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The Simpson Legacy 3.2

Apparently, Bevin is a good lay. Alejandro came by and dropped off a 4000 dollar fountain.

Cliff: I wish Britney didnt have to go to work, this is nice
Me: I love this pose!!

I dunno, I play them as honest people. So Britneys gonna inform them guy. She wound up getting 7500 bucks for it. :D

Gypsy: Excellence, you haz it!!
Me: You have the right house gypsy lady? The Simpsons?! Really?!

Britney: Dad! Im home. Why are you in your underwear?!
Daniel: *cackles* To cause pain to the neighbors!
Ava: Wow that green dude is more evil than me.

Time for Callum and Calypso to join the toddler crowd. If they seem to grow up really fast, well they do.

Here's Callum...Um ya, he needs a makeover.

Calypso just needs a new hairdo and shes good.

Skill time...it was the last day of fall and i wasnt training them in winter.

SHIT! 5 teens, thats def not gonna have too much of a headache.

Spam for birthdays, ya they grew up with their own levels of asp. Glitchy didnt grow up well. :p

Christine: Shit Uncle Seth! Im on a date here.
Seth: Haha you got scared.

*incest #2*
Christine: OMG! Carter is hott!
Me: You are on a date, you know.
Carter: Can ya gimme a hott guy for 5 grand?

Carter - gay; Christine, Cordelia, Christopher - straight; Catalina - Bi

Christine: Carter is a yummy dish.
Ian: Dont think youre getting more action than me!
Carter: OH SHIT! Uncle Ian!!
Marlon: Sup Dude!

Carter: This rose has no beauty in comparison to you
Marlon: Hes soooo romantic
Christine: My cousin has game!

Carter snags his first kiss. Awwww!

Carter got his first kiss, now off to college.

Catalina: Bye Carter, see you soon!
Carter: Whatever!

Catalina gets her first kiss too, his name is Dominic and he grew up with her. You have to love Free Time.

Then, to keep the Witchery in the family, she gets turned into a witch.

Dominic: When do i get to see whats under the clothes?
Catalina: Anytime you want. *cues up relax thanks to ACR*

You couldnt even wait til Uni to get in the sack. People say Romance sims are sluts, but hell naw...its them there Knowledge sims you gotta watch out for.

Me: Callum (yes thats Callum), why the happy look after you got abducted by aliens?
Callum: I get more money for college, extra grants,+1500.
Me: Weird ass sims *headdesk*

---Off to Uni We Head---

First chore of business, get a blind date. These 2 hit it off pretty well.

MM: For 5 grand, i can give you a pedo
Catalina: Will he give me 10000 back?
Me: Ewwww no pedos please!!

Needless to say, this date wont end well.

Lucas: Daaaaamn, that boy is fiiiiine!!
Me: i know, hes pretty smexy.
Druggie Dormie: *is stoned*

Well, time to move to the family frat, so we get the heirs going.

Beta: Hows college been for you so far?
Catalina: Fucking Matchmaker tried to gimme a pedo for a date.

The heirs are moving to the frat now. Bye spares, we'll call when we need you. I've started naming the dorms the spares sit in Gen x Spares...its quite fun, and generates dormies.

And here are the THREE, yes you heard me, 3 heirs of gen 3. Callum, Carter and Catalina. And apparently, Catalina is pissed at Glitchy. Dont worry, Glitchy wont touch the frat house...ever!!!

Britney may have banned weather machines, but that doesnt mean that her frat cant have one. Frat house now has fall forever!! It also has a wishing well.

So i had Carter call up Lucas from the dorm for a date, Lucas jumped at the chance.Remember, boy is fiiiiine LOL.

Callum tried his luck at the wishing well. Here's Fredrick blah...Ya im shit at last name remembering. If it was important, I'd remember lol.

Carter: So tiger print, does that mean youre a tiger in the sack?
Lucas: Wanna find out?

Beta booty called her fiancee, Lance at like 1am...he didnt seem to mind though.

...and Carter loses his virginity to Lucas, not that Lucas would mind anyway. Hes all OMG! Must! Love! Carter!

Carter: Hey Callum, cheer up. You could have a hotter date like mine.
Callum: But, i dont wanna sleep with the neighborhood.

I also sent a couple of townies to Uni too...namely Marlon and Dominic. Gotta say, they came out amazing.

Marlon: OMG! Carter! Is that you!?
Carter: Come gimme some sugar, stud!

I said room, not hot tub, but ya, Marlon lost his virginity to Carter, in a hot tub, that Carters aunt just had sex in. Say it with me....EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Carter: I love you sooo much!!
Marlon: *gasps for air*

Carter & Marlon: *make out some more*
Catalina & Dominic: *get busy in hot tub*
Me: Are you serious? Three double beds in the damn house, and everyone has to have sex in the hot tub?!

Carter: OMG! Marlon, I love you soooo much, wanna get married?
Marlon: *dazzled by shiny* Yes!!

Catalina: Dominic, Will you marry me?
Dominic: Fuck no! I dont know you like that!
Catalina: *is emo*

A break in engagement spam for sexy llama mascot out of costume.

Dominic: Oooo shiny!! Yes.
After flirts, woohoo and kisses, he finally said yes. Damn him.

So Catalina tried her luck at the well for friends, well they were friendly with her...with each other however was a different story.

Carter: No, Lucas, im totally not engaged. thats just gossip.
Lucas: Kool, wanna hang out downtown then??
Carter: Sure, can i invite my household? They wont interrupt our good time.
Lucas: Sure

Cheerleader + Cow = fight where cheerleader kicks ass.

And Callum beds the hott llama mascot. He was rushed though, as soon as he got under the covers, the cab showed up for them.


I had Carter run to greet this guy and Lucas just stalked him.
Carter: Hey dude, Im Carter.
Lucas: Im Lucas..his future husband/baby daddy/stalker.
Me: Thats what he thinks.

I had them call up dates for the night...Catalina got her fiancee down here, but Callum didnt even get the option to call the llama. THERES A BUG PEOPLE!!!

Ummm...Mr Count dude, what do you think youre doing to Beta???? Dont turn her into a vampire!!!

And we end with Vampire Beta showing that my invisible Vampire Default isnt working so well still. I need to fix that.

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LULZ the graves in front of the house. "HULLO. I am So-and-so Simpson, and I live in a HAUNTED HOUSE." (and I totally just typed carter, lol)

HOLY CRAP DUDE. THREE HEIRS?? *hands awesome patience award*

I approve of Lucas. Alien eyes + human skin FTW

Haha well I got the carters still stuck in my head, hence why there's a carter.

Lol the triple heir is killing me right now, but gen 4 has already been born, so its killing me.

I was kinda hoping one of bevins kids would have gotten them, but who knows!

I usually have to hold myself back from taking a dozen cuddle pictures. ^.^

You're still insane for having three heirs though!

But I was insane before I decided to do triple heirs, so this doesn't really say much about me!

And screw that, I'm gonna post cuddle pictures when I get them!!!

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