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The Simpson Legacy 2.1

Family shot. Aren't they just the most dysfunctional family?!

This is what happened when i started the lot. The toilet has a problem!!

Daniel: Go to hell jackass!!
Marty: Get bent!

Meanwhile, Rochelle proves that all knowledge sims are sluts. This didn't get Daniel mad though o.0

Daniel: Honey you're gorgeous
Rochelle: *giggles*
Me: *vomits in toilet*

And back to the bed they go! *headdesk*

Daniel: Sure Eli! Ya, i caught that show last nite!
Rochelle: I wonder how fast i can get him back to bed.

Daniel: Harry Potter sucks! Twilight is the shit!
Rochelle: *studies physiology*

Daniel: B, i've told you a hundred times now, im married. I will not go on a date with you.

LOL Daniel sexy stare, can't resist :p

At least they share chores, she cooks, he cleans.

Me: Got Gonorrhea?
Daniel: No, I'm pissed cuz i just cleaned the toilet and im using it again.

Then he schmoozes to himself to get promoted...long way to the top.

Daniel studies the stars...

and rakes in the cash. Sweet!!!

Daniel: Let's see if we can find some more stars there!

Daniel: HO SHIT!!! UFO!!
Me: Sweet! Alien babies!!
Daniel: STFU and go get some help!!

Rochelle: Ummm where did Daniel go??
Me: *points up*

*Daniel returns*
Daniel: I got anally probed! *cries*
Me: Awww poor baby *smirks*

Rochelle: I can't believe the Yankees aren't in the playoffs.
Me: Enough of that, go dig me up a treasure chest.

And a digging she goes...

Woot! Secret map #1: Takemizu Village found.

and no joke, 2 seconds later comes across Secret Map #2: Twikki Island.

I completely forgot to raid her inventory when she moved in and got married...she had some useful shit in there that i sold for cash!!

Rochelle: Mary, i'm sooo pregnant and tired right now, im gonna go snuggle up with my husband.

Rochelle: Shit! I'm gonna kill him for causing me this pain!!

And we welcome Brooke to our little family. Mom and Dad's everything.

Daniel: Wooohooo!! We have a baby!!!
Rochelle: Does he have to yell??
Me: *shrugs* He's stupid?!

And WOOT! No floor for this baby!!

And Daniel goes POP! *squees* though it got bugged somehow. He went into his third trimester.

Rochelle: Awww I can't wait to see the little one!
Daniel: It's definitely a surprise to me too.

Daniel: Rochelle, am i doing this right?! Rochelle!!!
Rochelle: Mmmmm eggs!!

*note - i was trying different witch defaults*
Seth the Evil Warlock came over, and i had Daniel run out to greet him. I want a witch Damnit!

Daniel: I'm tired of being pregnant!
Me: Just like i told your wife, GO DIG ME A TREASURE CHEST!

No treasure chests, but he did dig up the other map for Three Lakes...and a duplicate of Takemizu Village.

Oooo Violet Eyes and Blonde Hair!!! Too bad she's a teen.

Though, she does need to learn...Don't cross Daniel..even a pregnant one. Can't you see that face of rage!

Daniel: OMG! Diana! No you can't come and visit right now! We have no room for anyone to come and visit!!

Brooke: *my dad is awesome*

Me: No fucking way!! Its too soon for you to be pregnant!! You couldn't have waited a lil bit longer?!

Seth: Dude! Did you see that loser? He totally thought he could see my wand!
Daniel: OMG! No way!

And Daniel hits labor pains. Alien baby!! *squees*

OOOO 2!! Even better...though this could mean 4 *shudders*

Ya, this is a 1 nice point sim!! Not in my books anyway!

And i got 3 alien babies!! I named them Beta, Bevin and Brandy. I think Brandy is the one on the floor.

And the most dreaded thing happens...i call a nanny!! Will she be functional or will she be a waste?! Who knows?

Paper Boy: Hey Mr. S, it looks like you lost all that extra weight you've been carrying around.
Daniel: *i should knock your ass out for that comment*

Rochelle: I dont know if i wanna leave my baby to her.
Me: you need money, its either that or you take a vacation day. But you should get promoted today.

She's actually a competent nanny! She changes the babies, and feed them.

Even though she's completely outnumbered.

These 2 come home and greet each other all the time...not bad for 1 bolters.

But it's Brooke's birthday...time to become a toddler *please be cute, please be cute*

Me: OMG! She's absolutely fricking adorable!
Rochelle: I know!

Rochelle: She looks like me, right?

And Daniel decided he wanted more alien spawn. No joke he went out himself and poof he's gone.

Still dysfunctional i see.

LOL Rochelle pops, and he's off getting probed. Aren't I going to have fun!?!

Heeeee's BAAAAAACK! And may i add, pregnant again!

Imagine bringing more babies into this house?!

OK, So i've had apartment life since it came out, and have yet to try out a butler. So Daniel gets to be a tester.

LOL I think the only point of this picture was to show that he's pregnant again.

Daniel: No Diana, I don't care who wins the presidential race. I'm voting for Mickey Mouse!

*birthday spam*
Daniel: Hunny, you are looking a bit curvy there? Anything you wanna tell me?
Rochelle: We're adding another member to the family.

Me: or another 2 members.

All the toddlers are playing with the creepy bunny heads...but i should show their looks.

But Daniel and Rochelle have to finish their date. 1/50 complete.

Here's Brandy,


and Bevin. I love her the most.

Beta wins the cute award, This made me go awwwww.

Hellllllo Dave! Tip well and move in!

Brandy tried to be cute, but ya it only worked the first time. Plus she's a little brat. Always crying.

I invited Seth over to hang out and turn Daniel to a warlock.

Daniel: Hey buddy! How's things?
Seth: Oh the usual, rejecting guys, beating up Judith.

Then he went and was spoiling Bevin with attention, though who wouldn't give it to her.

Seth: No way bitch, I am not liking your talk of Harry Potter. That shit ain't real?!
Random Townie Girl: *laughs* you're one to say that aren't you?

LOL So i had to increase Daniel's relationship cuz i thought it was like a member of the pack thing and Seth had to convert him. So i had Daniel start flirting and stuff with Seth.

But he left Seth to go bang his wife like a drum, and scar his alien kids for life.

So Daniel slow dances with Seth, Eli and Dave are standing around, and Rochelle is teaching Brooke something. I think it was to talk but it could be the nursery rhyme *shrugs*

Great, Rochelle goes into labor NOW!! Everyone rushes to her aid...

except Seth who just realized that the girls are aliens. Wow he's a genius.

And we have yet another girl, Britney..whos apparently eating mom's hair. Again, parent's everything.

Daniel is now a warlock. I found the option in the queue thingy i click.

Daniel: Oh Ya, this shit is awesome!!!
Me: you know you have to study your craft right?!

So off to his spellbook he went.

*goes off to the Good Witch's house with Rochelle...maybe i can get her turned into a good one.

Meet Judith, the good witch. I immediately sent Rochelle to go schmooze her while Daniel kept to himself.

Rochelle: So this totally hott dude i know is totally into witches.
Judith: OMG! you sooo have to introduce me!!

Rochelle: Do i get my three wishes now?
Judith: Are you fucking kidding me?
Me: is an IQ required to be a witch??

Apparently not, Sweet!!! I has a Good Witch and an Evil Warlock in one family.

Still look functional to you?? Doesn't to me...but then again, i play them :p

Daniel: Say Bear!
Bevin: Fuck no, you inferior intellectual being!
Daniel: Did she just call me dumb?
Me: yup, be damn proud of her.

Me: She definitely didn't get your wife's IQ! Thank GOD!

Ummm who the fuck is Stephen? but Sweet!!

More Birthday Spam!! And Yes only 1 of them got taught skills.

Cuz Daniel was shit tired from pregnancy...but now he's giving birth. And he's scarring all of his kids now. He had 1 boy thankfully, named Brian.

Now, he had a want to win a fight with Rochelle, and he was furious with her, but i don't know why? So what the hell, i had him attack her.

Shame she handed his sorry ass to him! On the kid's birthday no less!

Here's Brooke, still adorable.

We Interrupt the kids growing up to bring you sneaky evil Daniel.

Here's cutie!!

Britney is adorable...i had to give her lighter hair...After all, we can all figure out who she was named for!

Bevin does love Seth though...hugs and greets him and everything. She must know he doted on her when she was a toddler.

Beta and Brandy grew up...but Brandy grew up badly...Um Whoops!

So what does Brandy do? She attacks Bevin for no reason?! This is going to be fun!!

But Bevin can take care of herself! Kicks Brandy's butt. I guess she really is Daniel's kid.

Me: Yup Definitely Daniel's kid.

And i leave you here, Bevin being swung around by Dad, and Brandy trying to tattle on Bevin to Rochelle.

- So Ya, this is hysterical to play...i don't think i have ever had that much violence anytime in my game. I have about half of next update already played, and it just gets better.

- Thanks again to leenyland for the use of Daniel and the rest of his family!!

- I hope to put up my chapter listing/sim download post soon. I don't want to have another Carters happen.
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