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The Simpson Legacy 4.1

Upon getting back to the NEW legacy house, designed by simplicist, Marlon and Carter got hitched.

And immediately went to the bed to consummate the marriage, gee the Knowledge/Romance pairing was a good one.

Catalina and Dominic also get hitched, lol ya with triple heirs...they were lucky to even get married.

Rochelle wound up getting a bonus from this *shrugs* thats all i remember.

Me: Marlon, stop trying for baby damnit!!! you have 2 kids already!!

LOL Catalina couldnt even go to an empty room to get it on, just gets it on with her cousin and everyone there.

Me: Why me?! They need to start taking birth control damnit!!!

Callum: So Grandma, I totally made Dean's list last semester...
Rochelle: Thats nice dear, where's your Grandpa?

Toddler skilling is now a group activity, dont they just look entertained.

Carter: Mom, can you stop playing sims? I'm trying to score!
Bevin: OK hunny, just let me save this.

Sex Sex everywhere, when it stops, no one cares.

Not even fights stop Daniel and Rochelle from sexing it up.

Catalina looks sooo ugly in her career outfit. I mean seriously that hair is horrible!!

LOL Catalina is pissed at someone, no idea who though. But yay family shot!!

Catalina: I think im pregnant.
Noel: Thank God i just bang her mom.

Dominic: *conjures up grilled cheese*
His LTW is eat 200 sandwiches.

ACR really does throw curve balls at you, especially on brothel mode. This guy, is Callum's first lover, the Llama mascot. Needless to say, Callum isn't marrying him.

HAHA!! Daniel's nice bonus also serves as a censor on Britney!! Told ya the mailman gives her special delivery.

LOL We all know the snuggle shot is for me. Live with it.

Delphina grew up...bald. OK i need to fix that then.

Ummm..I have this benefit like 4 times that like yet another 10% off or something?? Or is it the benefit is a one time deal?!

She looks alot better with hair, dont you agree??

Brad: I heard blah blah in the corner.
Me: Well i should hope you know people in it, you are a work buddy of his!!

Catalina invisipops on me. Damn you risky woohoo!!!

Apparently Brad is getting close to Callum.

...really close.

Dave finally went LTW on me...and Callum went head over heels.

Brad: That was amazing!
Callum: Ya, i know

Meanwhile, Dominic is getting awfully close to Delphina...this better not be a problem later on.

Callum here plays everything by the rules, and awesomeness pays off!

Ewwww what is with this glitch!!

First of Gen 3 heirs to perm platinum!! New LTW is to be Hand of Poseidon.

Pop #2 for looks like she's screaming in pain, doesnt it?!

The ghosts are out crying, all their beds have been deleted...and why not...they never had any LOL.

Callum needed a i decided that Brad would be his...I like Brad so :p

And Callum got an oceanographer job. 2nd LTW coming up.

This, well this just really cant be comfortable.

Yes i am Callum fan 101!! isn't he adorable!!

Catalina is like 8 months pregnant and still manages to potty train Dido. She also didnt get a choice so whatever.

Me: Hi cutie, you wanna join the legacy?!!

Catalina goes into labor and weird ass 80 yr old townie thinks he can help. Thats just a wee bit creepy...She had a girl named Delta.

LTW #2 for Marlon...Next LTW, become Captain Hero.

OK?! Apparently Catalina is crying cuz she had an affair...maybe she just lurves her husband soooo much.

This made me go "Awwwww". He wants to be friends with his step daughter.

The crazies have come out of full hiding and live in the Simpson house now!!! Damnit!

Carter: Shit, am i pregnant again? I don't need stretch marks!!

Dephina wins the awesome award by sitting on a bed reading til she maxed her lit enthusiasm. How great is she?!

Haha, Callum just up and popped...his honeymoon was worth it i guess.

Child safety warning: Dont swing children around to where their legs go through a wall.

And we end with a house shot.

- Sorry this update sucked, but its alot of sims in a house to manage.
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