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The Simpson Legacy 3.1

So, when we left off last, Glitchy was being a problem. The lot kept crashing, so i tried to move them to a different lot. I figured out that it was a thumbnail problem, but the damage was done...This house comes courtesy of music_simbol.

Rochelle despises both of Bevins lovers. She is without a doubt the meanest sim ever! Daniel has like 1 nice point, and Bevin has 0 and neither of them have picked any fights.

I took this picture, why? Just because i wanted to...I have a love for Bevin.

Seth: I love you Bevin!
Bevin: I love you hunny!
Dave: I think Bevin is cheating on me! *furious*

Sweet! 46000 is definitely a nice bonus!

*incest #1*
Britney: OMG! Did you know how hott Brian is??

Rochelle: Listen you golddigger!!! GET A JOB!!
Dave: But..but im a judge.
Cliff: I cant see any bad things. *twitters away*

Rochelle: What the fuck bitch?! You trying to cheat?
Daniel: What, I didnt do anything!

Rochelle has become a heinous bitch with old age.

Bevin decides that this is the perfect moment to go to into labor with TWINS!!! DAMN YOU BEVIN!!

Courtesy of my TV, this baby is named Carly after ICarly, red hair, blue eyes and Dads skintone

And my LAPSCOCK friends helped name Chelsea, alien skin, blue eyes and blonde hair!! WTF?! where is the blonde hair coming from?!

FAMILY SHOT!!!! *gratuitous spam*

Its Skill time for the family...Cliff is learning the whole new AL skills like fire safety.

But, its probably a better use of his perma-plat to skill his alien daughter. Oh if she could be heir.

Gee! Guess who stopped by for a visit?! Ill give you 3 guesses.

Me: Hey random walkby, wanna let Bevin bang your drum slowly?
Walkby: Sure.
Me: Just give her a minute, shes knocking her sister senseless.


So i send the daddies to train their kids in the facts of stuff they need.

Britneys in the zone too.

Carter: Take me away from this nuthouse!!
Walkby: Umm not til youre older kid.
Carter: DAMN YOU!

And Catalina is a whiny little bitch. I dont even know why the fuck she was crying.

Emily: Boo!
Britney: Ho SHIT! Grandma, dont scare me!!

Emily: I said BOO! Bitch!
Britney: He has a sweet ass!
Catalina: *stares into space*

Rochelle: Damn, my husband is hott!!
Daniel: *studies for promotion*


Um no Pedoman!! The toddler cant come to the phone, cuz hes 2!! Also, you can notice, new house.

LMAO!!! leenylands River Nota came by to steal the paper. Come join the family River!!

Carter grew up! And wow hes a little cutie...

..and a little gangsta! You throw down, bad boy!!

New family shot!! Umm ya I apparently forgot to include the picture of Britney giving birth. Britney had another girl as well, named Caitlin.

Why the fuck does that appear in Britneys queue??

Ahhh The dumbfuck couldnt stay away from Georginas cake tongue. O well! 1 less sim in the house.

And well, while Cliff is at work, Britney gets down with her romance sim secondary asp. This is the hott alien dude who kept refusing to go out with her.

BIRFDAY TIME!!! Theres alot of them!! Also, Cliff came home LOL.

All the toddlers grew up platinum, cuz i trained them in everything before they grew up. They are smart kids though, they flew through skill points.

WOO! LTW #3 for Cliff...his new one is 20 loves, but i think im gonna stop here. Also, Dave wants another baby!! LMAO! You wish.

Cliff wants to be superdad and just teach his kids everything, all 4 to teach to study...and he also brought home hottie Nathan Byrne from work. Ya its a townie i made, got a problem!!!

Nathan: I would totally join the mile high club with you baby!!!
Cliff: Dont hear anything, teaching my kid to study!!

Crowded house y/n?!

SHIT!!! Bevin just popped...well shes gonna get whats coming to her!!

She gets engaged and married to Dave within 5 minutes..take that romance sim!!

Hrmmm. Well Britneys LTW is woohoo 20 sims, so i guess a change of job wouldnt hurt. She takes the science job, and hopefully a hop on Nathan.

Ian Died!! Whos Ian you ask? Daniels brother that i never played but kept around for 'family visits'.

WOOHOO!! Everyone is just bringing home cash bonuses. I dont think i ever had a family that good with cash, ever.

Carter: OMG! Dad i got an A!!!
Dave: Thats awesome son, guess whos getting ice cream tonite!!!

OMG!!!! Rochelle brought home Rhys from work!!! I think i got a lil too excited about this...because my sim happened to be on the lot!!

Dave is getting to know his family now..Laura just seems to hate him...she keeps annoying him and everything. Its a Lynette/Daniel all over again.

Haha, i guess i staked my claim on Rhys...Mack it to him good SimMe!!!

OMG!! Huggle is totally adorable!!! Arent they just precious!!!

OK! Everyone wants the kids in private school, so we call the headmaster. DAMN! Hes hotter than the one i had for the Carters.

Diana: Hey Seth, Glad to see being dead hasnt gotten to you
Seth: Damn is this bitch nuts?
Me: Probably

Rochelle: Damn did you see the rack on that hott chick?
Bevin: Is she trying to tell me something?

Bevin: *pop #2*
Clayton: She hasnt played with my joystick in a while

Catalina maxes out her creativity, gotta love it!! Shes so smart...makes up for her being whiny.

Bevin maxes her LTA bar!! Shes not even middle age and she proves how awesome she is.

All the kids brought home As, but this is the one i caught....they need to get rid of the celebration shit...and the family sim one.

Daniel: Hey headmaster Harvey, how are you?
Harvey: Cranky and hungry, feed me!

More spam, and Cliff is making Lobster for the damn headmaster to guarantee a get in.

And here we have a Pedo, and a glitched headmaster. Headmaster wouldnt budge from this spot.

Rochelle finally got her LTW!! And still glitched headmastery.

I love this interaction. It looks like Daniels gonna fling her ass into the next county.

Damn you Bevin, can you not woohoo for 5 seconds?!

Ummm whoops, sorry Bevin...i didnt think i would be so skanky.

Chelseas time to grow up...i locked the door so they couldnt crowd, sucks to be them now dont it.

Oh YAY! Bevin cant just have 1 kid, she has to have twins!!!

Dave here is holding Callum, Bevin is holding Calypso. I dont remember if Calypso is from Pirates of the Caribbean or from one of my friends user names.

Me: You are fucking kidding me!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! NOT FUCKING HAPPENING!!!

So he hasnt slept with her yet, but now hes networking?! Whats this now?!

Hmmmm Blind date you say, sure why not?! as long as its not someone really creepy!

Alejandro Valenzula from music_simbol? Sweet!! Hes good for a love/woohoo!

*Note: I checked Alejandros stats, and hes bi.*

DAMN! Moving fast there arent we?! I dont know what sim moved that fast!!

LOL! Britney brought home Rosalyn Carter! I <3 her.

Hmmm i dunno who Claire is, but a friend is a friend. Why not give her the number.

And we end this update with flying kids. I dunno, its kinda fun to watch them spin around...feels kinda like child abuse too.

- i have about 3 more updates to post, ill try to post the mini one tomorrow, then it will be uni updates. Ive already had gen 4 born in my game
- family tree will probably be updated as well tomorrow
- i have all my family sims packaged and ready to upload, does anyone know a good place to upload them?

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yep_i_am_dennis November 9th, 2008
When my sims first starting spinning the kids, I was was hoping that they would let go. ....Im a jerk.

YAY! Great update Mike!

kingmike1224 November 9th, 2008
You aren't alone! I'm still hoping they will let go one day!!

simsforaranya November 9th, 2008

I use box.net. The free part. I r too cheap/poor to pay to upload my simmies. XD

kingmike1224 November 10th, 2008
lol well im not paying either...my po' ass cant afford it

simsforaranya November 10th, 2008
And mine can? LULZ. I'm so going to get yelled at by my optometrist when I go in later this week. "You haven't been in for over a year! *insert long rant about eye health*" To which I will glare and fume about not having any money, thus not going to see stupid expensive doctors.

simsforaranya November 10th, 2008

kingmike1224 November 10th, 2008
But of course!! Now go read my new simpson update lol

simsforaranya November 10th, 2008
I am waiting for it to load at this very moment! *glee*

kingmike1224 November 10th, 2008
*squees* you are my biggest fan!!! I wuv you!!

simsforaranya November 10th, 2008
I wuv you too!


leenygirl November 9th, 2008
I use box.net and mediafire. I like box the best though. =)

haha, The blonde came from the DOMINANT BLONDE ROBERTS GENES. The blonde will never leave.

And also, why didn't I ever think to lock the door to prevent swarming, that's genius! I mean I locked to keep them off Frances for two seconds but birthdays can be so much easier!

kingmike1224 November 9th, 2008
Lol that's probably it you know, damn their blondness!!

Haha ya I do that with babies, I lock the room so they don't get OMG!! MUST! FEED! BABY! Every 4 seconds

simslover2305 November 9th, 2008
This family is great!
But wow! How can you deal with that many sims on one lot?
I can't even deal with 8 at once!?

kingmike1224 November 9th, 2008
Slow and laggy. Right now there's 18 sims on the main lot, and it drives me buggy, but I've had 30 with the carters and well it was fun while it lasted

jax_simsane November 11th, 2008
That was totally my question! How insane! My head would explode with that many sims.

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