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The Simpson Legacy 4.2

Last time we left off, Carter thought he was pregnant again, and worried about stretch marks as he tried for his 20 love LTW. Callum gained his LTW and joined Catalina in the Oceanographer career for his 2nd one. And what was Gen 4 in Uni became kids.

Its official! Carter is knocked up...again! GOD DAMN IT!

Carter: Holy Fuck!! Im pregnant!

So Catalina went whoring it up in the hot tub...what i dont know is why does she always go for the hot tub when there are 3 beds and a photo booth on the lot.

And Dom apparently didnt like his wife becoming the new town bike. Wife beater, y/y?!

I just keep getting poses ive never seen...this one is new to me...LOL at Bevin hugging nothing.

ACR on brothel mode...these 2 go at it when they get together! Not that she cares, her husband just abused the shit out of her.

Awww Brads gonna be a daddy...think this is how Brad Pitt felt??

LOL Dave and Cliff still find their spouses irresistable!! Either that or Cliff wants Bevin still.

LOL I dont remember what the hell was going on here, but awww 4 generations of Simpsons in a picture!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Pretty!!! Marry the heir!? Y/Y?

Marlon scored his 3rd LTW. I cant be bothered finding out his fourth right now...ill try to find it out for next update.

AWWWW!! They are soooo in love!! Daniel/Rochelle OTP!!


Grim: I want you for my army!!
Rochelle: WTF!! I dont think so Grim!

Grim: I have BOOZE!!
Rochelle: Well that changes everything!! Im IN!!!!

DAAAAMN 19 people!!! Though i bet they are probably all related to her! Why isnt Daniel reacting you ask?

Grim: Daniel, its your time to go too.
Daniel: Noooo, Im too heartbroken to go!!
Grim: You will see your parents and brother again...and Rochelle will be there too!

LOL just saying Rochelle's name brought a smile to his face!! 23 people!!! Wonder if Eli got anything?!

Together forever!! Daniel the great founder, and Rochelle, the bitchiest nice sim to start a legacy!!

Delta grew up into a toddler...kinda plain looking to me!

ACK! TOO MANY SIMS!!! Bevin doesnt even know who to think about!!

Oooo thats cold Brooke, she just probably got money from her!!

Me: Hmmm lets see...Britney, Bevin, Dave, Clifford, Carter, Catalina, Callum, Dominic, Marlon, Brad, Delphina, Drew, Drake, Dido, Dixon and Delta...ya no Henry in this house stupid ass!! Get a clue!!

HAHA!! Dave is getting impaled by Brads arm!! Glitchy much!

Carter: So im having another baby!!
Brad: I love kids, the more the merrier!!


Carter: WOW Ricky!! That was awesome!! You are totally my best friend!!!

Pop #2 for Carter....look at the excitement!!

So Pedo lady stopped by to hang out and i was greeted to a brawl of Bevin and Pedo Lady...Poor Delphina is scared shitless!!

Me: Listen whore, theres no one here named Pearl!! But thanks for the free shit!!

Carter went to the wishing well to try and get another love. This is Gene, and hes not bad looking.

Callum goes into labor in mid day...sweet no after 6pm baby!!

Its a girl with blonde hair (are you surprised?!) and blue eyes. I named her Darcy.

The bitchy pedo lady came back...and Bevin wasnt having any of her lip.
Catalina: Cool! My aunt is kicking ass!!

Carter goes into labor too...again before 6, which rocks my socks.

And only one baby...good thing i took out trips and quads for now...this brings it up to 8 kids for gen 4. Im happy with that.

Its a boy, all marlon, Carters eyes...I named him Dallas.

A bit of study time for everyone...Callum wanted to learn some bullshit thing from AL.


Back to the well, and we get a fug...Ewwwww throw it back, throw it back.

And well, Bevin gets Kirk Emery as a blind date networked.

OK, you just arrived, and youre that a good sign?

Ummmm WTF do you think you are doing Callum?! You better not get pregnant!!!

Carter: But you're, like, really pretty.
Christopher: Thank you.
Carter: So you agree?
Christopher: What?
Carter: You think you're really pretty?
Christopher: Oh... I don't know

Birthday time!!! 2 senior citizens, and two toddlers...this is a cruel world!!

And again, Carter is going for sloppy seconds. Though i approve of this one.

Ummm WTF?! Why are they named?? and Why is Marlon stalking his brother in law and his uncle(?!).

Oh cuz its a FUCKING PARTY!!! Swarm the room the 2 guys wanna get laid in. Damn Callum is almost as slutty as Catalina.

Ooo its a pretty!! He has to marry in too...I WANT HIS EYES!!!

LTW #2 for Callum...I cant be assed to figure out...ill have a check list on a character page i wanna set up.

Again?! Seriously?! Damn they must be excellent...Gotta be for Delphina!!

Party Time!! 2 more senior citizens and 5 teenagers!!! Except the game encountered an error and crashed! Fucking thing...had some bug where the adults males couldnt age to elder.

Back to last nite.

Oooo its another damn my game is making alot of them.

Delphina: When i get older i wanna travel the world.
Fairfax: When she gets older i wanna get in her pants
Me: WTF bad Fairfax!! I know youre a knowledge sim and all...

Ummm Mr Leader of the pack...GTFO!!

LTW again for Callum...trying to actually document when it comes around to saving which is now.

And I sent him to the computer for a new job...cant remember...o well.

Dave/Callum shot. They look alike y/y?

Birthday Spam...Yes i cheated and made Delphina the same age as the others...i dont wanna deal with a seperate 1 birthday.

Party time #2

Dido & Delphina me...theres another crash so im not going into detail.

Daniel apparently doesnt like Delphina...

Seth: Boo! You shoulda been my grandkid!
Drew: Oh Shit strange guy!!!

Brad gets knocked up!! Ummm NO!


Brad pops...this isnt going to end well.

Dave: So I told this hott chick that i would ride her til next tuesday!!
Clifford: Really?! Thats hott!

Carter finally completes his LTW...AND THEN THE FUCKING GAME CRASHED AGAIN!!!

Crashes: 2
Me: 0

At this point, i didnt wanna lose Clifford...Hes Mohawky fun, so i had the count here vamp him up!! He's an adult forever!!

Bevin was late to work for the last time...and was fired. Well Shit!!! That kinda kills my empty house for a few hours...but at least its only 1 more. Not like i really have to worry about money.

Callum LTW AGAIN!! doing this 3 times made me save just so i didnt have to see it again!!

Another Birthday time!!!


Delphina and Drew...I gotta say they are my front runners for heir.

And all the teens got sent to college...i kinda missed where i had Bevin and Clifford turn Drew and Delphina into witches but *shrugs*

*headdesk* I think the game knows that it can have more kids and i wont end the pregnancys.

We end with Carter and Marlon performing a show for random alien guy!!

- Thanks to leenyland for the use of my late founder Daniel...He's surely missed.
- Thanks to dothesmustle for the teaser and cut line...i was feeling unimaginative.
- next update is really soon!! The pictures are already uploaded.
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