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Simpson Legacy 2.5

So we start off with a family shot. Bevin is looking kinda glitched there, isnt she?!

And Daniel wins at these chance cards anyway...promotion!!!

and Bevin lands Dave in the sack...mmm Dave.

Bevin: Dave, you should totally move in, i think im pregnant with your kid.
Dave: Of course ill move in!! Ive been waiting for an invite!

Rochelle: Ho Shit! A vampire!
So ya, Dave was a vampire for some i had him bite Bevin. I love this interaction with the coffin. But it wasnt so much Daniel made some vampricillin for our lovely couple.

Haha someone got pregnant!!! question is, out of the 31 sims she's fucked, whos the dad?

And apparently Britney is a whore...she fucked her mom's old fuck buddy!! That's kinda disturbing!

Especially since right after that, she got married to her husband. He was at work when she was fucked 3 ways from Sunday.

Oh great! On your wedding night, you go and get abducted!! No woohoo for you tonite!

Rochelle: Bitch! I said clean up the dishes, Im not paying you to sit on your ass!
Dave: Look, I dont work for you anymore! I live here. I knocked up your daughter!!
Bevin: Did i tell you that im going to have a baby, and it might be yours?!

Ahhh now its a Simpson party...theres fights everywhere...Rochelle vs Dave...Daniel vs Marty (Rochelle/Daniel's enemy back in 1.1, and Britney's date last update).

Dave didnt take to kindly to losing, so he attacked Bevin's friend there...and Bevin's fuckbuddy or a butler replacement just can't stand to watch.
Bevin: I'll sleep with whoever wins

Dave won the fight...and servant attacker attacks Marty. I wonder who is gonna win that fight :p

Cliff is coming back from his night out with the aliens.

Haha!! Half are worried for him, and half are cheering that he got abducted...even the servant attacker cared!

Seth, however, could care less! He's gonna beat the crap out of Rochelle for stealing his man!

He lost the fight and then walked in on his fiancee banging her live in lover, Dave. He was pissed but thankfully she has the smooth talk ability.

I had her drink Witch-B-Gone cuz for some reason her head and body were 2 different now she's being transformed again into an evil witch.

Um Wow Rochelle!! Don't bother running to the bathroom when you have to go...make sure you go stalk your son-in-law at the computer!! not like he's looking for his LTW oriented job or anything.

Good Witch: Hey babe, would you let me punch your time clock?
Britney: I dunno, think you're man enough for me?

I guess he's man enough for her.

Me: Wow Cliff, you are just like your father-in-law.
Cliff: why's that?
Me: You're always excited when bad things happen.

A free sample is a big screen TV...are you serious?! Sweet!

Me: OK! seriously?! This guy is seriously that good, that he's even seduced Cliff??

Wanna know why Dave here is crying?! Rochelle was being mean to him. I love how she's nicer than her husband but a huge bitch!

LOL Cliff wanted to be a witch, and his fuckbuddy was around. So Cliff the nice warlock is back ladies and gentlemen!!

This guy is Dave's coworker. He just sparked my interest. He got pissy at an admire though. Maybe he will fit in with this family yet!

And Britney pops...and i totally missed Bevin's pop. were at the toilet...why didnt you, i dunno, USE IT!!!

Cliff: OMG! Im pregnant
Rochelle: OMG! Youre pregnant!
Good Witch: That sooo isnt mine! *bounces*

Good Witch: How dare you be evil in my presence?
Daniel: OMG! This bitch touched me!!

Good Witch: OMG! Youre sooo hott!! Let me take you to bed!

Belly rubs!! I dunno, i think its sooo cute...i do it to one of my coworkers all the time LOL.

Britney and Bevin are like Goofus and Gallant...Britney makes sure she keeps all of her needs somewhat yellow...Bevin has these for needs.

Bevin: Hoshit! the baby kicked!
Britney: Thats nice, now come and eat some food.

Haha the preggos go down! Goes to show how their hormones keep them awake.

OK the frame before this was great..but the damn graphics program wouldnt catch it. As soon as Daves head hit the plate, and Rochelle realized she was alone, she looked dead at the camera with a D: face on her. I seriously pissed myself laughing.

Rochelle: So Dave, you know its going to rain tomorrow, right?
Dave/Cliff/Bevin: *snore*

Me: Britney, what is Marissa doing that you are spying on her??
Britney: She's sexing up her sexy husband!!!
Me: ooo i think i'll watch too!

Haha i guess watching Marissa sex up her husband, Britney decided to sex hers up. A+ for being a creeper there Marty.

and Cliff pops...i have had 3 pregnant sims in a house before, so this isnt really anything new to me. But how do i keep missing pop shots?!

Bevin: *water breaks*
Cliff: If you flush that toilet again...
Bevin: Hello...having a baby here!!!

Woohoo!!! I hit random, and only got a single baby. Seems i'm not cursed to have quads in gen. 3.

And its a boy, blonde hair (wtf?!) and blue eyes, who is named Carter after my old legacy. His daddy is, of course, Dave the butler.

So i figure that now that she's had the baby, she should get hitched. AKA she lost the fear of getting married.

And right after the wedding, Seth becomes a royal fucktard. he started to piss everyone off...including very pregnant Britney.

Bevin: Oh Fuck no bitch!! if youre gonna act like that, GTFO. Were through.
Seth: OMG! Nooo! I promise i wont be a total douchebag anymore!!

The marriage lasted about 1 sim hour.

Bevin: OMG! Is that bitch crying?! How the fuck dare he cry?

Birthday time. I invited all of the kids over..after all Daniel and Rochelle are both becoming elders. And Beth is becoming a kid. Somewhere along this gameplay, i moved Lynette out...she can go whore up somewhere else.

Haha Dave and Bevin were getting it on when Britney went into labor. I tried my luck again with random...She had triplets...all of them have brown hair and blue eyes. 2 girls (Catalina & Cordelia), and a boy named Christopher.

The babies look sooo cute, y/y?

And Cliff now goes into labor. Cliff unfortunately does not get a random, he gets an original. His babies can't be heir.

He has a baby girl named Christine. She has blonde hair from both parents, and the alien traits. Her other parent is part of my own Multi-PT hack, in which i used simrenity's Issey Emery.

And Britney finished her novel, and got a huge boost in her ASP!!! popularity/romance sims are surprisingly very easy to play.

Bevin smooth talked her way back into Seth's graces...and he moved back in...didnt bring any cash cuz i moved him in with the insiminator.

Daniel: I cant believe i peed my pants!!
Baby: Wow! Grandpa is a crybaby!

Seth got himself a job in his field...Intelligence...somehow i dont think that field goes with this family now?!

It's confetti baby...but seriously..cant they get rid of this ugly ass hair??

Dave helps give Carter a makeover, and OMG! he's adorable!!

Britney tops the Entertainment track...too bad it's not her LTW track. So we finally found it on the computer.

And Seth and Daniel still have a bit of anomosity towards each other. Seth needs to learn, you dont mess with Daniel unless youre Rochelle.

Carter spam pic...he's totally adorable!!

AHHH! No Britney! Let there be at least a lil space between your kids in age!!

LOL Dave was teaching Carter to walk, and this was the face he made..Tooo cute!!!

Fine, if you wont stop trying for a baby, at least make it a viable attempt.

You know R.Kelly's trapped in a closet, well this is the Simpsons woohoo in a closet!

Followed right behind by Bevin...these guys just wanna become the next Carters, sont they?

Dave: Hey you useless piece of shit! GTFO of my house, youre fired!!!!
Orlando (new butler): Whoa! Dude you cant fire me! *goes back to work*

BAM! Britney hits her LTW! Her next one is to woohoo 20 sims...thats sooo not gonna happen.

Sweet! birthday time!!

Seth helps Cordelia,

Rochelle helps Catalina,

Cliff helps Christopher..who ive nicknamed Glitchy,

and Britney helps Christine.

Hey there matchmaker, giving me a genie lamp?? Thanks a bunch, i can use one of them!!

Pop goes the heiresses!!

And some big bonuses definitely help me expand the house.

Cliff takes LTW #2 down with ease...#3 - Be a Professional Party Guest. Easily done.

And here is where i know the house is fucked. Glitchy becomes a cause for problems.

- I put up my request thread, you can find it here :)
- Totally picked Britney for heiress because she was so low-key she was unexpected, Bevin cuz i love her.
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