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The Simpson Legacy 4.3

We start off with Catalina being a super whore...I dont even remember this guys name...and its not the llama.

Bevin gets her 2nd LTW of 20 loves by falling for her 2nd or third lover. Issey wants to be BFF wit Carter since he fell for Kirk.


Britney finally tries out her LTA thing of 3 way calling. She calls up the 2 aged up paperboys LOL.

Me: *cocks shotgun* OK WHOS PREGNANT?!

Carter maxes his lifetime thing...and gets it on wit random Alien dude whos name i cant remember.

And gets it on again in the hot tub!! Sly dog!

Brad here pops...GOD DAMN IT!!! I didnt want anymore kids.

Pregnancy hormones kick into high gear though, and these 2 go at it like rabbits now!!

Cliff: WTF is wrong with him?!
Me: Hes pregnant...just like you were way back when.
Brad: I hate stupid box things.

Me: Oh FUCK ME!!! Just what i want, more babies.

But Callum makes up for it by rubbing belly!!! I <3 this interaction, though i havent gotten a self belly rub yet :(

Brad goes and pops again...well almost done with babies.


Callum pops...which means yet another sim at home. Oh joy!

Awwww cuuute!! Callum talks to the belly!!!!

Marlon: *pukes*
Callum: If i were president, i would make it illegal to get pregnant after you have 3 kids.

Brad: Ummm excuse me, i think i broke my water!!!
Callum: Shit baby time!

And thanks to Brad being a family sim, and having the super sperm thing, he pops out TWINS!!

Callum is holding Duke, and Brad is holding Dionne.

Carter went back to the well's Alejandro Valenzula again...being a love for yet another Simpson...too many sloppy seconds.

Callum done went into labor during the party...Heres Debora All of Callums coloring...AGAIN

And Marlon gives birth to Diane...Mid color of Carter and Marlon, blue eyes.

Super birthday...the babies, Dallas and Darcy all get to grow up. then Dallas and Darcy got shipped to Uni.

Carter gets his LTW by falling in love with Brad...AWKWARD!!

Catalina: Katy Perry's CD totally rocks...i cant believe you havent bougth it yet.
Beth: Catalina, i dont care, i think im pregnant.

Dave returns home from work...and brings home leenyland. She doesnt look too happy to have gotten out of that copter.

leenyland: So im totally BFFs with your sim!God
Callum: Is he nice? Whats he like?
leenyland: Hes been here before.

Hey look, its toddler Diane...Ummm ok, whats with the tux?

Hey there Callum, looking a bit green ok?

Catalina: Ummm hi, i think im sick.

Catalina: Never mind, just pregnant!!
Me: WHAT DO YOU MEAN JUST PREGNANT?! OMFG!!! *runs pregnancy scanner*


Carter: I think you should move in, considerring you are carrying my baby and all.

So apparently Marlon wanted to top the Dance career...i think he just outdid Cliff with LTWs

Then Cliff went about Vamping the 2 sims that wanted to be vampires. Damn Knowledge sims.

Thunderstorm + hot tub = Callum dying of electrocution. Good thing Callum and Carter are BFFs.

I sent Callum and Carter to visit Cliff's friend, the Grand High Good Warlock, Terrence.

And Gene pops...THAT WILL BE ALL!!!!

Story behind this picture...The rain would not end from when i changed Delphina into a witch, so i had Cliff change Carter so i could get the hes being cured of witchism.

Catalina goes into labor for the last time.

...she has a girl named Delilah.

Bevin decides that she is gonna be an awesome grandma to the kids NOW... ok there Bevin.

And Dominic goes for his LTW...eating 200 grilled cheese sandwiches.

Gene gave birth too, Callum holds Daisy.. s2, blue eyes brown hair

And Cliff gets Dionysus....alien skin (wow theres a generation skipper), blue eyes and brown hair.

And Gene decided to not listen to me and stay out in the sun...and no one knew him well enough to save his sorry ass. Bye bye lot dragger.

OK this was getting me very nauseous, him eating all these sandwiches...look how fat he got from it.

Callum and Catalina bring home friends from work...weirdly enough they both have the same job, Catalina went whoring it up.

LOL Dominic finally finishes that LTW...and got the same one o.0 LOOK AT THE FATTY!!!

Its a good thing Bevin here can just magically melt those pounds away.

Marlon goes to get sexed up, but ya theres a 0% risky woohoo, and trying for baby isnt allowed til gen 4 heir moves back home.

Bevin and Debora got together and started playing the concerto for 2 violins...sweet, they has talent!

Clifford: Damn, my wife is hott.
Dave: Damn, youre hott! Please sleep with me!!

So these two finally get a scene in public since their old slap fest, and Dom shows off his new chest hair.

stakeit_uk told me about a body hair hack that i went and downloaded. Now no one will have the same body hair...though i kinda need to fix my defaults too. Got any choices?

Bevin gets ~IN THE ZONE~ wit her bad ass violinning. And i finally realize that the hobby lady is who Rochelle was writing about in her diary way back int he beginning of the legacy.

BAM! Bonus time...37 grand is pretty sweet.

Bevin here is teaching Delilah walking...she loves it.

Carter goes and gets his 2nd LTW! After the 20 love want, i can easily do this one.

Diane (who apparently found hair dye) and Debora turn teen and get the attitudes to go with it.

And Dionysus and Daisy grew into toddlers.

Rocker Dude: Damn youre hott old woman.
Bevin: Im still hott? Awesome!

I dunno why, but i had Marlon turn Diane into a vampire. She loves it.

Then Marlon went and got the stupid disease...not only does he want and fear Diane being cured...he wants to be a vampire...Umm are one!!!

LOL @ this outcome!

Dionysus and Daisy grew into teens...if it seems a bit rushed...well it is :p Sue me!

And Marlon here shows the first inductee to Uni...

- Thanks to leenyland for Daniel so i could make the legacy
- Thanks to dothesmustle for the teaser
- Thanks to simplicist for the cut line
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