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The Simpson Legacy 3.3

When we last left off, Gen 3 got sent off to University. Carter and Catalina got engaged to their teen loves, and lots of sex...Beta got sexed by her fiancee and got turned into a vampire.

Well i guess i didnt pay too much attention, cuz Beta bit Catalina, and now Catalina here is biting Dominic...Vampirism spreads worse than herpes in this game.

Marlon and Carter finally fell in love, even though they got engaged last update.

They get cuddly and raunchy in the hot tub, i gotta remember to delete that tub next time im there.

LOL Vampire sex and Catalina pulling a Janet Jackson. Catalina is a dirty whore.

Me: Incest #3: you should not snuggle up to your brother and get a memory of having an affair with him. EWWWW!

Whoops, we have a pregnant Uni student folks!! I guess that means that you should cut back on the woohoo!!

Carter: *vomits*
Me: *wonders is Marlon knows hes gonna be a dad*
Marlon: Im going to be a dad arent I?

Catalina: OMG! Im hungry, why cant i eat?
Me: Why arent you in your crypt like i told you?!

These are her needs folks. My knowledge sim is the dumb one folks.

Marlon: OMG! Carters home *runs to make out with him*
Me: WOW Horny much?!

Callum meanwhile, is trying to find his TRU LUV!! Yet another failure of the well!

Again?! Excellence?! Simpsons?! That sooo doesnt compute!!!

Vampire Beta is getting it on with her lover, Carla. Lance may not be too happy when he finds out, or he may get more excited.

Carter go POP! That is a big POP! to me!!

Ummmm EXCUSE ME!!! When did Catalina get pregnant?! And Bevin aint having another kid, FUCK THAT!!!

Jason: So i totally banged your mom all night long when she was in college.
Bevin: This is true, Carter. I barely got any sleep
Carter: This is a bit TMI for me MOM!!!

Carla's now a full member of the frat, and Carter is asking the Genie to revive the dead cheerleader thats in the front yard. I didnt give her a fair shot at all.

I have no idea why, but here's a layout of the top floor of the frat *shrugs*

POP #2 for Carter!! Pink dust pop for the win!

And Dominic and Catalina had to get re-engaged because being the genius vampires that they are, decided to die from sunlight when i wasnt watching them.

Callum is a mommys boy...he didnt really get to spend alot of time with her after all, so hes all i wanna be friends with mom, wanna be best friends with mom, be BFF with mom.

Carter: *passes out in food*
Marlon: Im marrying that?@ *is scared*
Callum: Damn Marlon is kinda hott

And Catalina goes pop! This shouldnt be soooo bad.

Marlon: Hunny remember that time you made that bad wish?!
Carter: Who the fuck said that?!

Dominic: Oooooo Grilled Cheese!!!
(Yes! He is a Grilled Cheese Sim)

LOL Hes sponge bathing in the sink when theres 2 good tubs upstairs not being used!

Ya, Carter broke the sink. Dominic is lecturing the very pregnant sim about breaking a sink.

Belly rub for me!! I love it!!

Catalina waddled up to the computer to type up her term paper...and she cant hold a thought to type about.

Have we not learned Catalina, you are too dumb to be a vampire. So no.

Ugly ghost: Boo!
Carter: OMG! The fug on that ghost scared me.

Carla moved in with a fake 1000 bucks, and added some more lulz!!!

And Carter goes into labor...Marlon can hear the anguished scream through the wall.

Here we have Drew, isnt he just adorable?! He has a good dose of Marlon with Carters eyes.

Carter: Hey hunny. wanna take our baby...i have another one to deliver..
Marlon: One second, just gotta save my game.

Me: That podium sure doesnt look like Marlon to me.

Drew gets to meet the floor, while Carter brings Drake into the world. Twins....SWEET!!!

DUDE!!! You just had babies...why the fuck are you woohooing already!!

And Beta is getting it on with the cheerleader i resurrected...and its LURVE!! And i totally didnt make Dominic do this!!! *squees*

OK, so its time that i got at least one vacation down!! Carter books a week vacation in Twikki Island! Voodoo Doll for the win!!

And Catalina pops just before they take off...

Catalina: Well Im too pregnant to walk around...its time to fly everywhere. Off to the mysterious hut we go!

*giggles* They arrive and Carter rolls this want!!! I just had to laugh when i saw this.

Marlon: So can i have my way with you here?!
Carter: I would be offended if you didnt!
*has hammock woohoo*

OK so im not gonna go there with the dick-in-a-box like everyone, so you can just say it for yourself.

And i think Justine Laroux would totally be in heaven right now!! Unsavory Charleton is shirtless and hott!!!

So Marlon and Carter wanted Woohoo!! So i ACRed them up and they got down with the woohoo!! Public Woohoo FTW!

Then Carter gets a tan...

While Marlon gets a red! Ouch!

And I has a pretty!!! She so pretty!!!

Callum: I'm getting laid tonite!!
Random guy: You totally are!!
Me: What the Fetch?! Who the fuck do you think youre doing?!

Im telling you, knowledge sims are bigger sluts than anything. This is like the third guy Callum banged on vacation!! And hes a service sim too.

They came home and found cute ass cheerleader on their! 2 in the house isnt enough?

What has Carol (resurrected cheerleader) entertained? This does:

Skill Time!!! Marlon does wanna max 7 skills after all.

Catalina done went into labor!!!

OK! So after this, im taking the damn trips hack out til after this generation is dead...cuz i know im gonna wind up getting screwed!!!

Marlon, who BTW was running to a final til Catalina handed him the kid, is holding Dixon.

And Catalina here is holding Dido.

A crappy family time i have to stick with my normal....but LOL

OK! WTF is with the angry old lady and attacking Marlon!? Fucking old whore wanted Cliff.

Beta here is wishing for beauty, well if i remember right she wished for beauty...but its been sooo long i cant remember for shit.

I hearby dubb them, In The Zone. This trio will be rocking out at a studio near you soon.

Tell you what! You write the caption for this picture for me...and make sure you comment with it!!

OK, so i made them do this, but how could you not, its too adorable!!!

Me: Incest #4: Whether you know it or not, kissing your dads cousin is still incest!!

Another family shot! Its better quality though this time!

Carter here keeps wishing for love, its rough to try and get 20 lovers who cant see you with your fiancee sexing up like rabbits.

To be quite honest, there really was no reason for this picture...i dont even know who he is kissing.

Carter: You seem pretty genetically have a good shot at being heir.
Me: HEY! I make that decision!

I dont think Betas fiancee liked the idea of 2girls1cup!

So Carla shows him who has the bigger balls, and beats the sense out of him.

So I had Callum "invite" the maid dude over to hang out...and they became Marlon and Carter. Humping every 3 seconds.

Dixon and Dido grew up, Didnt get a picture of Dido though so *shrugs*

Study party!! It was kinda the breaking point...i was just lets get them the fuck out of uni!!

I think im gonna take the wild guess and say that Callum is either pregnant or food poisoning. But this is my game, so im just gonna say pregnant.

Ya this bitch, she just walked up into the house and used the bathroom, didnt ring the doorbell or anything. Do you recognize her? She was Daniels blind date back in 1.1!!

OK! So now Catalina has beef with this bitch?! I think its time to end this for once and for all!!

Catalina kicks her ass for once and for all.

OK!!!! Ewwww This guy just totally scored with the third generation of Simpson women!!! Thats plain nasty...imagine being all "I totally did your grandmother"

And cheerleader takes creepy to the next level by watching said woohoo!!! What is with the sickos!!!

LMAO!! Running to the toilet, or running to the fridge for one of them protein shakes. You be the judge.

And theres no more morning sickness thankfully. We has a pop!!

Spouse LTW #1: Marlon = max 7 skills done; new LTW: become Captain Hero!! Thats kinda an easy one.

We has graduates!!! Now to start planning place holder/graduation parties.

Cow/cheerleader fight = *checks off list*

Carter: Hunny, I'm totally sorry i cheated on you, but heres a rose to make up for it!
Marlon: OMG! You didnt!!! *falls back in love*

Callum goes into labor, and with no trips hack, im not worried :p

Callum: OMG! This shit hurts!!
Carter: Now he knows how i felt.

We has a baby girl named Delphina, Both dads skin and hair color, Callums blue eyes. Dad was worker at vacation hotel dude.

Delphina: HI!! I IZ YOUR HEIR, Y/Y?!

LOL Catalina's graduation party was everyone studying. Who says you cant get a grade increase at a party.

Was a great time too!! Thats a bit too much unbelievably!!

Alien bitch died, and Beta was the only one crying...bitch is dead!!

Beta party for her though, since she isnt heir.

Me: Incest #5: Telling your cousin that hes hott and should call you will not make you win any fan favorites at home

LOL I just had to take this picture. He looks sooo excited to have his ass in the air.

Carter throws his graduation party...

and its a good time.

Thats it for now, theres another update coming up soon...its uploaded..and hopefully a bit more entertaining.

- Thanks to dothesmustle for the teaser, though i only asked her to pick out a picture for it.
- Thanks to leenyland for the use of her sims
- Thanks to music_simbol for the use of Alejandro Valenzula
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