.

So what better way to cheer up than attacking Lynette. He seems to get a kick out of it!

At least his 'friends' back him up
Dean: Go dude!!! KICK HER ASS!!!
Me: *headdesk*

Well lookie here, by the end of the first day, they have a -100/-100 relationship. And here i had hopes to make her spouse!

After our sexy founder, who struts in skimpy underwear for my pleasure, gets up, he makes his bed instead of cleaning up his dirty dishes from the previous nite.

Paperboy: Hey Daniel, where are you off to today?
Daniel: to take over the world Off to my dance career!
Me: Are you sure you're straight Daniel, I mean we could get you together with Eli!!

Hello Mail woman!!!

Me: Hey wait a minute!!! Aren't you Ian?? just with a different haircut?!

Oooo Chance card!

Um Oops!! Sorry Daniel

Daniel: But i wanted to dance!
Me: No you want 50 dream dates, not to dance!

Daniel: God, Its you again!
Lynette: Why wont you be mine sweetie?!
Me: Awkward

Me: ok so you hate her, but yet you get naked in front of her?!
Daniel: I wanna mess with her head, you know play hard to get!

Lynette: So have you met any new people?!
Daniel: This bitch just doesn't learn, does she?!
Me: Here we go again!! *headdesk*

Daniel: So ae you in Uni yet hott stuff?!

Every fucking chick so far has 1 bolt with?! WHAT THE HELL!!

So you write in your diary about imaginary women, cuz i know you haven't met her at any point yet!!

Ahhh Guy Time!! Now Daniel can show how mean he is by almost making Eli a neutered man! Eli isn't pleased!!

Daniel: Who ME?! I didn't do anything bad!

Eli: You know, if i were gay and you were gay, I'd be all over you
Daniel: That's nice, but im looking for uterus!!

Daniel: I can't believe you are making more townies!
Me: I can't believe the only woman youve seen more than 1 time is your enemy!!

WOOHOO!! Sweet promotion!!!!

This stud's number is definitely needed, either he's marrying Daniel or he's marrying an heir!! Then i sent our fair Daniel to community lots.

We met this lovely young lady, who we shall call lady A (he met alot of women :p)

He's smitten with A, but again, only 1 bolt.

Daniel: Heather is hott!
Me: Really?! are you sure you don't like A, or Lynette, or any other human being?!
Daniel: Heather is hott!
Me: Ahhhh Stupidity, well you don't get to pick your mate anymore

*ships him to next community lot*

Here we have Ada, she's really pretty, so i forgive the dress for now!

Again, one bolt. WHAT THE FUCK?! Also, Notice he isn't furious with Lynette anymore.

He actually has a good singing voice! I let him sing for a while.

Until this beauty came by, her name is Rochelle and she's hott. But he needs a little edge to start wooing women. So down the hatch with the love potion he bought.

Daniel: She's hott!
Rochelle: He's hott!
Me: Done Deal!

Daniel: So you wanna go hit the town with me, sweet thing?
Rochelle: Absolutely!

Rochelle: So I'm a CEO with a little bit of money, how about you?
Daniel: I'm in the law field.

Daniel: I hate math, thats why im not a businessman!
Rochelle: Math is sooo my enemy!

Well Lookie here, we have Seth the Evil Warlock. He didn't do what the other ones do, he just summoned his cat!

Everyone thinks about Daniel, thats the way it should be!

Upon returning home, the matchmaker is around, so we ask for a blind date and give every last penny.

Here we have B, ya thats right i sooo don't know her name. They actually have 2 bolts...too bad i already picked out the future uterus!

Daniel: Bad Whore! You broke the toilet! Bad Bad Bad Whore!

Me: Well whore may actually be the right word for her!
Horace: *stalkstalkstalk*

Daniel: So young lady, wanna see my spirit stick?!
B: I bet its huge!

Now, hopefully our resident transfer isnt gonna set fire to the house at any point!

Me: Again with the imaginary women?!
Daniel: But she's hott!
Me: Go invite Rochelle over then.

Daniel: Hello beautiful!
Rochelle: Hey stud, how's your day?

Daniel: Sure B! You can come over for a nooner.
Me: Ummm...

Me: ...maybe you dont wanna say that in front of me and Rochelle.

And the wooing commences. Get me babies already damn it!

OK, we don't need great. We need dream date!!! This will take forever!!

And Rochelle moves in with $4,713...yes weird number i know!

Rochelle: I miss my friend, i wonder if she'll visit me here.

And Daniel has been deflowered!! But he was a damn good lay according to Rochelle.

Hmmm, Phone ringing, dirty dishes everywhere, dead bugs in a jar, nah they just wanna woohoo all day long now!

And their first snowy night, we get the first possibility of generation 2.

Daniel: Rochelle, i know i'm in my underwear, but i love you...will you marry me?
Rochelle: Yes!
Me: where did that ring come from?? *gags*

And they proceeded with their quickie wedding. Sorry but no money for a wedding arch and all that.

Sweet, Chance card gone right!! and promotion!!

Rochelle: Umm excuse me, i need to throw up cuz i think my husband and not our visitor got me pregnant.
Me: Im sooo confused by that?!

And apparently so is she.

So B won't stop calling to go out on a date, and now Rochelle is taking up Stockholm's syndrome.

and stupidity syndrome as well. Hunny, he was in the house first.

This looks very familiar, y/y?


Daniel: Bastard's gonna die.


Me: Rochelle, maybe you shouldn't shower while you're hubby is fighting, it's kinda distracting.
Rochelle: but i'm dirty and smelly.

And pop goes the belly! Generation 2 is almost here!

Amazing week, really?! I think the burglar has something to say about that Daniel.

Fuck he got away with a chair and the bookcase, Rochelle is on the phone wit the po-pos though.

Daniel: There was something here, i know it.
Rochelle: Look there's some room for a crib.

Cop: The Burglar got away.
Me: No shit sherlock, i got that idea when the message popped up...but wanna marry an heir?!

Belly rub from a mean sim? Really now?

Rochelle: Thanks for beating up that jackass for me! I think we will kill him if he comes by again.

Daniel: *cries*
Rochelle: Is that bitch really crying over the burglary??

So That's it for this update! I gotta thank leenyland for the use of Daniel and allowing the pseudo-spin-off.

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leenygirl September 20th, 2008
lmao, I love it! This is totally a Brenna or Wade thing. They both we so mean. lol.

It's actually very cool seeing Daniel actually get a story now!

kingmike1224 September 20th, 2008
Lol I loved playing him since he started fighting! Brooklyn had 0 nice points and wasn't even that bad! I wanna see what his kid is gonna look like!!

leenygirl September 20th, 2008
Pssh. His kid is going to be gorgeous of course. He's a sorta-Roberts! lmao.

I actually read the update at like 5am but I know you recieve notification on your phone. lol. So I didn't want to wake you up if you were just getting to sleep. I had nightmares all freaking night! What's up with that?!

kingmike1224 September 20th, 2008
At night I put the phone on vibrate so I don't get woken up by it. You'd be surprised how much spam comes overnight. I'm part of a christina aguilera mailing list and all it ever sends out anymore is porn!

Bah nightmares suck, mine are always sooo vivid. I remember most of the ones I have still

dothesmustle September 20th, 2008

Me: Hey wait a minute!!! Aren't you Ian?? just with a different haircut?!

lol a BOWLCUT!

Alsoooo, Rochelle is gorgeoussssssss. What face templates do you use? Selzi's?

kingmike1224 September 20th, 2008
Its terrikomos or whatever her name is on mts2

I know, he has 1 nice point and she has 4 its soooo weird but amusing!!

yep_i_am_dennis September 20th, 2008
Daniel's kinda cute!

And dear lord,i pray for not a lot of babies this time around.

kingmike1224 September 20th, 2008
lol i already turned off the try for baby option...there will be no unwanted kids

quinctia September 21st, 2008
Man, I would've just added Lynette to the family anyway. That was a match made in hatesex heaven.

kingmike1224 September 21st, 2008
lol those two have the weirdest relationship ever...i was set on just getting them together to start with, wasnt even gonna have him search the field...and he just started poking and slapping her.

simsforaranya September 24th, 2008
MMM, I can always count on you to prove teh yummeh mens. MMMMM....*sighs dreamily*

kingmike1224 September 24th, 2008
LOL sadly this man isnt mine..its leenyland's...i just have him as my founder

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