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Simpson Legacy 2.3

Bevin: So do you wanna spend the night with me?!
Dave the butler: Sure, you just gotta turn 18 first...i don't do minors!
Me: Smart man, you may have a place in this legacy yet.

Daniel is cooking up some more ingredients for spells while he waits for his carpool...i seriously love the whole witch thing.

So Daniel longed for Lynette..and i kinda missed having her around...she like never came back after the second day. They actually had a good relationship, so i moved her in.

Then just to piss her off, Daniel did an evil spell on her.

And his invisible servant attacked her...she looks so confused though. Daniel, being the pansy he is though, ran from the room.

Bevin actually walked in and watched like a true champion though. She actually was rooting for the servant.

Then of course Brandy and Bevin have to go after each other...what kind of update would it be if they actually got along.

Yup they did the nasty in the wardrobe...see how happy she looks to actually have gotten in his pants?

Brooke: OMG! Mickey is sooo hott!!
Me: Well lets take a good look at him.

Me: Well Damn! I would wet my panties for him too!! Good Call Brooke!!

Lynette: Listen bitch! I'm gonna make your man, my man!!
Rochelle: Oh No You DIDNT!! Bitch!

Of course then Rochelle attacks Lynette. Daniel's a one woman man after all.

Who didn't see that Rochelle would kick Lynette's ass?? That so didn't surprise me.

Lynette: Does the bitch's ride have to be so fucking loud??

I'll give you a cookie if you can guess who is fighting.

Rochelle went hard to work 'creating' a lamp from her cauldron. The lamp looks awesome!!

Bevin and Clifford had a dream date, so far she's doing better than her dad with the dating.

Dude, I love you!!! Thanks for the DJ Booth!!

Lynette invisi-pops. I kinda wanna see how her kid turns out!!

Bevin: Uh, Dad! I think we have an emergency here!
Daniel: What do you mean hunny?

Lynette: My baby's daddy is sooo sexy!!
Brandy: Why is my dad talking to this skanky bitch?!

*head desk* Do you know how old this is getting?!
Bevin: Eat this bitch!!
Daniel: I'll just be leaving now!

Bevin: Ya Bitch! What you gonna say now?!
Brandy: I got beat by this whore again!!

Daniel rubs the belly, ya..i made him do it too!!

Brian: *Neigh*
Me: So i see someone shares Bevin's brain!!

They started fighting, and Daniel runs like the little bitch he is!!

But he's sweet to his kids...always playing with them, talking to them..He's a good dad.

LOL so he gets caught cheating by Lynette, but my bigger concern is the fact that Rochelle is trying to get pregnant AGAIN!!!!

Cuz Daniel turns on the charm and Lynette is putty to him all over again!!

Rochelle: He really is hott, isnt he??
Me: The only word that comes to mind is DUH!

Daniel brings a family close together, and scores 3 grand at the same time. Boom goes the dynamite!

Bevin has decided to take her relationship with Clifford to the next base I see. Damn, she doesn't even wait for inteen so she can get pregnant.

Daniel, why you gotta be so hott when youre evil!?!

Clifford: So you wanna try handcuffs next time??
Bevin: Absolutely, and maybe whips too!!
Me: *backs away slowly from that conversation*

But all is cute again when she feeds him a bite of her food!!! *cues the awww*

2 days til Britney and brian are teens, and we have a very preg Lynette walking around the house!!

I kept Brandy away from Bevin for a while by having her do some financial 75 bucks a pop, the family was raking in cash.

Wait, Now she's a very pregnant Lynette!!

LOL at the hobby lady spam, but i so didn;t know that the law reward paid out 5 simoleans like every 10 minutes...thats what i get playing 3 speed.

More birthday spam going on, but OMG! Fug in the away!!!!

Bevin: So i am so totally awesome, i have 3 BFFs
Waiter: *stares at the blonde behind Bevin*

Guess whos a sport enthusiast, yup Cliff loves him some sports...He wanted another date downtown, thats why Bevin and him are here.

But a vamp was there, so Bevin asked Mr. Vamp to vamp her bf...he agreed!!

And Vamp Cliff was born. He totally is hott still!!!

You know, til the son of a bitch bit Bevin. Then i wanted to kill him.

Ok, i said bit, not rip a chunk out of her neck!! Back off a bit there Romeo.

Lynette goes into labor...and my ass picked 1 kid!! No more babies...unless the kid is cute.

And we have a little girl named Beth. Apparently Daniel has awesome eyes!!!

Bevin's vampness lasted about 3 hours...Teens are no fun as vamps.

Ouch! Brooke got rejected by her man!!! Maybe he likes the men?? In my game, i wouldn't be surprised.

God, these 2 need a new hobby, i can't take the whole beating the snot out of Brandy anymore...she's only won the 1 fight.

ACR kicked in with these 2...Brooke's got game now!!

And apparently she's a whore...sleeping with the guy the same day you make a move?? Even Bevin had more class!!

Oooo Even classier... attend your younger brother and sister's birthday party in your underwear. real nice!

Ok so i suck and didnt get a picture of Brian and Britney, though you can see Britney in this picture. I took this more for the fact that Dave is swooning over Daniel. Britney rolled Popularity and Brian rolled Pleasure.


And im not ready for Daniel to get he drinks up some elixer. I wanna give his wife a chance to catch up in age.

God, If it isnt Bevin and Brandy, its Rochelle and Lynette. This house is drama central!!

And little Beta gets attacked by bees!! i tried to get her enthusiasm up and she gets bees. Sorry Beta.

OK! My game had a bug! i couldnt call Mickey over for Brooke, so i had her ask out Ian clone Whats his name, and then the game said he was gay, LMAO!! So i summoned Mickey over.

They got their first kiss, then fell in love, then he got mad cuz she was on a date with another guy. LMAO!!

Me: Dave you heartless bastard, help poor Beta!! She doesn't wanna meet her other dad right now!!

So Cliff's 'friend' wanted to go on an outing downtown, so i sent Bevin...cuz i dont really play any community lots anymore, but i wanna play them more.

Does he look familiar? He was the walkby that i said would get in the legacy soon. Well Bevin is sweet talking him for woohoo in the photo booth.

While the waiter doesn't like when Cliff is getting his picture taken o.0

Some making out works too, but doesn;t help when they arent the same looks weird.

OH HAI LESBIAN TOWNIE!!! Notice how Bevin has also moved onto another man, his name is Gary, well i think its Gary anyway. He will be refered to as Guy I Think is Named Gary (GITING)

Bevin: Dude, youre hott, wanna sleep with me?
GITING: Totally. I'm down with the pedo!!
Me: Um EWWW!!!

Back at home, Beta returns from her journey. She actually enjoyed it LOL.

Brooke asks the hott paperboy to go steady. He says yes!!

They make out for celebration,

And then he leaves. And i guess Brooke is a Family/Romance sim. Ouch!

Brian, the hott alien boy, is racing to go talk to his sister. He's really close with Beta!!

Then he tried to shack up with this cute walkby, but got BURNED!!! Sorry Brian, maybe next time.

Though, Lynette is a skeezy whore and beds someone Rochelle brought home from work... i mean ya that was pretty slutty.

*head desk*

Daniel: Dave, you do not go around and break the trash compactor. My underage daughter is cleaning up your mess right now!!
Dave: I'm sorry Mr. Simpson.
Me: you made him sad, tip him 100 bucks!

Oh this fight will not end well at all. The two women fight, and their fuckbuddys are cheering them on!

It was also at this point that i realize i never checked everyone's preference. Well Britney, Brian, Brooke and Bevin are straight, Beta is bi, and Brandy is gay. So i had Brandy get a date...and it was bad. The poor girl just wasn't into it.

So i shipped them all off to college...While kickass Rochelle beats up everyone. She beat up her fuckbuddy who saw her flirt with her husband.

And as Britney heads off to Uni, Fuckbuddy of Rochelle named Dean attacks Daniel. What a way to go to college.

- i know 2 updates up at shocked too.
- next update is college
- Again, thank you to leenyland for the use of her sims.
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