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The Simpson Legacy 2.4

OH! HELL! NO! These fashion mistakes have got to go!!

Thats better!!

Mickey: Damn, I'm sooo gonna mack on Bevin
Bevin and Cliff: *kiss*
Me: Bad Mickey...the mohawk will be in the family!!

Mickey: So you wanna backrub?!
Bevin: Dude, I'm sooo hott everyone wants me.

So i made a sim so i can spawn some dormies for my collegates..Britney came over and started hating on herself for no reason!

Dude, why the fuck you sleeping in my made dormie's bed...but mmm you are hott. I'll be keeping you in mind for future generations.

*now back to our regularly scheduled program*
Me: Ewww Dormie..Midriff is heinous on you, so dont go flaunting for my kids...especially before i choose an heir!
Carlos: Brooke is hott!

Brooke then scans the room and finds midriff man hott...ewww!
Brooke: Carlos is hott!
Me: You are aware i sent Mickey to Uni for you...he was totally perfect for another generation!

Brooke: Isn't Carlos hott?!
Streaker: This bitch is bringing down my high with his fug!

So they still are at each other's throats. Nothing's changed.

Cliff: Bevin, hunny, class is about to start. We need to leave.
Bevin & Brandy: *attacks more*

But Bevin and her awesomeness...she goes to class on her broom.


Cliff: DAMN! Britney is fine!!
Brooke: I wonder what Brian is thinking about.
Mickey: *checks out Brooke*

Bevin: *makes out*
Cliff: But Britney is smoking hott!!
Brandy: *im gonna kick this bitch's ass*

The brain cells are plenty with this group...they stood there and did nothing til the match maker came around.

Britney: I have no one, can you gimme a blind date or something?!

Matchmaker: Pay up bitch!!
Blonde dormie: Brian is hott!
*i didnt get a picture, but her blind date was this guy*

Cliff & Bevin: *makes out*
Brian & Beta: *get incestuous*
Matchmaker: youre date is coming.

Me: Oh This looks like the family has a bright future!

So the Good Witch (Judith) walked by the lot, and decided to hang out. I had Bevin call up Seth...and well this led to a magical feud for a few hours...was kinda fun though.

Britney: Hey, random hott alien dude from the directory...do you wanna go out on a date or something?

Brian meanwhile is getting his mack on with the really hott blonde dormie.

Britney tries again with RHADFTD...

...and fails miserably. He's not going out with you.

So i figure, she can at least mack it up with Cliff, but seriously, her turn-ons suck ass...HATS AND GLASSES?! WTF! so down the hatch with the dumbass potion. She's now blonde hair and fit for turn ons.

Cliff: You're brown hair is awesome!!
Britney: so you like me?

Cliff: So you wanna go out on a date?
Brooke: Oh shit! Bevin's gonna be pissed!!
Mickey: I want sex!

Britney gets her first kiss from Cliff though...thats the second first kiss this guy has gotten from the family. He's a playa!!

Brooke: *puts her 10 neat points to good use*
Mickey: You're fine when you mop up messes hunny. *stalkstalkstalk*

Awww they had a dream date...you're doing better than your dad you know!!

Me: Since when is it, have a date...do a term paper??
Britney: But i wanna pass my classes

At least it didnt take her long...and i gave Brandy another shot at the match maker...She got the downtown DJ who went to a dormie room and hid the whole date :| poor girl can't cat6ch a break.

And Britney loses everything to Cliff...Damn they move fast these days.

But she also rolled the want to get engaged to him. So i gave it to her. YAY!!

So it's time to start the frat house. Our heirs are all here. Yes Duel heirs!! Bevin and Britney!

Since they declared their majors already, I had Cliff go ahead and dig...guess who found me a treasure chest!

And Bevin is getting her toddlerhood man, thats like 5 of her 20 woohoo want.

Bevin: So i'm a witch, can i join you on the dark side
Seth: Absolutely!! *turns her to the evil witch*

Bevin: OMG! It's totally against my nature, but i don't have a fear of getting engaged to you. Do you wanna get married and make me your grand high witch??
Seth: Absolutely! I can't wait for the wedding.

Britney: And so as The Law, I will find that burgalar that stole from my parents before i was born and have him arrested!
Cliff: That's nice hunny, can we have sex now?


Sweet, a make this sim come to my house now spell!! I could really use this!!

And apparently while i was micromanaging Bevin and her new magic abilities, Cliff and Britney made friends with Judith...cuz they both can be witches now!!

HAHA!! I'm sorry, but i totally love the sneaky witch thing!! Its 10 times better than the good witch one!

Bevin: Can i buy shit from you?
Judith: Hellz No bitch! I don't know you!!
Bevin: *casts spell to get her the fuck out*

So Bevin goes downtown to find men to bang meet some new people. Apparently everyone wants her. LOL @ Pedo chick

Bevin: I hate your ugly red hair!
Red Head: I hate your alien skin!
Cleveland dude from AL: Ho shit!! I wonder if she'll sleep with me for money!
Me: she'll do it for free!!

Haha Bevin kicked the dude's ass! Sucker!!

Pedo Chick didn't like that too much, she attacked Bevin. I love how everyone is booing Bevin..including her uncle Ian!

Bevin: Hi Uncle Ian! *this will make pedo chick jealous*
Ian: Hey hunny!!
Heather (in background): That bitch is tainting the gene pool.

Haha, Pedo bitch didn;t like it apparently...she attacked Bevin again! and lost again!

Back to the frat. Bevin is seducing the butler, and Cliff gets LTW: Max 7 skills. Though to be honest, he came pretty skilled up.

Here's the new grand good witch! I kinda got annoyed with Judith, so i had her drink the witch-b-gone and now this hunk replaced her. Yummy!!!

Cliff: I totally cheated on Bevin with her own sister
New High Witch (i don't remember his name right now): Awesome dude!! Can i get you to cheat on your fiancee with me?!
Cliff: Um no dude, I'm straight.

And Bevin bedded the butler. And he stayed the whole night, which means..7am new NPC.

Me: Hi new Butler Clayton. My aren't we pissy?
Clayton: STFU and DIAF
Me: D:

Sweet! Bevin has 3 bolts!! This should be an easy mark for her bed post!

Bevin: Here's 100 bucks, wanna sleep with me?
Clayton: i'll consider it.

Clayton: But I have a friend i want you to hang out with. I think you 2 will get along.
Bevin: But i wanna sleep with you. :(

Britney: Hey Beta, we're about to graduate and we need a frat holder. Would you mind being the frat holder for us?
Beta: Sure, then i can have some importance to the legacy again.

Me: Back to banging the 'balding' butler again?
Bevin: I wanna see Clayton again!
Me: Awww he's cuddling you!!
*sorry its the first time i've seen it in my game*

Me: And now the streaker!! Wow you are a whore!
Bevin: I wanna get my LTW before i leave college you know!!
Me: *cough*whore*cough*

And she cuddles him too. Wow, now i kinda regret getting her engaged to Seth.

*includes mandatory graduation spam*

Me: Wow, you really are willing to screw anything for your LTW!!
Bevin: Shut up! At least i can't get pregnant

Me: Nooo Beta!! Sloppy seconds are not worth it.
Beta: but he's an alien too!!
Me: No!

Graduation party time! This...Daniel and Rochelle made a beeline right for it!!

Bevin got her man!! During Britney's graduation party, she bangs Clayton.

Beta: *dreams how hott Cliff is*
Me: Not gonna happen. youre in Uni for like life.

Bevin goes at it again...more woohoo for her!! She definitely has to be nearing the end of her 20. Thank you ACR for making this an easy LTW.

BAM! Bevin's done...LTW for her..new one: 20 Loves. Not even gonna try that one!!

Bevin: I'm moving home! I need to see whats out there to make cute kids with.
Me: Yay! looking forward to Gen 3 Bevin!
Bevin: Of course! It means lots of woohoo!

Bevin moves home, leaving poor Beta alone in the frat house!

OK! WTF is this mr Good Witch...i thought you wanted Cliff! Don't sleep with Beta!!

And a good-bye kiss for the good bye to Uni!!

- I updated the family tree, you can find it here
- I also made a legacy index located here in case you want to read a previous chapter or my prior legacy, the Carters.
- I have another update i will be putting up tomorrow at some point. I have enough for like 3 updates, but i wanna stay a bit ahead.
- I intend on putting a request thread up for any sim you see in my legacy, whether its a townie or a Simpson.
- As always, Thank you to leenyland for allowing me to use her sim as my founder.

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lazyoceans October 26th, 2008
I love Bevin, she's got a sexy ass face.


kingmike1224 October 26th, 2008

flirts October 26th, 2008
I srsly love this pic sfm.

I love Bevin to death. I'm supa glad she is heiress, because WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE LIKE IF SHE WASN'T? WRONG, MAN. COMPLETELY WRONG AND EVIL.

kingmike1224 October 26th, 2008
I KNOW!!! I loved her since i named her LOL!!

leenygirl October 26th, 2008
You make me jealous with all the witchery going on! Looks like you have my cuddle picture addiction. haha. I'm always taking picture of the cuddle everytime I see it.

kingmike1224 October 26th, 2008
haha i know...the witchery is awesome.

I have an addiction for now because i was always like i never see the cuddle...now i have so YAY

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