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Simpson Legacy 2.2

Here Brandy goes again, attacking Bevin. What is up with the hate on Bevin?! There's 2 other kids you can go after.

Yet again, Bevin hands Brandy her ass. This girl will never learn, will she?

LOL oooo this is so going to end well.

Brooke: OMG! I love playing with blocks, it's like my favoritist hobby EVER!!!!

Bevin finds out she loves sports, and look at that list of pick ups. LOL.

Me: Well at least you finally are picking on someone other than Bevin. Poor Beta though.
Brandy: Bitch, I grew up bad!! STFU!

Mickey & Dave: OMG! That ugly girl is abusing that cute girl!!

And Brandy got her ass beaten by Brandy just sucks.

Me: Ummm why the fuck are you apologizing to her Beta? Shouldnt she be apologizing to you?
Beta: I'm sorry im more awesome than you and people like me better.
Me: I guess i can deal with that.
Brandy: This chick knows who she's talking to.

Beta loves her daddy, while Bevin is looking to kick ass again. Then the carpools/bus show up.

Sexy Fireman: Why did she go to work and leave this on the stove?
Me: ummm i think the butler left it there while he went to look after the kids.

Well, i have to blame quinctia for this, but i saw the mohawk and had to get him in the family...Damn you and getting me turned onto the mohawk!!! This guy is Clifford.

Bevin shows us her 0 nice point personality, bitch about something...this wont be the first time i bet.

Oooo if he had hair, i would totally mack on him now, but alas i have to wait. I only have kids and toddlers anyway.

Doesn't mean i can't get a relationship started early...and of course Brandy attacks Bevin...again...this is not a rare occurance. Notice the chick booing Brandy.

Bevin always kicks ass, but ummm Pedo lady, GTFO!!

Wow, Brian grew up, and i didnt even know. I suck. But awww he's playing with Beta.

And Brandy starts being a bitch to Brian...she's the one with nice points yet she's the biggest bitch.

Here's Brian post-makeover. He's totally adorable...and he got blue eyes!!! Adorable!!!

Beta: I'm totally a ghost, i can go through walls and everything.

Take a wild guess whos going at it again.

I also fixed up Britney...she's beautiful!!!

I swear these 2 need to give it a rest...while i never experienced this before, this is just getting ridiculous!!

Magestivism is awesome...its just like teleporting but people dont freak out.

The Good witch and the evil warlock studying right next to each other.

Ya, Daniel's evil. I absolutely love him as an evil warlock and his evil cackling.

Rochelle loves it too apparently, she's always running to bed with him. I think they need to go to rehab for sex addiction.

Daniel is still an amazing dad though, always taking care of his kids, checking up on them and everything.

Daniel cooks food, and the PIP shows us something familiar...Bevin and Brandy kicking each other's ass.

Bevin: Who's the bitch now, bitch?!
Brandy: I hate this bitch so fucking much!!

I sent our 2 witches to Seth's house to go visit and bathe. With a remodelled house, they didnt have enough for plumbing.

I love the flying around on broomsticks...i love this EP so fucking much!!

Daniel hangs out with Seth while Rochelle goes to bathe and sleep lol.

Daniel decides to take their friendship to the next level...Seth likes that idea alot.

Ok so this shot was for me, i dont care what you think of me, its hott!!

Family shot!! I gotta say, this is the first time i've seen this one.

Umm again, who the fuck is Sharon, but thanks for the discount!!

OK, totally wrong kid who needs to learn anger management!!

Me: Bevin, hunny, cars don't go neigh.
Bevin: oh!
Me: *headdesk*

Brian gets taught to walk, and Daniel is glowing cuz he's soooo evil!!! I <3 him!!

And Rochelle is an infallibly good witch, sweeter!!

Bevin: Ho shit! Mom's a witch!
Me: She's been for quite a while, hunny! You're just slow!

Bevin makes up for being dumber than bricks by being totally sweet to her little brother!!

Daniel is painting, in his underwear...again, its for me :p

HOLY SHIT!!! Brandy actually won a fight...its like 1 out of 1000 fights.

Bevin didn't like that idea too much though, and attacked back right away...

and kicked Brandy's ass!! Britney must be so upset.

Brian grew up into a kid, and grew up well. Daniel is showing his lack of braincells by waving.

This little cutie came home with one of the kids on the bus...shes sooo pretty!!!

LOL the good witch and bad warlock carpool :p also, Daniel got promoted!!

Daniel is still trying for his LTW of 50 Dream Dates, also its teen time...hormonal teens with the way they act...OH God!!!

Party Time!!! The sims you may not recognize are Daniel's family from leenyland. Diana is in the pink, Laura in the black, Ian in the green stripe, Emily, Daniel's mom, is the yellow top and Caine, Daniel's dad is the sweater.

Bevin is finally old enough to attain Mr Hottie Mohawk!! So i set her after him!! I also had to keep Brandy and Bevin from fighting...i didn't wanna risk having a bad party.

Bevin got her first kiss from Clifford!! Lucky Bitch!

Daniel seemingly approves of their relationship. Then again, Daniel's a nutjob!

They decide to go steady that day...and as you can see...Bevin is a Romance sim. LOL. Sucks for her, he's coming into the family one way or the other.

Ok, so he thinks shes ugly, but digs her brown hair...shouldn't they have 1 bolt then??

They grope and grind each other by the toilet for an hour...

give each other backrubs,

and cuddle under the of the cutest interactions ever!!

BAM! Roof Raiser!!! I dont have to micromanage Brandy anymore.

Bevin Simpson
Neat: 10
Outgoing: 5
Active: 10
Playful: 10
Nice: 0
Turn On: hats/brown hair
Turn off: unemployment
LTW: Woohoo 20 sims

Brandy Simpson
Neat: 0
Outgoing: 3
Active: 9
Playful: 8
Nice: 7
Turn On: fit/cleanliness
Turn Off: stink
LTW: Be Hand of Poseidon

Brooke Simpson
Neat: 10
Outgoing: 1
Active: 10
Playful: 4
Nice: 10
Turn On: fit/custom hair
Turn Off: formal
LTW: have 6 grandkids

Beta Simpson
Neat: 0
Outgoing: 3
Active: 2
Playful: 10
Nice: 10
Turn On: logic/mechanical
Turn Off: glasses
LTW: be Education Minister

Family shot #2, Teens galore!!

And Brandy trying to show me that she's actually nice, by tucking in Brian.

Awww how romantic...til you see the wants panel..

Umm Excuse me! WTF is that want doing in your panel??

Awww, cuddling under the stars!!! I seriously love AL!!!

Back to the fighting already?!?! Damn it!

Bevin: This bitch wants to fight again, sweet!!
Me: please dont fight anymore...its not fun anymore!!

Damn you Brandy!

HAHA i shoulda guessed he would be fast to max that one!!!

So i wanted to pass on the magic, I had Rochelle turn Bevin into a nice witch...that could be some fun with magic spells.

She went outside and made it look all nice and glowy!!

LOL Just another shot of Daniel because i can :p

And the awesome glowy that Bevin made!!!

So this update kinda lacked cuz its been like a week since i took the pictures...i do have more pictures, so i may update tomorrow too!!

Thanks again to leenyland for loaning out her sims and letting me do a spin off Legacy :p

I'm putting together a Index Post of everything legacy...i hope to have it up tonite.
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