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(no subject)

I has 2 crowns new crowns now thanks to my dentist

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simplyn2deep September 24th, 2008
4 months ago I should have had a new one, but now I won't get it until sometime next week/month

kingmike1224 September 24th, 2008
lol its my second/third crown...i try to handle it right away or it would slip my mind

simplyn2deep September 24th, 2008
I would have had it taken care of right away but with no insurance it was all coming out of pocket and it was like $1380 (if my memory is correct). I did all I could with the money I had back in May and now I have a temp cover (that's lasted for 4 months) and as soon I get get my money from the school I'll be getting the actual crown and be done with it.

It never slipped my mind that I had to do it. My parents never let me forget nor did the dentist who called 3-4 times a month lol they really just wanted their money

kingmike1224 September 24th, 2008
for that amount, i wouldnt either

feenie September 24th, 2008
I need to get a crown...but yeah, much dinero

kingmike1224 September 24th, 2008
lol moms helping with mine :)

feenie September 25th, 2008

Are you going to Joyce's doc?

kingmike1224 September 25th, 2008
hell no, hes the reason i had to get a crown...i go to one out in bellmore

feenie September 27th, 2008
uhoh what happened??

quinctia September 24th, 2008
My mom had a new one put on last week, I am so glad I did not inherit her teeth!

kingmike1224 September 24th, 2008
Well mine stems from not brushing when I was like 6, the teeth were soo filled with cavities that they decided to crown them

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